Do I have genital herpes or is this an allergic reaction to the condoms he was using?

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I'm 16 and had sex with my boyfriend about 3 days ago yet before hand I noticed I had an open like sore on my genial region (I assumed it was a cut from my razor when I shaved, I told him it was anyway). We had sex multiple times and I'm starting to believe I'm allergic to the condoms he uses as I started to form a stinging sensation and discomfort, yet the second time we had sex no condoms were used and there was no discomfort. About a day after I noticed more of these sores coming up on my skin, they sting a little and can become quite sore and the skin is sensitive to them being touched as the top of the sore wipes off (which I try not to touch). I've looked at pictures of what herpes look like and my sores don't look blister like or much like them from what I've seen. My sores also weep this clear type of blood consistency liquid and leave my skin looking like it's peeling down there in one spot.

I was considering getting tested for herpes but I'm not open to my parents about my relationships or the situation I'm currently in being the age of 16 and for someone who should not be having sex and would find it very hard to access a doctor or to see someone to get a test done. I'm trying to reach out to my boyfriend about this current situation but as I'm so young I've taken up the responsibility to make adult choices which I will admit I probably wasn't ready for but advice on trying to communicate with my boyfriend about it would be good too (he is a bit older and should understand more I personally believe).

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    As someone who is very familiar with herpes .. There are different ways that a outbreak starts .

    And the way you are describing it is exactly how my outbreak started ...

    I didn't have any blisters wise that clustered or anything like that. I just had little sores like that were bleeding kind of watery like .. I was peeling also and my skin was raw until it healed over my situation didn't look anything like herpes in the pictures , my sores healed and you wouldn't of known .

    It is very hard to talk to someone about it , the person. I contracted it from didn't even tell me about it . Like its something you have to live with for the rest of your life which leaves me in deep depression and then I had to tell my current boyfriend who I've been with for over 3 years about it . One of the hardest things to do . The hardest thing would probably be telling my daddy .. It makes me seem like I'm a whore or a slut or something which I'm not my 2nd sexual partner of my whole 20 years of living and i get burned like this ? Breaks my heart just re living and thinking about the situation

    You can go to planned parenthood tho and they should be able to tell you.

    What you need to know is that if you do have herpes you shouldn't be having sex during an outbreak that is when the disease sheds and you can pass it off to someone else ..

    Are you okay ? Are you still in pain ?

    Have you talked to your boyfriend yet ?

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      I'm okay thank you, I'm not in pain right now but it sometimes starts hurting yet it's not that bad. I've tried talking to him but he's asleep as I'm up at 3am worrying.

      How long did it take for your sores heal?

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      It took a little while to heal .. I got my first break out dec2nd by the 8th they were healing .. I'm completely healed now . Sex use to be a little painful but now it's coo .. It's just complicated because there are so many restrictions that I feel I have no .

      I guess the pain differs ..

      Are you able to wash down there ? I couldn't wash or anything , hurt when I sat down and all that ..

      I feel what you're going through .

      You should definitely get a test make it notified. You can't get medicine for it unless you get diagnosed . I mean I don't know how that would go about with your parents and everything but it would be the best thing to get tested

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      I haven't yet had a shower this morning but I'll keep you updated on it.

      I'm really keen on getting tested but I can't really get to a doctor without telling my dad and I'd like to hide it as much as I can until I'm a bit older so I don't get shamed by my family as being a slut. I don't know if we have a planned parenthood in Australia but I feel if I was to contact a company similar to that they would want to contact my parents as it's a health type of issue

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      Yeah planned parent hood down here in America keeps it confidential to it all .

      Don't worry about what people think , if you tell your father you think you have yeast infection .. Go to the doctor and have them check it out ., I don't know how the healthcare and all that is down there .

      But .. From what your saying its a big possibility .

      How is it going down there ? Does it burn when you pee ? Still bleeding ?

      Why Would your family look at you like a slut? Especially if you caught from your boyfriend and he is the only person you have been with ..

      You should definitely talk to him and see what he says ...

      Does he have a past with cold sores or anything ? We're there any bumps on his penis that you know of ? You should at the least find out the type of herpes that you have ..

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      I just asked him and he was tested 5 months ago everything was negative. I looked up the symptoms of someone who is allergic to latex condoms and I think it's that. He's telling me I should see a doctor but I can't get to one.

      My dad doesn't know about my boyfriend, doesn't know I've ever had one and thinks I've only ever been kissed.

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