Dizzy Nightmare HELP

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I'm 21 years old.


For the past weeks I've been experiencing a lot of dizziness.

I don't know whether to call it lightheadedness or vertigo but I definitely feel dizzy and it's just taken control of my whole life.

Sometimes my eyesight feels like it changes. I wouldn't exactly call it blurry, and it's NOT double vision, but I feel like I have to work a little more to focus on what I'm looking at. But it's not blurry at all? It's so weird I can't even explain it.

I just feel so dizzy and unsteady.

I can't do anything anymore.

I feel sleep hopeless and I just wanna give up on life.

I will admit that I am a bit of a hypochondriac and I have had issues with anxiety but this thing is real!

I went to the doctors yesterday and they did Nothing but check my blood pressure and my vitals. Made me do these movements with my eyes, cheeks, arms etc.

She said she saw Nothing wrong with my vitals, but she did wonder why my blood pressure was a little High. She wants me to keep going for blood pressure checks but that's all she mainly told me.

She kinda hinted at me that this May be anxiety related, but I don't know what I have anxiety towards?!

Plus I've had High blood pressure since like last year and I wasn't feeling dizzy then, so why now?

I just wanna feel better I don't care about anything else right now.

I feel like I'm either going to die or I'll have to love like this for the rest of my life and I REALLY don't want either.

Also, I feel like I have a brain tumor. I mean what else could be causing this? I asked the doctor about it and she kinda just shrugged it off.

Me parents are looking at me different.

They have this worry and pity in their eyes because they've seen how I am now, it's horrible.

My life has become, dreadful.

They put me on these stupid antivert pills and they've done absolutely Nothing for me. It's been the 3rd day of taking them.

Is there anyone with similar experiences of one that have found the light at the end of the tunnel?

Please help.


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    Hi Matthew

    ask your gp for further investigation if this doesn't go away.  I fully understand about the wonky vision, it's hard to describe, it's like i can't see clearly but can still see but everything seems strange, very hard to describe.  Maybe you've had an ear infection without realising and this is the only symptom. 

    Your gp can refer you for an MRI to put your mind at rest about it being anything serious. 

    Hope you feel better soon. 

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      Yeah, she checked my ears, nose and eyes and stuff and she said Nothing was alarming.

      I'll admit, alot of this is worry.

      I know it is.

      But there is still apart of me that thinks I'm dying.

      Only because of these real life symptoms.

      I used to think I had stomach cancer.

      Then those symptoms went away.

      And these showed up.

      I hate it.

      But thanks your your input!

      You're on here as well so if you're any discomfort as well I hope you feel better.

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    Hey Matt sorry your not feeling to good! My dizziness started back in april went to er and doctors.did blood work ekg and all that came back fine.the hospital said I had bbbv vertigo and did exercises with me! I was feeling alot better then Monday of this week the dizziness sta red to come back and been doing my exercises that are found on utube! I'm really tired of this too wish I could tell you more! I am on bp meds and mind runs fine now but dizy again so I'm just hoping it's the vertigo again cause I can't stand it anymore my self! Take care
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    I'm sure that a GP is not the one to see. Rarely do they know about this.  I went to an otaryngologist (head and neck Doc) and he took a lot of tests and referred me for Vestibular Therapy.

    This involves many exercises both to specifically diagnose and to treat. Mine was call BPPV - Benign paroxyism (or something) positional vertigo.  It seems that particles break off from middle ear and get into one or more of the 3 liquid channels in the ear. This upsets our balance and we get vertigo. The eyes are involved too. My therapist put this black goggle thing over my eyes and could examine them. She said that eyes somehow "make a curve" to one side, and this adds to the dizziness. A series of exercises corrects both. I'm 95 per cent better, only I have to do exercises she taught me 3 times a day. They make me wobbly and a little dizzy, but in time they're supposed to strengthen my balance by "re-educating" my ears and eyes.

    As far as anxiety goes, of course you''re anxious. You're dizzy! But you have a real ailment. I hope you get proper doctor to diagnose and that you can get vestibular therapy. Why don't you check the internet for a doc and to learn where vestibular therapy can be had.

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    Do not give up Matthew. You are young and your whole life is ahead of you with all the wonder, love, surprises and ups and downs. This too will,pass! Firstly, you need a diagnosis. Your GP needs to refer you on to a specialist. They gradually rule out various things until they have the answer. Mine is crystals in the inner ear.  It has improved greatly. I am an old lady of 70 so different circumstances from you. Please seek the help you need. I have the anxiety too so I understand that and yes, I get depressed too. I have children and grandchildren and you do not want to miss out on that believe me!
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    Hello Matthew, sorry to hear about all your problems. 

    I have recently been diagnosed for similar  issues. My Dr prescribed antihistamine, but they didn't do anything. He switched me to betahistine and they seem to be OK. I had issues with my eyes too, I'm not sure how to explain those, but it is disconcerting. Have you had your eyes tested recently as they may be able to recommend something to correct it.

    Keep in touch with this forum, I have found it quite reassuring, as I to suffer with anxiety attacks.

    Don't let you Dr fob you off by discounting your symptoms. Perhaps you could talk with a counsellor, who can help you rationalise you thoughts. 

    This really helped me.

    Please keep in touch.



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