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I have just returned from seeing my GP about a recent flare-up which is still giving me trouble after the antibiotics.

I have been confused about what to eat during an attack. I was given a diet sheet to follow when symptoms are present. I will try and share this with all out there who are suffering. I have started this today.surprised

If you have an attack the foods you can eat: white flour and baked products made with white flour eg, bread, pastry, pasta , spaghetti, macaroni. white rice, tapioca cornflower, custard and blancmange. Rice Krispies and Cornflakes, plain biscuits and crispbreads, crackers, rice cakes.

In the meat and fish dept: all types except those made with wholemeal pastry or breadcrumbs. Dairy: Milk, cheese,yogurts, cream,eggs. 

Not sounding so bad so far???

Fruit and veg, thought they were taboo but avoid pips seeds,skins. Apple, apricot, cherries, grapefruit, grapes,kiwi,mango,melon,oranges,nectarines, peaches, pears, pineapple,plums, Rhubarb. Asparagus, aubergine, beetroot,carrot,celery,courgette, cucumber, leeks,lettuce, marrow, mushroom, peppers, potato, radish, swede, tomato.

But avoiding skins pips, stalks in every case.

The nice bit now: ice cream, lollies, sorbets, jelly, milk puddings, honey, syrup,jam/marmalade, (avoid pips and seeds) marmite, Bovril, corn snacks, boiled sweets, chocolate, toffee, seasoning, spices??? Yes that surprised ME!!!

Tea ,coffee, cocoa, Ovaltine, squashes, fizzy drinks, fruit juices, soups, oxo.

Well hope some good comes of this low fibre diet.

Instructed to go to normal/high fibre when the attack passes. I hope this helps because I have been totally confused up until now.

Good luck to you all eek

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    Hi Anne,

    If you eat all that fruit and veg you will get a lot of fiber. A lot of those foods I personally can't touch.

    Good luck. I hope you feel better soon.

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    Thank you for sharing this information with us that will be very helpful fir me I not no idea what to eat 
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    Before this last flare-up, I was having Raisin Bran Crunch with fresh blueberries. Now I’m wondering if the skin on blueberries is a culprit   I eat bananas too
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    When I have a flare up all of those foods are a big no for me and during recovery about the only thing I can stomach is broth, saltine crackers and beverages not including coffee.

    I usually lose about 8 to 10 lbs. with each flare up. I still avoid red meat and processed meats. I think due to scarring I also have to watch my intake of fiberous fruits and vegetables as I they tend to block me up, after awhile you'll recognize when a flare up is looming and you can modify your diet to keep it at bay.

    Everybody is different, this has just been my experience.

    Good luck to you.

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      Hi all,

      Thanks for the feedback, it really has been a surprise to me, the number of foods on the list that I thought would be off the list during a flare-up.

      I have been eating Weetabix and bananas for breakfast all through the flare-up.

      The information given to me was from Cambridge university hospital as patient information given to my GP.

      I would guess it is a guide as life with DD is trial and error, but some of the info was not what I expected.

      I have trawled the internet for foods to eat during a flare-up and the thought of a liquid diet filled me with horror so I was delighted to have more info like this.

      As you say Greg recognizing when an attack is looming and taking action would be the way to go.

      Thanks to all others who have answered , if we all keep talking perhaps we can make this condition easier to manage

      I have another list of foods to eat when you have no symptoms and some of those I would never touch even if I was well.!!!

      Yes an interesting day, I will see how things go, all I know is 3 flare ups this year is too many and has restricted my life way too much .I really hope this info has helped someone on here, food for thought?


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    Thanks for sharing this information.
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    The diet sheet I was given actually said I could eat donuts!  I've not eaten them as the rest of the diet is causing me to put on weight.  I don't like the texture of stuff that's pulped - do you remember Angel Delight?  I hated that.  Thanks for the other tips though.  I will compare with my sheet.

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      Hi JeanieG,

      Thanks for your comment. I have been following the "low fibre" diet for a week now after my flare-up. Things haven't settled down but the pain is less.

      My average day now is breakfast 2xprobiotic drinks (as I have been on antibiotics) plain cornflakes. white toast for midday. Evening meal consists of chicken or fish with mashed potato or white rice, a few carrots.

      Do have some tinned peaches and yogurt as a treat and the occasional packet of crisps.

      Will gradually introduce a little more fibre next week but playing safe.

      Yes all those milky drinks and pulped food sound horrible. Donuts are nice as a treat but yes weight would go on, to add insult to injury!!!!

      Would you be willing to share the basics of your diet sheet with us all?

      I presume it would be a recovery diet sheet after a flare-up? I hope you are doing OK and best of luck.

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    Hi anne28866

    I can't find the diet sheet at the moment but I think it's a fairly standard, low fibre diet - possibly apart from the donuts.  I made a chicken casserole last week and it was delicious but I really paid for it later in the evening.  I was absolutely cramped up with pain.  As I had some left, I blitzed it in the food processor.  The flavour was excellent but the texture was like baby food.  I miss eating adult, healthy food.  Oh, I'm on steroids too so another reason I don't want to keep piling on the weight.

    If I come across the diet sheet, among the pile of hospital appointments (it has to be somewhere,) I will post it.

    I hope you feel better soon.  x

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      Hi there,

      Yes such a pity about not being able to eat real meals, it really restricts life. I did manage a cheese and pickle sandwich in a pub the other day on one of my rare days out.

      I am trying to pinpoint the trigger foods that cause a flare-up. I think Weetabix may be one of them so I am avoiding that.

      Yes a truly miserable disease, only those that have it can understand. you mentioned hospital appointments, have you had an op or are you due for surgery?

      Hope you find a way through this and happy to chat with you as it really does help.biggrin

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    Hi anne28866

    You've actually hit the nail on the head!  Eating out has become virtually impossible these days.  I hate having to impose my diet on my friends - although they are very understanding.  For me, it's no more crunchy vegetables, no more tasty, spicy dishes just boring mush. I'd love a cheese and pickle sandwich.  Good on you for going for that.

    I've had my review and at the moment there is no surgery needed.  The perforation has healed, however, I still have quite a lot of inflammation in that area.  If I do need an operation, it will be a partial colectomy and there is no guarantee that it will be reversed.  The irony is that I've had ulcerative colitis most of my life and it was thought that I would need an ileostomy but that was never an option for me.  I've managed my UC well so I was shocked when I was told that the perforation was caused by diverticulitis.  Who knew?  After the colonoscopy, I was told that there was no sign of the colitis, so that's one good thing.  Now I have to get through the flare-ups from the diverticulitis.

    I hope you are managing your pain - it's just not that easy is it!  One day at a time.


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    Great diet but being on warfarin i am not allowed things like grapefruit, beetroot and manynothers listed.   Anyone else on warfarin advise?
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