Do I have gerd?

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Hi I'm new on here and need some reassurance and advice really. I've been experiencing chest pain and sore chest, dry sore throat and tight chest. Plus abdominal pain. I also wake up choking sometimes in my sleep which can be really scary. My doctor says it could be gerd? Has anyone else had these symptoms? This all started about 2 months after having my baby. Thanks

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    These are all typical symptoms of reflux (call it "GERD" and/or "LPR" if you like) .

    Reflux fro the stomach to the oesophagus, gastro-oesophageal reflux, exacerbated by a malfunctioning lower oesophageal sphincter (most frequently from a hiatus hernia) may continue full column and breach the upper sphincter whence it may aspirate into the respiratory system.

    I have had problems with reflux all my life - including the symptoms you describe and more.

    It is very commonly experienced during, and following, preganancy. The growing foetus was putting upward pressure on your intermal organs and can have caused a hiatus hernia if you didn't have one intially. (You may not have felt it earlier; there is a recent theory that one of the female hormaones may suppress the sensations, or even the reflux, to a small degree. )

    You may be prescribed acid supressant medication since reflux is usually acidic and medication can reduce any damage it can do. However, it rarely controls the reflux itself which you'll have to manage by lifestyle if possible. (The alternative if reflux is severe, is surgery. )

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    Hi Natalie20676

    I have never been pregnant but from experience I do know that indigestion and acid is a huge side effect with many women. 

    I would see the Dr asap and try to get tested or at least looked at by a Gastro Enteroligist. If they recommend tests - do them. If they recommend scopes (either from the top or from the bottom) - do them.

    Only once you know for sure can you do the correct thing and get the right treatment. If it is acid you need to get it sorted asap as there is nothing good about it and it can lead to cancer.

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    Yes it does sound like gerd. Did u have natural birth? The pushing may have caused hiatal hernia which can cause gerd.

    If you have anxiety or stress you need to find ways of dealing with it. I do yoga and meditation. Which I highly recommend.

    I use dgl licorice at bedtime and I'm have weekly acupuncture sessions which has helped a lot. 50% reduction in reflux.

    I've had gerd for 3 yrs and I've tried everything. Meds didn't work for me and I'm glad they didn't because having researched them they don't seem like a healthy option. I still resort to gaviscon if things are very bad.

    I avoid diary and wheat as much as poss. Plus all the other common reflux food triggers. Also bras can really effect my reflux and chest pain. Opt for one that is loose and puts least pressure on your breast bone. Don't wear anything tight around ur waist either. I also raise top of my bed with 2 bricks either side. This helped a lot. My main probs have been at night.

    My symptoms were a nightmare for first 3-4 months but you can get on top of it. I had to go on anxiety meds ( which I've literally just stopped taking) plus I used sleeping meds for 6 months.

    7 weeks ago I was seriously considering op but after acupuncture I'm feeling much better and I'm feeling hopeful I can beat this. I just need to control my anger as I have a teenager who is very unruly. Anger is a big no no for reflux suffererers.

    All the best Hun. The lack of sleep won't be helping right now. But that won't last forever.



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      Seriouslt Dom? You avoid all the triggers plus dairy and wheat but you think that the 50% improvement is due to some Eastern fantasy excercise programme? Sorry, bad news for you, the acid reflux will get you again. 

      Natalie, ignore this hogwash and see a Dr.

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      How rude and to a fellow sufferer as well!

      I've had 3 years of hell!!!!! I think I've earnt my right to share my experience and my experience it is, not yours. How can you tell me what has helped me or not helped me. I don't remember saying that it would help everyone, I just said this is what helped me. Isn't this forum all about that? Sharing our experiences and a long the way hopefully helping others, so we don't feel hopeless and alone?

      I invest a lot of time responding and replying to others because I care! And by the way it doesn't come without a cost. It seriously effects my upper back and neck typing out some of the very long responses I type on my mobile phone!!!

      I cut back on dairy and wheat long before I started acupuncture sessions and never had the improvements I'm experiencing now!!! I didn't say I was cured and who knows the improvements may not last but I can only report on what I feel at the moment.

      Do you know how long acupuncture has been around? I've also used it for chronic back pain and yes it worked for that too.

      Have you tried acupuncture yourself? You know what they say "don't knock it til you tried it". But I would say that not all acupuncturists are made equal. I've seen some bad ones and I've seen some really good ones. Just like there are some very good gastro docs and some very bad ones.

      I've had 3 endoscopes and 1 colonoscopy and I've consulted with 3 different gastro docs and been to my GP many many times over the last 3 years, I don't remember getting a 50% reduction in my symptoms from any of that!!!!!!! But I do remember getting a lot of frustration and heartache.

      By no means would I say don't go and see a doctor. In fact I'm all for everyone consulting with doc but I will say this don't expect much unless you have considered having surgery. The only thing the docs can offer you are ppis and they don't work for everyone. In fact they made me worse.

      So, who ever you are, think carefully how you word your replys next time so as not to cause offence. The last thing us Gerd sufferers need, is to be attacked by other sufferers, that's not the purpose of this forum. We are here to help one another not to knock one another down and stress one another out. I hope I've made myself clear.


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      Why are you on this Forum? What is your main purpose? I'm quite clear about mine.

      No actually I'm tetchy because I was feeling so GOOD from the acupuncture I decided to come off my anxiety drug lexapro ( which a western doc recommended) which I've been taking for 3 years! But I didn't wean off which was a mistake. I've had dizziness, nausea, migraines and bad insomnia!

      On top of all this I'm dealing with a teenager who is off the rails.

      I hope that explains why I'm a little tetchy and why I can't tolerate fools like you too easily.


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