DLA Ending asked to Apply for PIP. Advise Needed

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Hi Everyone,

Recently my wife was contacted by the Works and Pensions Offices; regarding her DLA; she was told she needed to apply for PIP and that her life long award for DLA would end shortly.

We received the dreaded letter yesterday, containing the PIP application forms.  I read through the forms and the criteria for filling out the forms; then promptly put them aside; they look (at a glance) horendous; and frightningly complicated; and we have until the 28th of this month to get the forms returned to the DWP.   We're hoping to get some help and advice from people  who have previously experienced this process?  My wife will be 68, on 26th May 2017 she was just 6, weeks ouside the cut off point for remaining on DLA.

Help and Advise Appreciated 

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    Hi Nytsom,

    They are indeed very frightening and extremely tedious to fill in. There's so much info they ask for therefor it's always better to write as much detail as possible. Avoid answering just yes and no. You need to explain why something can't be done but remember the criteria "regularly, reliably and reapetidly" There's a lot of info on the net about these forms and there maybe some on the site too.

    Having said that the best advice would be to get some help filling those forms in. CAB or Age UK are both good. Only problem wit CAB is they're very often extremely busy but you could ask for an extention of time to send them back without it affecting the current DLA payments, if you can't get help in the time.

    Evidence, please don't rely on DWP asking any medical proffessional for this because they often don't. Sometimes they will if they have to but mostly don't. Send the evidence yourself which can be anything from GP letter, Consultant reports, Occupational therapist reports, Letter from yourself or anyone else that knows your wife well. I would advice that any evidence you send to be less than 2 years old if possible. Also i heard that they do use the file from the DLA as evidence BUT you do have to ask for this to be done, otherwise they won't. If you haven't already asked then please call them to ask.

    Anything you send back please send copies only so you have to original. Good luck to your wife and if you need anymore advice please just ask.

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      Excellent.  Thanks Denise,

      That's very enlightening and truly helpful.  I intend filling out the forms myself; as I know the pain and suffering my wife experiences.  I also intend researching the criteria for filling out this form; so any help or advice you can think of, would be appreciated.

      Sincere thanks.

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      You're welcome smile CAB have a good guide on their website. Also do a search for PIP criteria so you fully understand all the points etc. If your wife claims High Mobility DLA now then please be aware that the criteria for PIP is 20 metres and not 50 metres for Enhanced.

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      Even standing is painful for my wife; walking any distance without medication would be impossible; and even with medication she has continual pain.

      Duly noted about the distance; that seems an incredibly short distance, even for people who can manage it.

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      Yes it's a short distance but remember "regularly, reliably, without pain and discomfort"

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    Hi welcome to the forum, yes the forms do look a little intimidating but I think once you sit down and start going through them you will see there not so bad, you don't say how long your wife had been on DLA, or whether it was low rate or high with mobility and reasons for it, maybe you don't want to divulge that much info, but it would give those in a similar situation the chance to give more help and advice.

    I would also say make sure you copy everything you send and keep it safe, send in all up-to-date medical exam paperwork from consultants etc and any one else your wife sees, including how you as her carer deal with her day to day care.

    Then send it all by registered post, I know its extra cost but does make a huge difference as you know its been received.

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      Thanks Alexandria,

      Wife has had DLA for 10, years or more = High Rate Mobility and Middle Rate care Component.  

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    It is vitally important that you fill in these forms and have them back well before the date specified.

    The citizens advice. Age concern will help you.

    Do not miss the deadline or you will.possibly lose your right.

    Everyone has to go from Dla to PIP. DLA is ceasing.

    Hope this helps x

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    Get some help with the form, I. e citizens advice. There are some information on filling the form, on the website. Best wishes
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    Hi Nytsom.

    I went through an ordeal with both ESA and DLA. I received esa50 in June last year, then i received a letter saying I had to apply for PIP, As I have Depression /Anxiety, they knew this but after I had help filling the esa 50 in, our family pet died, then I got that dreaded letter, I snapped, I basically told Pip everything that happened when I was a child, in a home also and something awful that happened to me when I worked 14 years ago. I'm going to say what it was, but it don't take a rocket Scientist to work it out.

    Well I had no face to face for esa as I got a letter two weeks from sending the form in, my pip was accepted in four weeks. no face to face but 11 points on care side. No mobility. Then came a shock, I was called for a reassessment for esa, just a face to face without an esa 50, this was ten days before Christmas. Pip must have told esa what I mentioned, which was like a book, the assessor knew what she wanted from me, all she wanted to know was why I left work, I started panicking, its OK she said "I've got what I want now" I was taken out of WRAG and put in SG.

    Thing is, I've realised that being honest is the best way, I could never tell anyone about anything, even the smallest detail could help, all I used to say when I have been assessed in the past was I have a drink. I get suicidal and don't know why. I did know. "oh put him in WRAG he be OK in three years" wrong. I told the truth for once, I felt very embarrassed and ashamed of myself, and blamed myself for what happened to me . the most important was being believed, But realised I did nothing wrong, but they listened, People moan how bad assessors are, and the DWP. maybe some are, send as much evidence you can, no matter how small. One day maybe it will make a very good thread on this site.

    Good luck,

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    I have probably got this wrong but heard that if you already have DLA you may have the choice to keep this instead of applying for PIP.

    Just hoping I am right!

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      You have got that wrong. Everyone who was between 16-64 on or before 8th April 2013 will eventually be asked to apply for PIP.

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