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I have suffered with AF for about 3 years now I am on beta blockers-Warfrin for the condition. For the past 6 months or so I have been experiencing dizziness and light headiness just prior to the finish of an attack Is this normal.

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    Hi, I have the same experience when an attack is finishing. In fact I am having A.F. at present. so far 11 hours! The only way I know it is going to end is when I suddenly start to go black as if I were going to faint, I then drop on my knees to the floor before I do faint and normal heart rate resumes. I have been diagnosed with A.F. for abut 3 years now and the episodes are about twice a month and the time they last is gradually getting longer. In the first couple of hours of having it I find it hard to walk up the stairs as my heart beat varies from fast beats to slow. I am on Sotalol and aspirin but to tell you the truth it doesn't seem to be stopping attacks. In fact I am going back to the doctors to see if I can try another medicine. I just wish there was something that could stop it. Attacks can come on from sleeping on my left side, drinking cool water, slouching, bending over, in fact I am getting to the stage where I dread going out in case I have an attack.
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    Hello jacy, I to am like you, I have 2 attacks each month, and just latly I have beenhaving the blackness, as though I am going to faint, it is horrible isn't it, and like you I am constanly wondering when I will have another attack, and wonder about going out anywhere. My cardiologist is referring me to another consultant, to see what can be done, but I suupose Iwill have to wait ages beore getting an appointment. My GP said tht I was depresed, but I don't think that I am, just worried, he gae mem ome tablet for depression and I only t6ook one and my how ill I felt, so pharmacist told me to stop taking them - I must admit that I don't like taking tablet, but if they were to help me I wouldn't mind - I have Sotalol and aspirin, but I don't think they do any good. I will keep you posted a to the outcome opf this, and would be glad if you would keep in touch with me. Tke care annjisann x
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    I was on sotalol and flecainide I kept going black and nearly passing out I cant go out becouse I feel I might pass out now my cardioligist has stopped my soalol I have had no blackouts for a week but my heart has staertedv racing but it is even beet but I seem to be drunk all the time and feeling sick but I have now ventured out a bit I take a walking stick to steady myself I have appointment on 22 December with cardioligist and I recon I will have to take it from there but if I have anymore fainting attacks I must get to the Hospital fast\" I have had ablation


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    If anyone is actually suffering from blackouts they need to insist on seeing their cardiologist asap, collapse can be dangerous and should not be ignored by medics. AF together with a slow heart rate on occasion which makes you tired and dizzy may mean you have something called sick sinus syndrome. The usual remedy for this is a pacemaker, which cannot in itself prevent AF but it should prevent passing-out and perhaps dizziness too and it can help to regulate AF. Warfarin is still required even with pacemaker insertion.
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    Hi there,

    I'd just like to say that you need to be really careful with AF if you drive a car (or operate machinery I guess). My diagnosis with AF came out of a car accident I had whilst driving on the M6. I blacked out at the wheel after feeling a pounding in my chest and it was as if someone drew the curtains over my eyes. Luckily my husband was in passenger seat and grabbed the wheel. We thankfully managed to get off without hitting anyone else or injuring ourselves but severe damage to our car. This was like 20 years ago but I didnt black out again for another 10 years. However, my AF got steadily worse in recent years and I just gave in had a PVI ablation. I never took medication other than to restore NSR as I wasnt prepared to take meds long term (they made me fell awful), so I just put up with it.

    Since that accident I never drive if I am in AF or for at least a couple of hours after an episode, as its at the end of an episode that the fainting is most likely to occur. Yes, its inconvenient but it's too dangerous to do otherwise.


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    I have had PAF for about 10 years and I also have a near faint (pre-syncope) when going from AF to NSR. I've discovered that this is caused by a slight pause between AF ending and NSR starting again.

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