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Do I have Trigeminal Neuralgia?

I'm male and 43 years old.

Over a month ago, I was using a powerdrill, had it in the wrong direction and it kicked back on me and the heavy whacked me extremely hard on the right side of my face, after in and out of my GP, and xrays showed no signs of a fracture,  a doctor diagnosed me as a crushed nerve, he advised me to start with Panadol, if still hurting take 400mg ibuprofen (which seems to help a little), and if really still bad I got prescriped medical Amitriptyline which a least helps me get a good night's sleep.  

I match the symptoms very well for Trigeminal Neuralgia, my stabbing pain starts below my left ear and can last from a few minutes to several hours, when really bad the pain spreads to my head, lower jaw and neck, feeling they one massive gaint headache somewhat.

If really disrupts my day to day life, I cannot make too many plans for the next day and i'm unsure how I am going to feel.

There seems to be so many triggers for the pain, I can no longer drink anything too hot, or put my head under the shower, I try to sleep on my back, my right ear is extremely sentisive to noise too, I can no longer listen to music or play games with my headphones for too long.I also try to avoid leaning forward, is many cases even touching my right side of my face.

My GP told me is can take up to six weeks for nerves to heal yet now i'm 5 weeks in, and I got a fear I might have this for the rest of my life

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  • marlene36342 marlene36342 Spiderkeys

    Hi - I was diagnosed with TN in 2006 and there is not a moment that I am pain free.  I seen many doctors including my own family physician, dental experts, neurologists and pain specialists.  A second opinion is always good.  Also ask your physician to make a referral for you to see a pain specialist.  In my case, there was a number of health conditions that had to be proved to be negative before I got the TN diagnosis.  I certainly can relate to your pain and the areas where you are suffering.  I would cetainly like to know how you are feeling now and if you have any future appointments with a specialist.  The pain is horrific.  I had to leave my place of employment in 2009.  This disease has certainly changed my life.


  • Spiderkeys Spiderkeys

    Just an update, after 3 weeks of nearly uncontrollable head pain, on it's own it gave me a lot relief, well for a week anyway, only had very minor controllable head pain, usually worst in the mornings. And one of those days I was almost completely pain free. Starts giving me the impression I must be getting better, But last night, the real pain came back and hit me like a ton of bricks, pain so back you only feel like screaming. Had another horrible espoide later in the morning too, and it couldn't of come at a worse time, I was on way to my job network appointment, and how can I think of my future in pain like this? How I can describe it is like an evil spirit living on the side of my headn who does wait until it's convientent on you to start the pain.

    Not a good day today, still mild pain there at the moment, and hopefully it's not another three weeker. I think try tonight approaching bed in a different direction, as I got to sleep sometime. 

  • gill32586 gill32586 Spiderkeys

    From what you say I'd personally go with your doc. I've had TN for 20 years and you do not seem to have this condition. It seems that you are having terrific pain but the path of the pain you describe does not match T.N. I've never heard of it afffecting the ear but really, I'm no doctor so don't take this as gospel. Because of having this myself I've explored all info on Tn and there are excellent diagrams on google which will show you the classic pain path so don't despair. Please look them up and let us all know how you go on. I do hope your doc is coorect. I know any nerve pain  can take ages to heal so hopefully your will too.

  • Spiderkeys Spiderkeys

    This is me writin now in absolutely inm agonying, barely enough to use the computer, I have been screaming in pain for almost 2 hours now,I booking my app. wih my GP now, not that I expect him to be much help, first i got to find a slight less pain to get myself there, at the moment i just want to DIE, no living thing deserves to be in this torture. none of the over the counter mediations have worked this morning, i walked about the block for an hour, sat in the shade, splashed freezing water over my face and noo how earth will I know how long this torture will go for, it this time it will my god  go at all

    Other people that can understand this inhuman torture is people like us here that get it ourselves not GPs

    • gill32586 gill32586 Spiderkeys

      Please ask your GP if he will send you to a consultant neurologist.You must have an MRI sscan which is the only way you will truly know if you have the condittion Trigeminal neuralgia. If you have this, normal painkillers will  certainly not be an answer to your pain. You will need certain medications which work in an entirely different way on the nerve and  should really help you. Your GP may prescribe these . .  Some GPs are not experts in TN so do perisist in asking him about this condition. It's possible that your pain is not due to this condition so hopefully he may offer another solution to you.. Either way , you have my complete sympathy. I'ts horrid to suffer in this way so get help ASAP. and let us know how you  are and what your GP has told you. If you have already been told you have TN then insist on an appt. with  consultant . There will be further help . I pray that you will soon be out of pain, Gill

    • marlene36342 marlene36342 Spiderkeys

      Hi - TN is a horrfic disease.  When you see your family dr., he will need to make a referral for you to see a pain specialist and this will take time.  Get your dr to write a prescription to help alleviate the pain you are now having.  Over-the-pain meds will not work.  Please give me a post after you see your dr. as I an very concerned for you and hope he can help you with pain relief immediately.  You cannot go it alone.

    • Spiderkeys Spiderkeys gill32586

      Earliest I booked an appointment for is 11am tommorow, pain is still with me, but at least now it's not as intense. Today was the worse attack I had yet, since this started three months ago. idk why, but found icecream gives me  a lot of temporary relief, so today i've eaten more than 3 bowls of it. I having opinions from two GPs so far, my local GP can't tell what wrong with me, and he sends me for x-rays which comes back negative. The GP from the emergencry department said I have a crushed nerve, advise me to continue taking Pandol and iBjurprofen every several hours apart and only take 1 antidepressant (TAmitriptyline) if still very severve. But today I just felt I had no other choice but to take one in the daytime, now i'm here getting tired with a slight pain near my ear, I post back after I see my GP tommorrow..

    • gill32586 gill32586 Spiderkeys

      Hello Again,

       You must insist on seeing a neurologist! This is the only person who will diagose your coondition correctly. Other medical people do not understand these conditions correctly.. X rays can only tell you some detail but an MRI scan has a much better chance of pinpointing it.. It may be that you have a temporary condition so don't be too disheartened. Lets hope this will the case. Any intense facial pain is very distressing and disabling so I do sympathise with you but hope you will soon be out of pain. Do let us know. We are all here for you.  Gill..

    • marlene36342 marlene36342 gill32586

      Hi Gill - thank you for your post.  It seems like quite a bit of time since we have communicated.  I am doing ok.  Had a very bad weekend.  I'm sure the barometric pressure plays havoc with my facial pain so needless to say, spent the weekend in bed,  Yesterday I started to feel better and today my pain level is a 3-4.  This level is very good for me.  it is tolerable which means a better day.  Gill - I have a question for you.  Please don't take this as criticism it's just that I am a bit confused.  After I was diangod with TN, a neurologist that I was seeing made a referral for me to have a MRI which made me happy.  Both my family physician and the neurologist told me that it was very positive my results would come back showing no reason for my pain.  The both of them also told me that an MRI would not pick up any nerve or blood vessel issues.  The only thing the MRI would pick up wa a mass or something concrete.  As an example brain tumor.  When I had the surgery no nerve, blood vessel or scar tissue was picked up.  I had much scaring on my brain stem which makes no sence as this was my first surgery.  The surgeon cannot offer an explanation - he jsut told me that he did not know why anything like this could happen. What do you think of all this?  Are there different types of MRI's?  The weather here has been very rainy and humid and I blame this alot on my facial apin.  I have managed to go out with my husband on occasion but this does not last as I get tired very quick.  Wonder if the meds are causing this?  Gill, my dear, how are you doing?  I, too, think of you often..I always enjoy reading your posts.  If you don't mind me asking - how old are you and when were yo diagnosed with TN?  I am 61 years old and was diagnosed in 2006.  Please forgive me if I happen to repeat myself - telling you something that I had mentioned in the past.  Since my surgery, my memory has been greatly affected.  I completely forget at times, previous conversations and comments that I have made.  My very best wishes to you along with many heavenly bessings.  You are a terrific lady!

    • gill32586 gill32586 marlene36342

      Hi Marlene. So sorry but this is of necessitya short reply as I'm chasing my tail today! I do hope you soon get some relief. This thing is so unpredictable that anything can happen as you've found out already.  I was diagnosed over 20 years ago although I self- diagnosed as my mother also had T.N. No I'm sure there are not differing MRI sscans but I was told that it did confirm my diagnosis and also ruled out other causes.. I'm sure the tiredness and memory blips are caused by meds, we're both on high dosages and when I was able, after      thermocoagulation,, to come off for a short period, both of these greatly improved.. Like you I have suffered so much with this thing but we have no alternative but to carry on. I believe stress makes it worse but as it also causes so much stress it's a neverending circle.

       God bless you Marlene. I pray for all those suffering this greatly understood disease,Much Love xx


  • jennie66572 jennie66572 Spiderkeys

    Hi there, I have been wondering if I have TN. I have been having severe pain on my left side, jaw ear teeth head eye pain!!!! It feels like a stabbing jolt in my cheek or ear or jaw or all ...I don't have insurance and reading all of the time people waste getting diagnosed is soooo scary to me. I just want to be pain free without emptying my bank account!!

    • gill32586 gill32586 jennie66572

      Hi Jennie, The only way to really find out is to see a doctor. There are many types of facial pain. To me, it does rather sound like T.N., but do bear in mind that I'm not a medic. Please find the cash somehow to see a doc who can prescribe medication which can take away the pain for quite some time. Please don't be scared if this is your diagnosis. The condition is nort terminal. I've had it for over 20years and at 74 and.I'm still here!. Ordinary painkillers will not take away the pain if it is T.N. as the medication for this works in an entirely different way. Keep up, sweetheart and write again if you need to., Gill

    • marlene36342 marlene36342 jennie66572

      Hi Jennie - I agree totally with Gill's comments.  You must and need to get an official diagnosis from a medical doctor or pain specialist then your doctor can start treating the symptoms.  You mention that you get severe pain that feels like a stabbing jolt.  Could this also be described as electrical shocks?  If so, I can get into more detail with you.  Please get yourself to a doctor as over-the-counter medications will not help you.  I was diagnosed with TN in May 2006 so do have much information to share.  Best wishes to you and always remember that this wonderful and compassionate group of people do care and are always willing to listen and share their experiences.


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