Dizzyness, lightheaded, extreme fatigue, head pressure and much more please help :(

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Hi guys its first time posting on a forum. For the last three months i have suffered from strange and extremley uncomfortable symptoms. It all started after an intense weekend training was on waterboarding and outdoor gym and two days later at the jym suddenly collapsed and had to sit down had intense dizzyness or lightheadedness (but without room spinning more as if it was inside my head when i trid to stand up i totally would have wierd pressure and inability to walk on my own. Ambulance came and was in hospital for two weeks where they did all tests and everything came out ok so they let me out and i still had the lightheadedness and this cloudy foggy feeling in my head and problems with walking. During my time in hospital i could lean to my right side and it was ok but when i leant to my left i suddenly had extreme foggyness and lightheadedness with a feeling of fainting. Jsut to be clear it didnt only happen on the left side but it amplified when i bent to the left side but when i was straight symptoms did not dissapear they were just less intense when i stayed on my right side so i would walk bent over to the left or sleep on my left side. One day it just dissapeared but other symptoms stayed. I was able to live with the other symptoms but with this lightheadedness this coudy tight foggyness and dull pressure in my head i cant do anything. Its not back and i need help as i can barely lift myself out of bed. I have created a list of symptoms maybe this will help they may not all be linked but these are the things i suffer from day to day (not all of them everyday) but most days or sometimes its ok for a week then its bad again with all symptoms returning really need help if someone can find me any help it would mean the world to me i will be ever in their debt.


- Extreme fatigue feel like i cant walk some days i literally just drop on to the bed and i cant raise a hand or leg i just lay there for hours sometimes up to 20 hours and when i wake up i have no feeling of being well rested still feel tired and foggy headed. When someone talks to me i feel as all i can reply is just a sound from my mouth its even tiring to speak. When this starts all i can do is lay in bed and sleep) for example i write something on my phone and i just feel my hand is completely exhausted and it drops to the bed with my phone in hand for a few minutes of relief before i can type again. All muscles at this point feel completely empty deplenised and exhausted. Speaking, moving and anything other than lying down just seems like a huge energetic effort to do whcih i feel i am unable to do at the time so i just lay there motionless. (Comes in phases once or twice a week sometimes more sometimes less seems unpredictable and lasts from a day to 4 sometimes even more)

- Pain in back lower and upper back often for example when im riding cars or trains where there is no support for my neck i constantly am uncomfortable or have to hold the back of my head to supprt it to get some relief. When i sit on sofa i have to slouch to get the pillows under my head to support my neck and then its a bit better but generally a lof of back pains not all the time mostly when doing physical stuff or sitting without adequete neck and back support. (Every day)

- Problems with sleep feel constantly tired and not getting restfull sleep. Constantly have vivid dreams which i remember in very high detail and often wake up tired from the events that took place in the dreams and feel as if i have not even slept (quite common)

- Sometimes lying in bed and just completely unable to sleep. In the morning i have a feeling that i have just been lying and staring st the ceiling all night. (Rare but stull listing it maybe it will help diagnose but maybe not linked)

- When doing anything physical feel like my neck and back has tremors coming from the inside like a subtle shaking emulating from my skeletal system i have been scared to go back to the gym since this started as when i walk its bad enough let alone to think what it will be like if i do intense traning again. Feel instability in my neck or back of skull as if it just is not supprted correctly when i walk i feel as if its absorbing each step i take. Tremors extend to hands and have shaky hands most of the time. (Very common every day)

- Dizyness/lightheadedness fogyness in head. This is the hardest one of all to explain but i will try. Its like this feeling inside my head. Its not a pain or a tightness its more of a feeling like after you yawn sometimes you get a little dizzy but without the room spinning (to be clear i did not jave any spinning going on) and his feeling of extreme instablilty and feeling of abot to faint or fall. It seems to ease off when i lie down and is still there but less extreme comparee to when i stand up or walk around. Fat head movements left or right are out of the question as the amplify the feeling and make me feel like im going to faint. (Occurs most when i have the extreme fatigue listed earlier. Mostly go hand in hand or are amplified when i have the fatigue)

- When i have better days i have hints of the previously mentioned dizzyness/lighteahdedness but only for bouts of a second as if its a momentary feeling of seomthing not being right in my head and then its ok for a while. While walkig and going out its popping up all the time but its not constant this is how i feel on the better days when i am doing daily activitied walking about etc but since the occurance in hospital i have not fully felt myself. This is as good as it gets. (Accompanies me all the days in which i feel better or close to normal but never feel fully normal due to this feeling and the back pain neck stiffness and thats as good as it gets for me on my best days)

- Sensetivity to light and sometimes sound most commonly light. Lights just seem extremely bright and i cant bear to look at them. It doesnt cause me pain its just uncomfortable like i can see all the light streaks coming from the lights. Sometiimes sounds bother me too but this is rarer but when it happens for example i was at the train station and the voice announcment sound that plays before they announce something every time it played it would send a tremor through my body i couldnt stand that noise. (Light sensetivity very common normally if other symptoms are strongger then so is this is other symptoms are better than so is this but sound sensetivity is less common)

- Some days i feel like i have extreme sensetivity to adrenaline as if my whole body is pumped with adrenaline i cant sit still and my hands and body fel the shakes and tremors. It gets worse if i play competetive computer games for example then im literally a nervous wreck. LITERALLY. So i try not to play that muh of these games anymore but its definetly not a normal reaction to them sad (very common escpecially on days where i play these games)

- Eye twitch. I have this teich in my left eye where i feel the muscle in the top of my left eye just needs to be tensed. I then do thsi weird thing with my eyes where my eyeballs roll back and i squeeze the muscle abovethe eye and then its ok for a while. This i have had for ages literally every day nearly all the time as often as i blink every couple of blinks i jave this eye twotch. The more tired i am the more prominent it gets the same goes with the other teitches i will mention below. ( very common every day practically a few times a minuite)

- Muscle cramps in joints. Im not sure if cramps os the right word as there is no cramping pain. Its more like the muscle in a certain area just feels like i need to tense it. This is especially in the joint areas so in the arm joints and the lower leg. I wiuld compare this to restless leg syndrome but its not obly in my legs. This is throught the day every day i have the need to squeeze these muscles to get relief from well nothingg really theres no pain just a sort of stagnance like as is the muscle just needs to be tensed so i tense it and tensing it involes squeezing my arm shut as if i was tensing my biceps the same for legs when i squeez my legs the lower part of the leg goes under my thigh and i squeeze to grt some relief. Also seems to amplify when i am tired and in extreme cases i have had these need to squeeze every few seconds and felt so in discomfot that i could not sleep just lay there squeezing and turning all over the bed. After my time in hospital the squeezing need has also extended to my fingers and the need to straighten them really straight and tight to get relief sometimes pushing the tips of my fingers into my palms to bend the fingers in the opposite direction. (Very common everyday, seems to amplify when i am tired and when i am super tired i cannot even sleep due to the need to squeeze them. On a normal day squeezes occur a few times a minuite in both legs and both arms)

- Migraines + headaches. I have aleays suffered from migraines and headaches. The extreme migraines now are rare but most days are filled wih a dull headache and most days i end up taking ibuprofen to get some relief. It seems that only ibuprofen works (dull headache most days migraines a few times a month)

- Stiffnes in upper neck and under skull. Also a hard to explain feeling but its like i have pressure at the back of my head or tension in the back of my head and under my skull (where neck meets skull). It constantly needs to be upheld or rested against something otherwise it feels uncomfortable. Most times i have a pulsating sensation there aswell as if i can feel my pulse beating which is just not a nice feeling (very common, all the time)

- Unblocking of ears. Soft of a forced yawning movement but smaller and without opening mouth its like i get my ears to click from the inside. This seems to just be neccesary with the head foggyness and seems they go hand in hand as if my head/body was trying to relieve pressure by doing this movement in the ears.

- Short temper. I seem to be very shaky and stressed during this time with a short temper because im just annoyed with these symptoms or maybe its a nervous system problem and it makes me just more on egde but im definetly more cranky and edgy and shaky all over when i have he worse attacks or worsened days of symptoms. Just people and things annoy me really fast. (Most days and amplifies according to seriousness of symptoomsnsonwhen sympotomsnare worse so is my temper when symptoms are less temper is better)

- Really bad memory. Like as in i dont remember what i did last night memory. Literally my memory has been bad for ages most peopel have gotten used to it and it was like this before the hospital its been like this for years so not sure if its linked but maybe it is so worth mentioning!

- In relation to bad memory im about to write about really vivid dreams. If im writing his a second time im sorry but thats my memory for you! I seen to have really vivid drea...just scrolled up noticed that i mentioned this already but maybe to add some detail they are really super weird dreams not what i would call normal. Doomsday dreams sometimes plane crash sometimes zombie sometimes milkitary facilities things that i probably havent seen before it just seems like im having some really weird halucinstions in my dreams that cause me to be totally unrestrd when i wake up (some nights during the week. Maybe in others but i just cant remember?)

Thats most of the symptoms some were before the hospital incident where everything went bad and some were with me before and have been there for years and slowly getting worse but the worst of them all the inability to walk the extreme fatigue and feeling like im going to litrrally just fall asleep and die or faint have made normal work and daily tasks not possible for me sad

Things worth noting:

- Age 25 (nearly 26) am male

- I dont do drugs (played around when i was younger with weed but stopped that after what they assumed was a panic attack in hopsital and then gave that all up at the age of 17

- At the age of 17 had symptoms similar to flu along with extreme depression for no psychological reason (nothing bad happened) i was given citalopram which helped and then at age 18 i felt much better all depressive thoughts gone but ocd and some panic symptoms stayed took citalopram up to age 24 then started taking Asentra at age 25 and after i wws 25 lowered asentra intake from 3 tabs to one daily. Havent had the depression that i had when i was 17 return at all but sometimes now very very rarely panic attacks. It seems im more shaky and nervous than anything now but i dont have bad thoughts or anything like that thats why we changed to asentra as it was meant to combat the ocd as that was mostly what was left of my bad episode at 17 years old

- I dont smoke

- I dont drink alkohol because the next day i literally feel as if im going to die my whole body is shaking i cant breath am lying in bed and have cold sweats and it takes me a week to recover and being a person who has a lot of work on tv media and such i have given up alkohol quite a fre years ago

- I seem to get ill very often such as viruses and other things so took quite a lot of antibiotics during this year escpecially before the bad hospital event and everything bad that started from then on

- I eat healthy i have a food sponsor eho brings me 4 meals a day they are mode for sports people and they are generally quite balanced and healthy

- I used to train and excercise a lot before i ended up in hospital now i am two months  witout gyk or trainig but when i did train even though i had lots of training and intense workouts my personal trainers were surpsired then my strength went up but my body didnt show many muscular changes (maybe thats tied to the illness maybe not but worth mentioning)

- MRI, Blood, CT scans all came out normal during and after recent episode in hospital

Thats everything in detail hopefully it doesnt bore you if so im sorry but if you find a cure for me i will always try to make it worth your while for reading all this! I tried to write everything so that its all clear from the top. Really appreciate i and hope you guys can help me or if you have the same stuff you are not alone! 

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    Look up SCM issues. It's a muscle in your neck. This might be causing your issues.

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    Did you figure out what's wrong ? 

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    How are you doing? Have your symptoms improved? Have you found the cause for your symptoms?
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    Did you figure out what's wrong ? 

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