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Hi I've posted on here a few times and still trying to work out what is wrong with me! Had upper left problems for 6 years. Started around age 26. I used to drink a lot from about 20 until last couple of years. Prob a bottle of wine most nights and spirits on weekends. I had a 9 month break during each of my 3 pregnancies.

Always suffered from ibs from a child but usually pain is low down. I am a very highly stressed person and I suffer anxiety, and OCD! I have been also called hypochondriac many times!

Anyway upper left pain stated just below my ribs 6 years ago, slightly to my middle. Used to feel like an air bubble lump, was never painful enough to go to hospital but uncomfortable. Made me feel clogged up right to my throat even when I hadn't eaten, I had endoscopy, ct, ultrasound lots of bloods and nothing found. I put up with it and it disappeared for a year when I split with my ex and I was out a lot drinking every day and had no pain, no worries no anxiety attacks for the first time in my life I felt like nothing worried me!

Then I met my currant partner fell pregnant after 5 months with my 3rd child no pain still until about 2 weeks after her birth via c section then the horrible annoying pain I thought had gone forever returned. I am in a stressful relationship with her dad and it's very on and off so I know that doesn't help.

Anyway in the past year and half the pains are worse and I've been googling and googling and it all links to chronic pancreatitis! Docs think I'm mad, I've had colonoscopy, more bloods, detailed MRI of pancreas, stool tests all negative so I'm told no way it could be!

The original pain I agree could be bowels as when I press hard and massage the area it releases gas and really helps me, but I now experience shooting stabbing pains under left breast, in my side and back and they only last a second or two but are quite strong. Also left side sometimes feels like my ribs are bruised although they are tender to touch it's not excruciating and my daughter can still jump on me fine!

I am mainly constipated sometimes with mucus but always dark brown stool never pale, I never vomit either. The pain is 100% worse day after alcohol but if haven't worked out if any foods make it worse I seem to be able to eat really fatty things and no trouble.

Sorry for long post but it's getting me down so much and I just want to know what's wrong with me! Just want to know it's not my pancreas soo can stop worrying so much!!

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    Hi Natalie,

    I know I've messaged you on here before. Like you I am suffer with left sided pains. Under my ribs, epigastic, on my life side (actual side of my body), my back and my upper back. I have pain after eating on my front directly under my ribs and them it moves into my back where it will

    Stay for most of the day.

    I have had loose stools which are yellow/light brown and float. Even now they have gone normal again the still float. I have undigested food in my stool. I have wind, bloating, dizziness, fast heart rate, floaters, tinnitus, light headed feeling, shaking, nausea.

    My bloods are all normal appart from a vitamin d deficiency (now normal) calcium deficiency (still not normal) and a constant fluctuation of my ALP level.

    My stool sample - feacal elastase -normal.

    I've had the following tests- ultrasound x4, MRI, MRCP.

    A couple of months ago I marched into my consultants office and demanded a feacal fat test, HIDA scan and an EUS. All of which they agreed with as long as when they were all normal I moved on and forgot about Chronic pancreatitis. I agreed.

    Now my pains all started last year after the birth of my 3td baby, by section, but on my right side. I had pain attack after pain attack. My dr at the time refused to send me anywhere for help. Only when my pain moved to my left side did I start kicking off. So in my mind my right sides pain triggered my left sided pain and it always go that way now.

    I've had my EUS - which I would recommend you try and get if you haven't already it's the only proven test appart from an ERCP which will diagnose early chronic pancreatitis. My results, of course we're normal.

    My HIDA scan shows my gallbladder as low motility, my ejection fraction was 30%. I am yet to see the consultant, due on 6th October. But I've been reading and low motility and SOD can be symptoms of... Yes you guessed it, chronic pancreatitis. I am now very scared even thou my tests are normal that I do actually have it. It's driving me crazy!! I'm in pain every single day, after every meal! I just don't know what to do anymore sad

    I just wanted you to know that you aren't alone in all this. We are very similar. 3 kids, last by section etc.

    I'll keep you updated on my mission to be diagnosed!

    Take care! Gem

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      Thank you for your reply. Like you I can't get the worry of chronic pancreatitis out of my head! I'm certain that one day something with show that I've had it all along!

      I do need to push for an EUS I'm just so tired of going to gp and being made to feel like a hypochondriac !

      My pains are real and ruining my life! 6 years is a long time to feel this was and I can't think of anything else that would last this long!! I'm hoping it's gastritis as I do follow a support group on fb for that and people on there share a lot of my symptoms. But would that last this long?! The only thing I don't have is the floating stools as I'm always constipated. They have been yellow a couple of times but only really when I've taken stool softners.

      I just want all this to go away so I can enjoy my life again and enjoy my children! As I'm sure you do! It's so hard to be the mum to my kids that I want to be when I constantly feel ill, in pain, weak and anxious!

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      Hi Gem,

      I think you may have sent me a message on here a while ago. I tried to forget about everything and just live my life so I haven't been checking this site at all. I'm glad to read your EUS was normal! That's a good thing! Did you complete the fecal fat test? If you haven't yet you should push for a 72 hour test instead of a 24 hour test! And you'll need to eat 100g fat per day for 3 days prior to collection and the 3 days during collection.

      I hope you start feeling better soon. I haven't had any more tests but did visit a pancreas specialist who is 100% convinced I do not have CP. however I am still having pain (stable since August of 2014) and my bowels are still loose and floating. I've been seeing a naturopath who suggested I may have candida overgrowth based on a stool test I just had and so I'm trying that diet. It unfortunately severely restricts carbohydrates and is high in fat and protein (sugar feeds yeast). Anyway, now that I'm eating like 50-55% of my calories from fat my stools are more floating than non floating. I'm so confused and stressed and I just want to feel like myself again!

      Please keep me updated! If I don't respond right away it's probably because I periodically take time away from stress and anxiety proving activities (such as research and these sites).

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    Natalie , I too had a hidascan, many MRI's endocopy, ultra sound , colonoscopy and for many years told I had a virus and it was just gastritis. I kept getting sicker and sicker till finally it showed up. CP can be very hard to diagnose. Please don't think you are crazy. You know what's going on with you better than any one. Best of luck I think you should keep searching till your mind is put to ease.
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