Diverticulitis Diagnosed

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hi there i have just been diagnosed with diverticulitis and i am a bit scared i break wind alot of the time and i get sharp shooting pains in my bowel from time to time...i take mebeverin for it does this condition get worse and if so what can it lead to i am making a post for any advice from anyone who suffers from this and could put my mind at rest a bit i went to see my doctor he was a stand in doctor forgien chap he more or less told me if pain gets any worse phone a blue light and gave me a course of antibiotics hence the reason i am a bit worried..

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    Welcome aboard Bob to this ever inceasing windy's forum. Look for DIVI DINERS

    forum' loads of info. that will help you, and put your mind to rest ,that the

    condition is NOT terminal ,Just annoying ,and a Tad painful at times


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      hi jacqueline pal yes found divi diners ok i really dont know wots going on with me i have been reffered for another colonoscopy awaiting word on that  will be after xmas now its just pain i get in my bowel and constant wind breaking at times i am taking methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine for RA... i stopped the hydroxy for 5 days last week and there was nowhere as much wind was at hospital on monday past and nurse i saw said i should take them again they should have nowt to do with ibs if thats wot i have i have something took hydroxy last 2 days and wind was back with a vengence so not took it today will see how it goes is it common to get sharp stabbing pains in bowel and across to other side even bottom of my back is sore in the mornings so tryin to get along with it best i can jacqueline i dont know to much about ibs and wot comes with it...
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      Sorry you are in pain. IBS is not a prob with me ,just the DD which throws 

      out volcanic eruptions of pain,from time to time .What are you eating ?

      Is that the wind problem, ? What's R.A ? Yuor pains seem to cover a large area. usually DD causes pain bottom left hand side. Which if you get that ,even coughing gives excruciating pain,and it's time to call

      for an ambulance. I have (rightly or wrongly) stopped taking 

      prescription drugs,and now take probiotic capsules and Vit D ,and 

      have been well and pain free for over three months. I am still

      careful what I eat, but a bit of experimentation has livened up my

      food intake so much, that I ihave put on 3 lbs, after a loss of  over

      two stone. Your xmas wil be a hard one to cope with ,waiting for

      your colonoscopy, it might have been kinder to do it before

      Kindness seems to be missing these days


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      Hi jacqueline yes i get pain alot also bottom left hand side not that bad i need to call a ambulance yes i would say the wind is my biggest problem as u say volcanic eruptions can be embarassing now...RA is rumitiod arthritus i tend to watch wot i eat started having bran flakes in the morning i eat fish a fair bit glad to hear ur pain free for last few months or so i think myself my colonoscopy will show inflamation in bowel like before its just so bloody so annoying
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      Hi, Bob,  Here at last, I only do this after breakfast in bed, or evenings

      How long did you suffer before you went and asked ? You sound a bit

      like me, I only go to the G.P when I'm at deaths door. I find that the

      A&E are a better ,and ,,a more knowledgable place to take my problems

      Out of hours is usually good as well. Can't you get your "viewing "

      brought forward ? Although that happening would be a rare thing, but you could try .. Sometimes there are cancellations Don't know if it would

      help you. but when I get a flare , I go to bed, lay flat and read or the radio. and drink  lots of flavoured still water. and leave the food alone

      Which bits of your body does the R. A attack ??

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      My symtoms only started jacqueline when i started taking drugs for my R A i have it in my hands and wrists and i blame one of the drugs for my wind problems anyhow i just went to GP last week there sayin about pains in side and he did me a letter and go straight to hospital with took blood and they was fine so was my urine...once consultant came to talk to me he asked wot likes ur stool u pass mines seem ok and was told could have ibs but said they would give me a colonoscopy that dont really bother me its taking the drinks before hand thats no so good dont think i will get my appointment till after new year now jacqueline and i normally phone to see if theres any cancelations lol...see when u say having a flare up is that u going to toilet all the time and and pain in side i got peppermint tea today does this help settle bowel as i have heard but stopping one of my drugs today for my RA never broke half as much wind so will let the person i see know about that was told there other drugs they can try i dont really want any but no opition having this in hands and wrists having a cuppa mint tea the now jacqueline...
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      Have to say, thankfully, I never get the galloping to the loo prob. In fact "The Bowels " have always been in good working order, that is why I 

      can't understand where  the D.D came from.

      Rightly or wrongly I have stopped prescription drugs, and have never felt

        better  20 years of injesting chemicals is enough, and the side effects

      of most of them are intolerable. So' I'm a herbal  chomper now  and feel 

      really well .

      Same thing for animals I used to panic if the horses got sick, and

      always sent for the vet, who gave some sound advice He said normally

      they would heal themselves, without stuffing them with drugs Just .

      don't panic

       Have you tried Tiger Balm ,rubbing it on your wrists ? It's a really

      effective  pain killer, externally  The smell is a tad strong, but it fades

      Did the tea hit the spot ?


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      Never tried tiger balm never heard of it but will have will give it a go no harm tryin it so do u beleive prescirption drugs can have more of an effect on the bowel all drugs like there side effects..herbals i have never tried either wots the difference with DD and IBS is one worse than the other tea seems to be doing the trick so far jacqueline..
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      You can buy Tiger b at most chemists, the Pound shops sell it, two jars

      on a pack,but the one at the chemist is better ,even though it is a bit 

      more expensive. Iv'e just had key hole surgery on my shoulder, and used

      it three and four times a day. D.D is the villian in the colon, and IBS is more of a bowel tsunami.  so I believe. Perish the thought if you have

      both of these .frown

      Can't say that I have ever had  tampered with tea. I'm a coffee person

      Aspirin is not a very kind drug to the stomach, even though  the low 

      dose is taken by thousands of people. Wonder how many of these

      people have D.D. 

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