Dizziness after supplementing magnesium threonate

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My dr suggested to try magnesium threonate for an alternative to anxiety meds and said half a dose won't hurt to try.

I bought magnesium threonate and took one pill before bed. I noticed immediately how tired I felt. I slept HARD...like 12 hours and very deeply. Since I had dealt with anxiety for several weeks this was a welcome surprise. I took it again the next night and noticed the same. So 2 nights at 1 pill. I decided to add a pill in the morning this Monday. Immediately I felt the buzzed, slightly sedated feel with some mild dizziness. I skipped the nighttime dose hoping that would help, but the next day I still felt exhausted and kind of lightheaded. I didn't take any yesterday either and I'm still feeling lightheaded.

I realize there are different forms I could take, but I need to get past this yucky off feeling before I add anything else.

What do I do to flush this from my system? I can't stand this feeling and it's the only thing I added and it was an almost immediate reaction. I just didn't expect it to be lingering.

Any advice on this? I drank Gatorade yesterday to possibly up electrolytes but it didn't help. Anything else that magnesium could have depleted that have me feeling so crappy?

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    Sounds like good stuff, I'm going to get some!

    Don't worry - your system will soon clear it, and you won't have done yourself any harm. I'm a former nurse and I take it too (in the glycinate form for osteoporosis and borderline-high BP) but I'd never actually heard of the threonate salt till I saw your post. I've just done a bit of quick research, and it looks to me as if your symptoms are due to magnesium in this form being more bioavailable than other forms, and also more effective at crossing the blood-brain barrier. In other words, it administers a higher dose.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I also see it's reckoned to be good for slowing memory loss - very useful for an old lady like me! I'm seriously going to look for it next time I'm in the UK. It looks like it would work out cheaper too, as you'd only need to take a small dose. Most of the other forms have to be taken in much higher doses to get an effective dose. Most of it goes straight into your intestines, where it causes diarrhoea in a lot of people.

    I'd advise waiting till the feeling has subsided a bit, then trying again with just one pill in the evening - maybe at the weekend. If you get another good night's sleep on that, maybe just take one pill on two or three separate nights per week. If you get away with that, go back to every night, but don't take it in the daytime.

    Don't add in any more supplements during this period. And don't drink Gatorade - it's dreadful stuff, rots your teeth and can put you on the road to type 2 diabetes!razz

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      Yes it is recommended for Alzheimer's and traumatic brain injuries as well for the same reasons. It is much more bioavailabile so it packs a powerful punch.

      I just want it out of my system. It was working great for my anxiety, but now my anxiety is up again because of the side effects. I feel like I had too much to drink but don't have a driver! Lol.

      Any other tips for getting rid of vertigo type feelings? Antihistamine? Decongestants? I felt like I was coming down with something last weekend with a sore throat and some mild ear pain but it subsided and now this...just wondering if it actually could be related to that? Ugh...I wish I could just scan my body and find the issue!

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      A mild antihistamine might make you feel a bit calmer but it's not going to make that much difference.

      Just be a bit patient and calm down. Reading your posts it sounds to me like you've got yourself in a right old state and are probably hyperventilating too. Anxiety - with or without hyperventilation - can cause symptoms like yours. Just give it a bit more time, then try again with one pill at night. But not on two consecutive nights, and not during the day.

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      I take Chelated Magnesium. This one doesnt give you the runs and well absorbed.

      i also use the Magnesium,Oil which is v.good and absorbable through skin. Great for muscles and joints!

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      Yes, I take the chelated glycinate, which I tolerate very well. I've been taking Mg in one form or another for nearly 20 years. My bone density was already in the osteopaenia range when I first got it checked 25 years ago, but it rose significantly after I added in MgO and vit K2 to the mix of Ca and vit D3 I was already taking, and it still hasn't hit full-blown osteoporosis.

      But I fancy trying the threonate, particularly as it's supposed to be good for memory problems. Useful to have Lindsey's feedback though, so I don't OD on it at the first try.

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