Do I have diabetes?! How to convince doctor to test me!

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Hi, so for a while now i've had these symptoms..

*increased thirst (i drink up to like 9 litres of water a day and am still thirsty!!)

*frequent urination


*bad circulation

*wounds that don't heal


*increased appetite

*weight loss



All of these are linked with type one diabetes, however a while ago I was tested, (about 9 months ago now) for another disease called addisons and at the time the doctor told me i was definitely not diabetic. However my symptoms are getting worse, to the point I am so tired my university studies are being effected. What I wanted to know really was did anyone experience the same, and how long did it take for you to be diagnosed? Also how were you diagnosed/ how did you get the doctor to listen/take you seriously!! I am 20 years old, and exercise 5 times a week so should be at the peak of my physical fitness yet am still feeling awful! So any help would be greatly appreciated smile

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    Hi Louise,

    Sorry to hear your not feeling well, the symptoms you've said above match those a Type 1 Diabetic would experience, I certainly did when I was diagnosed just a year ago last week.

    Remember I'm not a doctor, just giving advice from what I went through.

    So, if your worried about it, just go to A&E straight away, don't worry you won't be wasting their time, go, if they say your fine, then you've lost nothing and your minds at rest.

    You could go to your doctor tomorrow and explain everything but that may take longer as they will do a urine sample and take blood etc and that takes time to get the results.

    You could, (as my mum did) buy a cheap blood glucose meter, check blood and if it's high go to A&E ASAP, it may not be diabetes remember it could just be nothing. And remember your blood glucose levels will rise after you've just eaten. The A&E bit only because if it goes too high for too long (not to worry you, it's rare) you could, I say could go into a coma, they are hard to come out of and often result in complications, so just safer to go to A&E just in case.

    Don't worry, I'm 18, at loughbrough Uni, having diabetes hasn't affected me at all, all it changes is 10 minutes everyday checking blood/injecting (which DOESNT HURT by the way ๐Ÿ˜Š, a common misconception) and being more aware of your diet and lifestyle. It may seem scary and hard to get used to at first but as soon as you start you'll be fine with everything.

    Hope everything goes well, and this is in some way beneficial even though I've rambled....

    Good luck!

    Will ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    Hi,I agree with Will.Go to A&E.

    If you doctor won't help change your doctor.It's your life.

    Diabetes is a serious potentially life threatening condition and should not be ignored.Just because you didn't have it 9 months ago doesn't meanyou haven't got it now.

    I have had regular yearly blood tests for diabetes and was fine in June last year but was diagnosed with type 2 in February this year after goingto my optician with rapidly deteriorating eyesight.

    Fortunately I had a GP who reacted immediately and my eyesight has now improved significantly and my gloucose levels are lower than those of my non-diabetic adult children.

    Obviously I'm much older than you but just because you're young doesn't mean that your doctor should ignore your concerns.

    Have a look at the Diabetes uk website and good luck

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    Thank you to for both of your replies! Both really helpful smile I will go and bug my doctor! and if that fails try A&E, thanks for the advice smile
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    Hi everybody this is Betty...Even though i don't have diabetes ma hubby has and he takes insulin everyday . He was diagnosed diabetes last year on the world diabetes day thanks to the initiatives taken by International Diabetes Federation which we came through website HOLIDAY BUZZ.i think whole community with diabetes are grateful to Frederick Banting who gave insulin to the world.....
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    Hi, it is very frustrating when everything turns out "RIGHT" but you know something is "WRONG". The last 8 years have been one thing after another. My problem, which you might have checked, was ADRENAL DISFUNCTION. I was so tired a literally could had slept standing up. I, on the other hand had WEIGHT GAIN around my mid section. I NEVER carried weight there. Three years prior, when I had blood test I was always RIGHT ON, NEAR, NEXT, TO A UNHEALTHY LEVEL, BUT NEVER TO COME OUT AND SAY DIEBETIES. I was taking anti depressants and heavy pain meds, while waiting on back surgery. I was given CORTIZONE SHOTS for 2 years EVERY 3 MONTHES! This caused my body to quite producing CORTISOL. My level, then was a 3! Blurred vision, thirsty, bad eye site, sweating so bad I had to change 2 or 3 times a day of clothing,passing out, weight gain, severe fatigue, ect. I was going thru menopause after my hysterectomy, so that added hormonal embalance. So they put me on CORTISOL for over a year. This was to jump start the Adrenal gland. Well that's fine and dandy, but very seldom did I have a real high glucose reading. A little on the low blood presser, but that's it. My Adrenal levels went to a normal 13.5. Now I'm 30 pounds over w eight, I still have. The diabetic symptoms, my thyroid is normal. My SYMPTOMS were blamed on medication. I get so tired of some doctor telling me to JUST KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING, what starving? A 1200-1400 calorie diet of fresh everything and in 3 MONTHES lost 2 pounds? Even though I'm still in recovery on my back surgery, I have limited walking because my feet hurt so bad, I'm so tired, and I swear I could drink a gallon of unsweetened tea a day and wouldn't ha ve any spit left in my mouth. So I did the Endro doc, arthritic doc, back spine doc, Gyno doc, 3 reg I don't believe you have now what? I suppose you have the same questions, no history? YES....SO UNLESS YOU CAN FIND A DOC THAT WONT QUIT UNTILL THEY FIND ANSWERS FOR YOUR QUESTIONS AND SYMPTOMS, you will be spending hundreds of dollars and ha ve a lot of frustrations. I pray every night for someone to help me or direct me in some way. I would say after all of my problems yours sound to be TYPE 1, excersize, diet and medication should help you. HOWEVER FINDING A REALLY GOOD ENDRO DOC AND NUTRITIONIST WILL SURLEY DO YOU A WORLD OF GOOD. I wish you all the best ย and I pray you or anyone ever has to live the way I've had to with no help. Make someone listen. God Bless you!
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