Do fibro patients lead a happy married life??

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I am 29 yr old female from east. I am not diagnosed, but suffering from pains since 5 months in thighs, biceps ,hip and lower back pain. This could all be due to a result of health anxiety, panic attacks and intrusive thoughts i suffered from since 2 yrs. I am pushing guys away who are interested me due to these symptoms.

As i feel i cannot lead a happy married life or have kids. As fibromyalgia takes most of our energy. Am I wrong to think so. I would love to get married, but i am skeptical about reavealing about fibro to a prospective life partner.

No one in my family or freinds know about my condition. I work full time.

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    I can understand as a single person how hard that must be not to have a partner to lean on that’s understands the auto immune disease somewhat! The journey through this disease even being married sometimes I feel alone and I don’t think my husband understands totally, I not only have Fibromyalgia but I also have 2 other auto immune diseases. 

    I suggest you step out and maybe talk to someone professional so you can get on with your life. Don’t let this disease cheat you out of your life, you are way to young!! I know there are days you probably don’t even want to get out of bed. Mine didn’t occur till after a surgery when I was 60 years old then everything went downhill after that. I was super active, rode on my husbands Harley and now I can’t because of the pain between the two diseases. I thank God that the last one didn’t turn into cancer at least I was blessed in that aspect. Things can always be worse. Please share with your family so they can understand what you are going through if they choose to research the disease. Try to get your chin up and move forward. I will be thinking of you! 🙏🙏

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    Hi sweetie. Lucy has very sound advice. I think that addressing your worry and anxiety can tremendously help you to cope better with your pain. I have noticed over my long battle with Fibromyalgia and CF, that stress can worsen our symptoms dramatically. At times, past traumatic experiences, can affect our prolonged thinking and viewpoint of life. So talking with a qualified therapist, can be a source of support that could really make a difference in your life. Our thoughts do affect our emotions. It is an automatic domino affect. So addressing your deep seated worries can open you up to a more peaceful existence. It is strange how we run from our fears and that can be the worst approach we can have, because if we don’t ‘walk through’ them, they will continue to nag at us in the background. Usually things are never as bad as we feel they are. That old saying, ‘don’t Believe everything you Think’ is a very wise insight into our overall wellbeing. So just because we think some way, does not make it Truth. We really need to challenge our thinking on issues. That I have found anyway in my experience, to be a key to coping with life’s many roadblocks. So addressing your anxiety first little Anxious Dove, is crucial to coping with other health issues. Strong emotions tense the body and put tremendous pressure on our organs and muscles. So you can see the link there is from Stress. Share your load with those you trust sweetie. Never carry it all alone. No one is an island. Being strong does not mean that you cannot be vulnerable. Our faulty thinking again. You are never alone in your struggles sweetie. We are all in the same boat and many are coping successfully. Have faith that you can too! Warm hugs! Maggie xx
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    Hi my lovely,

    The symptoms you describe could be other conditions also so if you don’t have a fibromyalgia diagnosis as of yet I would ask your doctor to refer you to a rheumatologist to give yo peace of mind. I am married and I have an understanding partner who attends doctor, specialist and hospital appointments, he has attended my pain physiologist appointments which has helped him to understand what I am going through and we have been able to discuss as a married couple. In order for you to get the proper help, support and right medication I would discuss with your gp to get a rheumatologist appointment, check for lymes disease, reproductive issues like endometriosis which causes deep groin pain, leg pain, shoulder pain etc, I have both endo and Fibro so you can see it can be complicated.

    Wish you all the best and understand your concerns and frustrations, take a parent or friend for support to your gp and hospital appointments when referred and take a list of questions to help you x

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    Hi anxiousdove,

    Sorry that your going through so much at a young age. I’m 34 and have had fibro for nearly 4 years (only diagnosed last year) it’s a horrible Illness because we sound like a hypochondriac when we try to discribe it to anyone. 

    I got married last year and I have a 14 year old boy. Obviously he was old enough to look after himself ( to a degree)  when I got this Illness so I can’t tell you what it is like rating a baby. I can honestly say I couldn’t do it however, I do work full time which is a struggle sometimes but I don’t miss work because of it. If you don’t work and will be a full time parent then I’m sure it will be a little easier along side a good partner. 

    I have a happy marriage but we don’t argue over sexual contact as sometimes I’m just not able even a hug hurts. He kinda understands what I go through Every day and is very supportive. 

    Don’t be ashamed of having fibro it’s not your fault and everyone deserves love, marriage and children. You just need to find someone that is supportive and understands from day 1. So don’t hide it. 

    You can manage fibro through listening to your body and rest when it tells you too, massage, yoga (totally recommended) 

    You run fibro don’t let it run you 😘😘

    Gentle hugs and kisses xx


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      Thanks guys are amazing in terms of support😍😍😍

      I have now stopped cursing myself for being in this condition. We don't have control over why and how we get it.

      I have now accepted it. Try to not concentrate over what i cant do. And do what i can....

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    Yes Abxiousdove, that’s the attitude because there is nothing we can do about it other than accept and manage it. Look at it like you are an individual rather than fibro and then an individual. 

    I went through a phase where I couldn’t come to terms with it too but it did more harm than good. Give yoga a go seriously it’s brilliant and gives good pain relief although only temporarily but in long term your body gets stronger and more flexible. I find my muscles tighten a lot so it’s good to relax them also. 

    Gentle hugs 🤗 


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