Distolic dysfuction

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I was recently diagnosed with distolic dysfuction also known as a stiff heart my cardiologist said im not going to die but im still worried he put me on beta blockers to try and get my heart to fill with blood more. But im still scared im only 36. Does anyone else have this?

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    Sorry to hear that.  I don’t have it but I’ve got a friend of mine that does.  He was put on 20 mg of Atenolol.  What were your symptoms like.  Hope you are feeling ok.  
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      I didnt habe any symptoms they found it when i had a pe. How does your friend live? Is it something you can live with? Im on 5mg of bisoprolol.
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    Please don't be too worried about it. I know it is easy to say. Do whatever ever your doctor tells you to do. It is good that they were able to find out your problem. Try to keep yourself busy with something you like to do. This is what I am doing to keep mind occupied. It helps a lot. I look forward to going work because I have no time to worry about health. Good Luck!

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      How long have you had it? My cardiologist says im not going to die and that i can exercise but everything i read on the internet say people only live 5 to 10 years.
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    My doctor is saying nothing is significat found on my tests yet. I have had only possing out stages and rapid beats. These are not enough to tell what exactly wrong with me if there is any. Pleasy rely on what your doctor     says to you. Enjoy your the way you want. 
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    You are in the care of the right person, a cardio Dr.

    Do not take any notice of what you read on the internet regard how long you will live with this or that condition.

    My husband has heart failure, caused by an infection, his Dr's at the heart hospital wrote a letter to our GP expected death date less than 30 days, do not sign his death certificate, in other words they wanted him autopised to confirm what was wrong with his heart.

    WELL nearly seven years later he is sitting next to me reading the morning newspaper, so much for the heart hospital Dr's opinion, even they don't know how long you are likely to live, you could be knocked down crossing a pedistration crossing tommorrow.

    Will give you his regiem, from the moment he got home, he starting craving oranges, eats them by the 5 kilo bag, and started walking, could not walk across the room in the hospital.

    He walks every morning now about 3 - 4 km's, much to his dr's amazement, but he did not start out that way. Walked from lounge chair to front door, about 10 steps for 10 days, then to the front of our property for about 10 days, then to the front of the neighbours property for about 10 days, then to the front of the 2nd neighbours property for about 10 days, I think you get the idea, he built up his walking very carefully and slowly, never going more than about 20 steps more until he built his fitness a little more.

    We have arranged with our GP with cardio's approval to have a dietian watch our weight, and adjust if we are getting a little heavier, you must keep weight under control with a heart condition.

    Lastly - ask questions, of your GP, of your cardio, we have found they love to see you taking an interest, and do not allow them to fob you off with big medical terms you do not understand, make them stop and explain in plain english.

    This understanding of my husbands condition, has resulted in me questioning some of the tablets he was on, and after my questioning the cardio saying, him saying you might be right, and changing his tablets, what amazes me is why had the cardio not already considered the tablets before I raised the issue.

    I have educated myself about his condition, first hitting library books, and reading not forums like this, (sorry forum) but Dr to Dr papers from university sites, and still finding nothing that exactly fitted his symptoms, taking into consideration that he is a unique person and doesn't exactly fit the text books, which has proven to be true, all of the sites say even university papers heart failure = swollen ankles, he does get swollen ankles, and only the most senior cardio's in the hospital seem to have seen the occasional case previous and understand.

    As I said you are unique, listen to your cardio, ask questions, and understand as best you can, it will save your life.

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      Thank yyou. Im just so scared im only 36. I am heavy and will be back in the gym next week. Im on beta blockers to lower my blood.pressure and heart rate so i hope my cardiologist is right that i wont die.
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    Samantha - If you have not been going to the gym for a while, do not go overdoing it. 

    Go and see your GP and arrange to see a dietitan, find one that works for you, and work with her or him, weight in's, we were lucky we found a really good dietian.

    She gave us some charts to follow, breakfast chart, lunch chart, dinner chart, snacks chart, and once a week chart.  

    That would be a good question for you, can dietian make you up some charts about what to eat and what not to eat, before you part with your money, if not move onto one that will help you and more importantly work with you.

    Other than that, we have a company here in brisbane called "lite and easy" they prepare all your meals, from scratch, real food, fresh food, and ship it to you by courier, really not that expensive, as you only have to buy milk for yourself, the rest is pre prepared.

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner and some snacks, give you a really good idea of what you should be eating and just how much.

    I'm sure there will be similar where you are, but watch for the overpriced so called diet companies, and boxed food, plenty of those out there so be careful.

    Think about eating like your grandmother did, no soft drinks, no maccas, no KFC, no chips, palm sized serving of meat, just simple fresh food lots of vegetables, there is no calorie value in green veges, you can eat as much as you like. excepting potatoes.

    Lots more I can tell you if you are interested, but I don't want to be lecturing you about food, I'm a heavy weight myself, but working on it, or trying.

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