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After a year of NO pain NO flares.NO hospital visits, I am happy to say

thay /WE the contributors to the Divi Diners have got the disease

under the thumb Thanks to everyone's ideas ,do's and dont's with food.

We have all become a bit more adventurous with what we eat

I think there are three important steps that we now all seem to follow

and are all the better for them 

By far is the use of ACIDOPHULIS, controlling the bad bugs. I take two a day ,and never miss a dose.

Second,  is keeping the bowels moving, and as empty as possible. I

think we all have our favourite laxative,I find LACTULOSE gentle 

and effective

Thirdly ,is the food we send down, I am not as physcotic as I used to be. but I do just think , if anything could get into a pouch,and cause


We all deserve a pat on the back for controlling this awful condition,

but, I think we are winning, NO thanks to the medicals


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    Hia, well I thought for nine months that I had this thing kicked into touch with all the above; but just coming out of my third bout in three months!! The first two were mild as I began the anibiotics really quick - as soon I began the aches and shivers and even before the gut pain hit.  This time I waited too long I guess and have had some awful pains! But will stick with acidophilus and the no seeds, nuts, pips, skins and pulses rule - and hope that I will get back to being healthy!!!
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      Oh.. Did you fall off the wagon,?? and scoffed a baddy??  It's easily done. Why not up your Acidophilus for a while,, can do NO harm.

      Remember you have to put your feet up, hope youv'e got some

      books to hand. Or, just sit in the sun and top up the Vit D,

      Take care, x


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    Yes Jacqueline,i agree,ive been quite well for about 18 months now,i had a bit of a blip 3 weeks ago when i drank too much wine which doesnt agree with me and duly confirmed my suspicions,i find taking Lepicol helps in the movement department which also has probiotics already in it.This site has helped me enormously,thanks to every one.I still visit every now and again to keep intouch.Take care everyone and stay healthy.xx
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      Can remember when we were all gibbering wrecks, with no 

      guidance,hardly daring to eat ,or do anything. Just shows what a 

      gang of like minded and determined ,and ,eventual friends can do for each other.

      So glad you are well.Shame about the wine.xx

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      HI Yvonne, 

      I have also had some flare up due to drinking a little too much wine, I also seem to have them if I take allergy med that dry out the system, I have found that for both if I Drink a few solo cups of water after drinking or taking the meds, it helps to keep the flares at bay 

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      ok the wine thing, yes it doesn't help but everything in moderation. A drink free life for me is a no life in my book. No dr or specialist I have seen have advised me to totally cut out alcohol, phew what a relief. I have a vodka and slim line tonic when in lots of pain and it does the trick for me.X

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    Hi Jacqui.

    ​Great advice.Got acidophilis and lactulose.

    ​Q.Im struggling a bit with the aspect of how to look at food groups.

    ​No nuts ,skins,seeds  i understand.

    ​Ive got baked beans in my cupboard.OK?

    ​lettuce/cabbage not ok?im assuming slow cooked soups with lentils would be alright because hopefully the stomach dissolves everything soft to a paste before it gets to trouble town?

    ​I think wine is going to be out .....

    ​prunes?or is the skin harmful and should i just get prune juice?

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      O.K. Justin,,, off we go on a loooooooong learning curve. Glad you have the Acid----- two a day, do NOT miss. Lactulose, as and when 

      have the proper dose.

      Right,  if you regard anything with a skin on as a time bomb,which will detonate in your colon,you are half way there. Beans ----skins.

      like peas and sweetcorn. and prunes. Sadly stomach acid can melt

      buildings, but not skins. they could travel down, and get lodged in 

      a pocket, then it's,a fast track to the hospital 

      You can always take skins off,it has been known for me to

      de -shell a can of marrow fat peas.

      CHEW everything well ,and just have small meals , little and often

      Cook veg very well. LENTILS have skins,leave alone for now.

      Eggs are good, however you like them, potatoes, however you like them, but not jackets ,or just eat the middle

      Right,,,,, that should keep you on track for a while. if in doubt, ASK


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    ive been reading up,and aussie government advice is to start on low fibre diet and move up to high fibre,including nuts seeds and specifically leaving all the skins on everything.WTF!

    ​Confusion reigns,but at this stage im more inclined to follow advice here.

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      Hi Justin,  problem with  scouring the internet. you will find loads 

      of different attitudes to D.D .The only dead cert is  that it will not go

      away, it cannot be cured .and there are no specific drugs for  keeping it  calm. Acid---- is the best offence,, and,,, your common sense, 

      Trial and error, with what you send down, if it doesn't suit ,you will

      be informed,,,, sharpish  !!!!! 

      I have had a pain free,flare free,year, and I intend to have another one. ad infinitum..   So. don't stress, most important,, keep

      everything moving,,, and just try small amounts of your favourite

      foods, and listen to your gut ,cheesygrin

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    Hi Jaqueline,

    I have just come across this discussion in yet another attempt to find some help on diet for this awful condition.  My problem is that I have had this condition for years and it is now making me not want to go out for any length of time and certainly not eat anything while I am out.  

    I read somewhere that as we go into old age then the colon can get narrower, which combined with all the pouches, can make food more difficult to pass through.  I have just turned 81 years.  I have lots of these pouches throught the bowel and some very low down.  This combined with bloating and a backlog can be very uncomfortable.  I also get giddy headaches when I am like this and feel muzzy headed.

    I suspect that bread can bung me up, even though I make wholemeal or two thirds spelt bread.  I have decided to try a diet without bread and eat smaller meals but can't decide how to go about it.

    Today  I have felt bloated and heavy and headachy so in the end I drank some prune juice which acts like dynamite with me and I am glad that I was at home.  I feel a lot better now but tomorrow is another day and I don't want to jump on the same old bandwagon.

    I have heard that Lactulose is not very pleasant to take and can take a while to work.  

    I was told by a nutritionist years ago to cook all fruit and vegetables and not to eat salad and that bananas took a long while to go through the system.

    I tried Fybogel but that made things worse and I had a thumping migraine.

    Any diet suggestions would be welcome.  It is good that you are controlling your own diverticulitis.



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      Hello Phyllis,,,,sounds as thou gh the D.D is running rings around you. 

      Time for you to be in charge.

      Number ONE    Lactulose is an excellent "remover"  tastes  nice, a 

      bit like runny honey ,and works in a gentle way, if you take the correct dose. 

      It's not a diet you need ,you have to change your lifestyle, and

      eat food that is easily digestible. Small meals,  with fish,

      chicken ,veg are good, and you don't have to cook them into pulp.

      avoid stuff with skins ((or remove them ) and shells like peas,and

      sweetcorn. Eggs are good, .Try and live without bread for a few

      weeks, and see how it goes. Try not to eat fruit cake, or scones

      with fruit. ,or Meusli.  If you like marmalade buy it without peel,

      same goes for jam, you can buy seedless. 

      Just chew your food very well,  Bananas are O.K if you remove 

      the seeds,but they are good for you, Peel all fruit ,

      Try and find DIVI DINERS forum ,tons of advice on there. 

      Your dizzy spells may be something else, a visit to your G.P

      for a blood test might be a good idea.

      Most important, don't stress about the damned thing,,,,,, take

      charge. .and keep the outward door open ,don't give anything

      chance to sit in the pouches

      Nearly forgot, most important ,,start using ACIDOPHILUS with

      PECTIN capsules ,it fights the bad bugs in your colon  two a day

      from H&B  If you do nothing else,, take the tabs !!!!!!!

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      Thankyou for your reply Jaqueline,  I have felt so unwell today.  Tummy uneasy and giddy headache, had to force myself to do some housework.  I am also under a lot of stress as my husband has memory problems and I have to take responsibility for everything.  Also, our youngest son is going through a divorce which is also causing worry


      I was told by a Herbalist a long while ago that H & B's products were not so good.  If you buy them from there and they are helping you then I will give them a go.

      I should imagine that you are quite a bit younger than me. Maybe my aging body is complaining more.

      I had 4 oatcakes for breakfast and did feel weak and feeble an hour or so afterwards.  I love bread but do feel that it acts as a stopper.  The only problem is what to have for breakfast and lunch.  Dinner is no problem as it is usually chicken or fish and potatoes and vegetables, or rice and veg.

      I will try to find DIVI DINERS and buy the ACIDOPHILUS.  I believe that we have some Lactulose in our cupboard that was prescribed for my husband a long while ago.  Of course it may be out of date.

      I haven't been getting the awful pain that I used to get, only an ache when I have had diarrhea and that is usually when I have drunk some prune juice because I felt bunged up.  

      I never eat sweetcorn any more as it gives me awful pains, as does coleslaw.  I though that dried fruit was O.K. though as it acts as a laxative.

      I have rambled on a bit so will say thankyou once again and have yet another go at changing things with my diet.  If I don't feel any better tomorrow then I will make a doctors appointment.


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      Hi Phyllis

      ​Ive just started lactulose and pro biotics and its good advice .Although a beginner at this, i think the Divi diners and support here to be the best info so far.

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      Hi Justin,

      I tried earlier to reply to your message but for some reason it wouldn't go, I am trying again, hope for success this time.

      I have ordered Acidophilus from my favourite supplyer of vitamins, herbs etc.  Meanwhile I have purchased some live yoghurts.  I have got to get this thing that takes over  my life on an even keel.

      I agree with you, this forum seems really good and it is good to have support when you don't know where to turn next.

      I think that there is more information about Divi. D. now than there used to be.  I certainly wasn't given any advice when I was first diagnosed and that was a long while ago.

      Thank you for your reply,


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