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Do parasites cause autoimmune diseases?

I have recently completed 2 stool sample tests that have rendered the same outcome, positive for parasitic organisms but unable to identify. Now I have to complete the exam a third time. I have still not received any treatment and have experienced some serious health problems over the past few years, including an idiopathic cardiomyopathy a little over 2 years ago. Two years before this I was hospitalized for a serious virus that could not be identified. This involved a very high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and the start of kidney failure, however I went to the emergency room at the right time. One month later, I had mono, then 4 months later, had a palsy in my left foot, then less than one year after, started experiencing chest pain, serious headaches, and extreme fatigue. The emergency room kept sending me home telling me it was a virus. Finally several months had passed after numerous visits to this ER, I went to a different hospital where they found a cardiomyopathy. My ejection fraction was 35%. I am only 37! Just after this, I noticed one day that I had experienced severe itching in the rectal area with several days of white discharge that had an odor of infection. I waited for a couple of months to see if things would get better, and they didn't, so I went to the ER. I told the doctor about the cardiomyopathy and previous mysterious illnesses, he completed a brief rectal exam, and said it was probably internal hemmorhoids. I asked if a parasitic infection was possible, and he said it was very unlikely because I hadn't been out of the country in several years. So he never tested my stool. Two years have passed, and I have had the same/similar problems since, and have reported this to the doctors over and over. For the past year and a half, I have developed new symptoms. Extreme fatigue, weakness, joint aches, headaches, constipation and diarrhea, greasy, yellowish stools, sweat that smells like ammonia, skin peeling out of my mouth, gas, burping, bad breath, weight loss and loss of appetite. In addition, I have mysterious skin rashes with hives on a daily basis, and started taking pictures of them to document this. In December of 2012, I tested positive for lupus with a positive ANA, and my doctor ordered the test because my eosinophil percentage had consistently been flagged on my blood reports as high. I still was not getting any answers, so I switched all of my doctors and have been going to the city. This is a world renowned hospital. Upon meeting my new doctors, they ordered a repeat of blood tests. This time the lupus was negative. The doctors quickly dismissed the lupus results prior, and said that sometimes people just test false positive, with no further explanation. Back in April of this year, my doctor informed me that my vitamin d level was very low, 12, should be between 30-40 he said, so I have been taking prescription vitamin d. I met with an infectious disease specialist a month ago, and she said she didn't think that I had parasites, but she would test because of my eosinophils. Bingo, I do have them, and now the doctors are trying to say they are parasitic but may not be causing my symptoms. For several months I have noticed that there is strange looking debris after blowing my nose into a tissue. Last night, I am about 99% certain that it was a small worm, certainly looked like one, and I was a teacher, so I am fairly well educated. I saved it in the tissue and put it in a zip lock bag. I don't know whether to call my doctor or not on Monday morning, as I don't trust him, and think he will once again be dismissive. I already went through the HIV phase with him, and told him I didn't have it, as I've only had 4 partners my entire life, have never had unprotected sex, I don't rim, and had an HIV test. I haven't been sexually active in about three years, so I knew I couldn't have it. I retested a couple of months ago to satisfy him, and it was negative once again. I have asked him if any of my past symptoms are connected, and he didn't think so. I disagree. The only diagnosis I have is another one of idiopathic nature, uticharia, (spelling) and says my blood work is fine, which it isn't, because my vitamin d was very low, and my eosinophils are still high. Any advice on what I should do? Prior to all of this stuff over the past 5 years, I was very rarely I'll. now I can no longer do many of the things that I used to, as I don't feel well enough, and I would really like to get some normalcy back in my life. Is there a doctor who can answer this without telling me that I am imagining things? The test results obviously indicate that I am not.

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  • mstar430 mstar430


    I am not a professional, but I have had parasite experience from working at a colon hydrotherapy & nutritionist office. I had a intestinal parasite in past & my son is experiencing pinworms.

    I am never shocked by the incorrect diagnosis from doctors. This is why it is so important to be as informed & read up in any way shape or form you can! You sound like an intelligent person, who has been dealing w/ many of different symptoms. Parasites can be picked up anywhere, not only while traveling...that doctor is ignorant! I would try PARA-RID- (or something of the like) Its made by a supplement company. It is a homeopathic approach of supplements that naturally makes your intestinal tract inhospitable for them to live. Its a 2 step thing that maybe takes a month to complete. Also don't eat any processed sugar if you can help it...they thrive w/ this diet.

    If you are having that itching anus periodically, that is due to the female only lays eggs every few weeks & its outside the anus @ night. So you need to make a concoction of tea tree oil & garlic & apply around anus before going to sleep (possibly more?) to stop the eggs from hatching & getting re-ingested.

    Also you could go to a colon hydro-therapist to flush your system. Changing diet habits to boost your immune system. No anti-biotics . If you have been on any type of anti-biotics you must post duration follow thru w/ a cycle of PRO-BIOTIC's/ this is due to all of your healthy flora in ur gut gets killed while its trying to kill any bad kills ur good bacteria which is meant to keep things in our body in harmony. Funny how NO DR. tells you this? Why I don't know. R they really that knowledgeable? About how the human body works? This is my issue w/ their pharmaceutical loyalties? That's another issue completely.

    Check in to Wheatgrass (fresh pressed), spirulina, chlorella, these are some power packed natural immune & health boosting additions look in to.

    I hope I could help a little. this is my first time to this site. I'm from the U.S, Hawai'i, I'm looking up info on pinworms for my toddler. 2 negative results in 1.5 months. I definitely see abnormal worm like stool. Now I'm attempting the scotch tape test around anus in attempts to find eggs to bring for lab testing. To positively determine whats going on,.

    Good luck & Take Care. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have..if you feel I shed any light.


    • anna65550 anna65550 mstar430

      Hello. I am new to this site and I am very desperate. I have been in such pain for over two months. I have been to the ER twice this past week alone. They keep sending me home saying I had a kidney stone or I have a virus. I know I have a parasite or parasites by the look of my stool. I see things in there and even showed my fiance. I took samples to the ER and they looked at me like I was crazy. I am trying to find on here not only long string and mucouslike looking stuff as well as round, brown bug-like and the size of a small tick things too tonight for the first time in my loose stool. I have issues with constipation, so I take laxatives and then I get the opposite. Sorry to be so extreme and descriptive but I do not know what else to do. I have an appointment in two weeks with a gastroenterologist, but my anxiety with the thought of things living inside me that do not belong freaks me out as well as dealing with the extreme pain. I just got off antibiotics. What should I do next?

    • anna65550 anna65550 mstar430

      I not only suffer from abdominal and upper stomach pain but I also suffr from muscle and horrible back pain, upper and lower, including my spinal cord. Sometimes the pain is so bad I feel like I cannot stand it. It really is bad. I have a rheumotologist for Fibromyalgia but you know how that goes.

    • SarahH1982 SarahH1982 anna65550

      Hi! My name is Sarah! I'm here to tell ya hun your not alone!

      I've been suffering my whole life with the same issues and a whole lot more!

      H pylori (a parasite), dwarf tape worms, liver fluke tape worms, and garidia( not sure. On the spelling) parisitic tape worm...has about led me to grave! Get tested! Google all of the above! Do ur research! For starters everything you have talked about. Sounds like H pylori! But bathroom habits are yes what H pylori. Does to but if nothing is showing up in your stood u may also have the dwarf tape worm! It inhabits one host and for years never be detected. Due to it drops larva spontaneously at random times and the tape worm never comes out until killed! Very small, clearis white & brown

      With destinctive markings! Google! Good luck, Sarah

    • SarahH1982 SarahH1982 klb62

      Hello klb62,

      my answer for you is YES the creepy crawling, sudden sharp pains, movement under my skin has FINALLY STOPPED!!!!  my tatic well (* try at your own risk and i am not a doctor and am not resposible for any kind of health issues*) sorry for my own protection smile as crazy as you may think it is I flushed somethings out of my body that still makes me uneasy using the bathroom!!! 1 1/2 cigerettes or tabacco ( remove filter and paper) take a piece of the middle of a slice of bread, make a bowl like shape and put the tabacco in the bowl like shape of the bread. now remember you have to chew the best you can and eat this so the smaller the better!!! BELIEVE ME!!! now take the bread with the tabacco inside and squish the bread up to wear the tabacco will not fall out... get about a 1/4 cup of Milk in a glass ready to go to chase it down....  IT is HORRIBLE TASTEING but if you do this for 3 to 4 days or effectiveness you believe is in progress it worked for me! DAY 1 * word of the wise stay HOME! A shower and toilet are going to be in major need!!! whatever is inside you will come from all directions SHOWERS are AWESOME!!  your gonna have an upset tummy and maybe a little cramping but inbetween sessions with the toilet and shower *SLEEP and FLUIDS!!!  Day 2 * the Toilet is still a MUST and the upset tummy is a factor but you will notice is not as bad... DRINK FLUIDS Day 3* the toilet is a need but things should tamper down a bit and the upset tummy is there at first but fades!!  Day 4* only if you feel you need too depending on the amounts you have passed is how i judged! Now remember in 14 days what ever eggs that are inside you will begin to hatch so note it on a calender of when you need to take the homeremedy again kk I took it  only for 1 day the second time around and then went ahead and got the pinworm medicine from Walgreens and had the whole family take it! WASH every piece of bedding and clothing that may be infected with worms or its eggs.... shampoo all carpets and if you have access to a shampooer that does floors (has a steamer) use it!!! Clean Clean Clean!!!! 

       NOW FOR THE GOOD PART!~ I got hurt at work over a year ago and my left hip, left groin, right ankle and lower back caused me sever pain *and still does* well i got severly sick on top of everything else and found out i had Hpylori, Toxoplasmosis gondii ( in my right eye), and also three days into treatment for Hpylori i was givin prescription worm meds for dwarf tape worms. I did the triple treatment and im here to tell you i think being hit by a train would of been easier! well during the treatment that i took for 2 weeks i noticed that i was passing what looked to be worms and a few other things that NO DOCTOR HAS BEEN ABLE TO IDENTIFY STILL ( i think they are very similar to Liver or Lung Flukes!  well i vomited for months and until about 11 days ago when i did the cig home remedy i still was! i couldnt hold anything down!! i lost ALOT of wieght as in i went from 141 pds  april 18th to (my lowest) was 98 pds on July 21st! im 5 foot 3 ... it was scarey! well im happy to say i wiegh ruffly around 130 pds now and believe me i LOVE FOOD!!  so ive went threw a bunch to tests ct scans, xrays, mir, and a nuclear bone scan to try and find out WHY i cant walk or still put weight on my left leg... it turns purple sometimes blackish around the foot area.... i have a hernation of the T11-T12 that is "mildly" impigmentating my spinal cord and so on and so forth also my L5 and S1 is bulging. the specialist says that neither are causing the weight bearing and walking issue. So the nuclear bone scan was done and i have a rather large glowing area in my pelvis, I also glow> up my spine, in my kidney's, in my throat , in my neck , shoulder blades, face and the skull area..... the funny thing is not only are the area's that glow the same exact area's i felt the creepy crawling events ( i was told that due to depression it was causing me to halusinate by two ER's and a handful of doctor's) but also in my upper viens in my legs that flow towards my knee's, in my knee's visable growing 50 cent piece size "tumors" are present and the right ankle i broke/injured glow as well... i felt movement there also... The doctor says that it is cancer... and with that im a loss of words...  im adding an Xray pic to show you the tumor areas... and try and load the bone scan.... HOW DID THEY MISS THIS? and if it is cancer why did they not pick up on any of it with an endoscope of colonoscopy that was done in June???? the endoscope results were that I have GERD ( i have never really had an issue with heartburn just from time to time) but now since the treatment and where a biopsy was taken that was negative June 3rd i now glow?????? and i have to take prilosec twice a day or im hurting and sick to my tummy so bad i cant see straight.....     

    • msmel msmel anna65550

      you can buy mini electronic pulse machines which can be left on the area using the sticky pads and then turned on when needed to give a feeling of pain moving off.

    • NotSoDitzyNow NotSoDitzyNow SarahH1982

      I'm no doctor..just a mom with a cause...I have been dclining for a long time healthwise. Had blood test and rectal exam and cat and mri done..pulled a black dot outta my eyeball under the lower lid after I had just set up for chunks is had coughed up from lungs to be tested. for hookworm..although this dot was penetrated into my eyeball and I got a sudden migraine lime I had been increasingly getting to non atop point over two year timeframe and my bad vision suddenly fixed itself within hours of removing this dot and headaches were gone for results were negative and non living

      organism...supposedly my meningitis like symptoms that.

      repeated themselves every couple months was viral infection but didn't wanna bother finding out which cause so many

      I told about veins in legs going vericose while I was only 25 at the I'm 30 and they were up past my knees lookedlike tiny worms...under skin...pain in all organs throughput pregnancy was said to be inflamed kidney and liver. thyroid levels were always off with blood oldest son was diagnosed ADHD but always very small and looked malnutrition like. pedisure didn't help weight gain..I chose to take our problems with health into my own care...I learned a lot when my daughter had pinworms so bad that even after four treatments they still came back...I educated myself in every possible way on parasites and natural herbal cures. Every health problem is caused by a parasite of some kind..for every organ we have there's a parasite that's made to feed on it. I have found my personal go to cure for worms and every other parasitic or viral or bacterial or fungal infection its essential favorite of them all are eucalyptus and clove ...the need for utmost careful use of either of these is very important and you need to get a proper dose chart..but if you want ti the yourself if these problems I guarantee this will help. best of luck.

  • ali63625 ali63625

    I am not a professional either, but as a fellow parasite sufferer I believe they do. I have diabetes, which is often believed to be 'auto-immune' in origin, but certainly in my case I am pretty sure it is Ascaris and/or flukes in my pancreas that is the real culprit.

    Although I have suspected I have parasites for at least 6 years, but couldn't get anyone to take me seriously, it's when I have embarked on natural elimination procedures that has really shown them up. I am now very aware of them. I feel them all over my body, making mincemeat of my tissues, but am particularly sensitive to them in my left side (possibly a 'nest'wink, in my back and travelling up my neck into my scalp and face most nights.

    The two samples I have submitted have both come back negative. But I am not stupid. Writhing, squirming, wriggling and biting within the body are not normal feelings. They are the kinds of feelings one would expect from having worms in the body. Doctors just don't seem able to understand this. Here in the UK they are unable to think or work outside 'the box'. I feel sometimes that this issue would be understood in virtually any country other than the UK.

    We may 'rule the waves' but does that make us immune to or invincible in the face of parasites? Of course not. We are human, and vulnerable to any parasitic onslaught that is facing any other nation. We don't need to go abroad, we have enough species of our own. Besides, these days, 'foreign' parasites come to us transported in imported food and people.

    Time was our great-grandmas would very regularly give their kids a hefty dose of castor oil, or senna, or syrup of figs to prevent anything nasty getting a foothold, but who does that now, or even thinks about it? People think nothing of deworming their pets or livestock, but how often would they consider it for themselves?

    Becoming 'civilised' seems to have resulted in 'mental retardation' as far as parasites are concerned, in the UK.

    I have discovered to my detriment, the error of ignoring our ancestral wisdom. The longer these things are in situ, the harder they are to eradicate. Whatever you throw at them naturally you have probably consumed at some point and have given them an opportunity to become resistant to it. I am very rapidly running out of options. When these things sense they are under attack, they lay eggs by the thousands to continue the cycle. How can you beat that?

    I am at my wits end. Endless sleepless nights due to their activity is depleting my health. They are constantly hijacking my nutrition. The herbs and spices, so far have proved fruitless, but apart from the fact I can't get my doctor to prescribe them without 'proof', I am reluctant to take helminthic drugs in case they cause a massive die-off and trigger other issues, such as intestinal blockage, or encapsulated cysts, etc.

    The words, banging, head and brick wall come to mind......

    It's been 6 months since you posted. If you get to read this, it would be good to know if you have had any success since....

    • frustrated61 frustrated61 ali63625

      Hi Ali ~

      I'm from the US and here to tell you, the doctors here are just as closed-minded.  I've been troubled with symptoms of parasites for almost 9 years now and I just gave up asking someone to check me or test me ...they all come back negative.  I did start taking DE food grade but it's a temporary fix...what I mean is, you get a response pretty quickly however, after a few months, it just stays and doesn't progress. 

      What, if you don't mind me asking, were you taking to rid yourself of the parasite?  I too am at my wit's end.  I do not sleep well at all and my nutrition is something not to be desired.  I try but it's fruitless as, like you said, constantly hijacked from nutritents.  [email protected] banging head and brick wall is exactly how I feel when explaining my symptoms to any doctor. 

      Another thing, with the DE food grade, it did cause massive die-off and triggered other issues (as you put it).  I was just in the hospital ill and with major blockage and I know it was from the DE food grade.  I stopped it for a while but I'm still feeling the die-off.  I feel it in my eyes, eyelids, around my mouth...neck, all over.  I would be so grateful is anyone has an idea that actually works to rid them off indefinitely. 

      I'm immune compromised with two diseases....sjogrens and sarcoidosis.  Some of the issues I've shared with the doctor came back as her saying "oh, that's your sarcoid...or the sjogrens"....she hadn't a clue what it was from, I don't know how they still stay in business...unfortunately, business.  Our health is their business! who knew!

      Anyway, if you have an ideas on what to check into regarding ridding oneself of parasites, please share!  Anxiously awaitiing your reply


    • Whisper2003 Whisper2003 frustrated61

      You have my sympathy. I was tested by a kinesiologist and parasites were in my large intestine. He has given capsules for me to take 3 x day containing Cayenne,Garlic,Horseradish,Thyme and Wormwood.Hope this helps someone! I always use herbal/homeopathic wormers successfully for all my animals - so why not for us!

    • nitropilot nitropilot frustrated61

      This is my experience only. Research! Start with a Vitamin C-Sea salt flush. Add fiber when you do the DE. No sugar, which starves them. Drink coconut oil or swish for 20 minutes (oil pulling). Research! Careful with the coconut oil because it will also push out your gallstones. Its best to eat a LOT of apples when using it to soften stones. Natural sugar, via fruit to add tasty fiber, in moderate amounts didnt seem to set me back. Research! Detox baths to pull out toxins from die-off. I mix DE with Bentonute Clay but only as part of the arsenal. Pumpkin seeds , with shells. Shells don't digest & will cut them up. Research! Look up mucous plaque. It's a toxic layer  (NOT the healthy, normal layer) that protects bacteria & parasites. There is SO much info out there and only you can decide what you can handle. Did I mention research? It takes months and months of education & discipline. When you think you've killed them, keep going and going.  It's one of the hardest things you'll ever do. It's been 68 days for me and I won't stop until I go a full 30 days with a healthy digestive process. Note: Always look up any supplement & a condition. Like, whey protein and autoimmune disease, etc. You will find out if any remedy will affect any of your other conditions.

    • frustrated61 frustrated61 Whisper2003

      Thank you for responding!  It sounds like you've put a lot into your research and found someone you trust.  I just checked and U of M has a kinesiologist program in their hospital.  I'm thinking, since it's a learning hospital, that they may check me so the students can get somewhat of a "live" education.  I'll call tomorrow and find out!  Thank you for that.

      I agree using  the same for our animals...I am giving my pup the DE food grade dog biscuits...she loves them and reminds me everyday tha it's 3:45...time for her treat!

      The remedy you were given, are they found in the health food/whole food stores or is it a script? 

      You can't believe how excited I am that there may be an actual person that believes what I'm experiencing. 

      Again, thank you for responding.  I'll let you know how things go.


    • frustrated61 frustrated61 ali63625

      Thank you, Ali ~

      I appreciate any help I can get.  I have heard about juicing but never tried it.  I can see where it would give the demons something to fuss about.   I cannot believe that up until a few weeks ago, I realized that these critters crave sugar and all the time, I thought it was me craving it.  So, no more of that stuff! 

      When you started juicing, did you get much die-off?  That is the creepiest feeling I've ever experienced.  And, when the hatching time comes, I do feel crawling into my hair and up my face and my eye's horrible.

       Why don't the doctors just get with it and if the did, it would only bring more money to the office.  No, instead, they make one feel like they are nuts. I actually had a PA pretty much slap a slide into my hands and told me to put one  on it...I told her it doen't work that way...she looked at the girl she was training, and raised her eyebrows and whispered loud enough that I heard her say...I think she's losing it!  Needless to say I didn't allow her to get away with that and told her if I were as mean as you just were, I could tell your trainee quite a story...don't you think! (she gave a definite misdiagnosis when my back was broken in an accident..she said it was just sore muscles...long story but when I said I could tell quite a story...she grabbed the trainee and told her to help her with something!  She wouldn't leave her alone with me anymore!  How incompetent.

      Bpttom line is I appreciate your help and I am going to check the juicing out!  Will get back with you in a few weeks or so...



    • frustrated61 frustrated61 nitropilot

      Hello Nitro!

      You sound like you've been studying this for a long time!  When you said to detox baths..what did you use?  I wasn't sure if you were telling me to use the DE with Bentonute Clay....please clarify. smile 

      You gave me a lot to work on and I'm going to do just what you suggested.....Research!

      Thank you and I will get back with you on how things are going or if I get stumped,perhaps you can suggest something.

      Warm regards


    • nitropilot nitropilot frustrated61

      Something as simple as Epsom salt and apple cider vinegar ACV, with virgin cold-pressed coconut oil mixed in your lotion. Or as complicated as bentonite clayclay or activated charcoal (but you need a pound or two for one bath! or a sea salt bath with baking soda.  I just use what I have and/or can afford. You can ingest or bathe in any of them, as long as they are food grade. 

      From my experience, hot is too much. A very warm bath is good. Whatever you use, stay in until the water cools. That is when the toxins are expelled the best..when it cools and draws them out. I've read at least 20 minutes, but if I don't stay in till the water is almost cold it almost seems to aggravate things. If I don't have time, I mix this or that in a used water bottle & use it as shampoo, conditioner or body wash. You'll get to know what works best for you. I'd start with the simple stuff first. You can also do clay body masque but its very clumpy, takes forever to dry & very messy! Side note: keep extensive bookmark folders so you don't misplace webpages you want to refer to. Lol

    • frustrated61 frustrated61 nitropilot

      Thank you for responding so quickly.  I'm headed out to the store tomorrow so I'm glad that I have at least something to start with.  It sure helps to have these forums, sure saves on time!  I've been basically on my own for almost 10 years.  Quite a few of those years I was very ill...which made it hard to get online and try to find things out. 

      Since I'm at least somewhat human lol...I've been reading up on way too much so I get what you mean by bookmarking the folders! 

      I'll get back after I've tried the warm bath...not sure yet what I'll put in it but you've given me lots to check out!  Thank  you!

      Warm regards


    • Whisper2003 Whisper2003 frustrated61

      I hope you can get tested as we are all individual in what works for us! Thats what makes it so difficult. What I have is a script but if you can get pure, organic, fresh ingredients its the same - but not always easy to obtain. All the best.


    • ali63625 ali63625 frustrated61

      I have a theory I have been mulling over

      Not being able to sleep in the early hours is a good time to think.

      Do you have lots of amalgam in your mouth, or root canals?

      Could parasites be there because they are trying to deal with a toxic burden for us? Perhaps different parasites do different jobs.  Maybe the body uses them as an aide.  Maybe the issues that are created by their presence is the lesser of two evils.....

      There is a concept floating around that parasites do have a role to play, that they are able to convert toxic substances into benign ones.

      Maybe they only become a real problem themselves when the toxic burden becomes so great they have to generate lots of offspring to help deal with it.

      There are many doctors and health professionals out there who believe that amalgam fillings and root canals are one of the biggest and most insidious factors behind disease today.  Because the toxic build-up can take years to manifest, its effects are largely ignored.  

      It is ironic that a Government that is so hot on removing lead water pipes, and neurotic about other substances like asbestos, should turn a completely blind eye to the fact that most of their population is walking around with gobs full of the second most toxic metal known to man!

      I was thinking about the role of worms and parasites throughout the centuries.  They are often associated with overcrowding and poor sanitation.  And that, typically, was found in towns and cities, as also was found lead water pipes, arsenic paint, zinc, tin and nickel utensils and cutlery, brass and iron tools, etc., etc.  Did the worms follow the toxicity rather than be a problem in themselves?

      They have found evidence of worms in Egyptian and other ancient skeletons.  They too used metal drinking vessels, lead glazed utensils, and other metal implements.

      Whilst the worm burden is frightening and exhausting, perhaps the alternative without them might just be the worst of the evils after all.  Interestingly, Dr. Simon Yu in the US recommends amalgam removal at the earliest opportunity.  He cites an experience of one of his patients, an elderly lady with tongue cancer.  Within the removal of just half of her amalgams the tongue cancer began to shrink. 

      I know I have an issue in my jaw (that neither the dentist nor the hospital seems able to see).  I have a bit of gum exposed between my two upper left back teeth that doesn't heal, and what comes out when I clean my teeth tastes like poison.  Because it is in a hole in my jaw between my teeth and in the gum, the x-ray doesn't seem to be able to see it.  I have a wisdom tooth there that sits at an angle pushing against that back tooth and the gap between my two back teeth which was quite large, has closed right up, so I have a job keeping it clean.  I will probably have to have the back tooth removed,  it's full of mercury anyway.

      There is almost certainly a low level infection going on in there.  The body treats any foreign body like a splinter.  It occurs to me that the fact that the worms go around my left eye could also be linked.  The nerve meridians are connected (my uncle developed a permanent eye twitch one side after going to the dentist years ago).  In Chinese medicine, the teeth are all connected to different organs in the body too.  Interestingly, the area I am having problems with in my mouth is connected to the liver and pancreas.....

      Could the rise in Diabetes be connected to the increase in more invasive modern dentistry.....?

      Several European countries are in the process of or have already banned amalgam use.

      I had dental treatment from quite a young age.  If only I (and my parents) had known that my tooth decay could have been prevented and even healed with nutrition (look up Rami Nagel's book Healing Tooth Decay, and a partial copy of Nutrition And Physical Degeneration by Weston A Price can be found online too), I might just not be in the situation I am in now.

      I was always quite proud that I've got to 57 without any false teeth, but most of my teeth are false of course.  They are made of mercury......

    • msmel msmel frustrated61

      i read a precaution somewhere to make sure the DE earth doesn't get into your eyes as it causes dry eyes, and it is important not to breathe it into your lungs as it contains silica which may harm them.  the silica is supposed to cut into worm skin so kill them off... but i think this is only if they remain in your intestines.  wear goggles and a mask when preparing the DE.  hope this helps.

    • msmel msmel nitropilot

      mix chicken eggs with this medication as they seem to love them.  what is bentonute clay?  i've also heard of using hot peppers and alcohol/sleeping tabs then purge.

    • CydneyRN CydneyRN frustrated61

      Hey there! I'm in US, too. Last May I started having ankle/leg swelling....1st symptom. Nurse Practitioner put me on Lasix, which is a diuretic. This went on several months, then symptom number 2. Severe pain in all joints. Now I already am on large amounts of pain killers because I have a disease called Neurofibromitosis 2, which causes spinal and brain tumors, of which I have 3. But my meds did not touch this new pain. Back to doc, where they add Mobic (nsaid). It did nothing, so they did blood work. By now, several months later, I have 2 new symptoms, stomach swelling and severe shortness of breath. Which were both scaring me to death. In between all of this, I had a stool that I saw worms in. 😦 I'm an RN, I know what I saw. Nurse Pract would not write me anything without a stool sample. Ugh. So I go home and get stool sample and take it to lab. 2 weeks later, she sends me to GI doc. They want to do colonoscopy and endoscopy. I say fine but would u write me something for worms? She says she'll check results of sample and call me back. Next day she calls me and says nothing in stool sample, which I've read is very common, but hallelujah! She wrote me a script for ivermectin. I took it 2 days ago, so no idea how it will work or even how long it takes, none of literature I've found tells you the time frame. So, if the shortness of breath isn't caused by this then I now have a heart issue, so doc is sending me to Cardio. And she says swelling and lab values that suggest rheumatoid arthritis, are not a part of this, so I'm seeing a Rheumatologist also. I just pray they're wrong and the meds make it all go away. We shall see. Not sure this helps, except my doc wrote me the worm meds just 3 months after I saw them. Which from what I've read, is awesome! I sure hope meds get rid of the little buggers. It's creepy knowing that you have something creeping. Good luck all!

    • nichole34523 nichole34523 frustrated61

      We have to have the same thing I have been in misery for the last three years and shootings please tell me what this is and what ask I can do to get rid of them, I have tried bathing in every chemical possible and still have the crawling sinsationd an no doctor to help me,please tell me all I can do to be rif of this problem

    • dave33843 dave33843 nichole34523

      Forget topical treatments as they only treat the skin and not the underlying condition. Un fortunately the only help is Herbs, as you quite correctly state nothing topical works! Try Capsules of Green Pumpkin seeds, Bromelain (pineapple) any pineapple helps eg. canned, fresh and Juice fresh & UHT. Caps of Black walnut hulls and nuts, Garlic tabs, Green Papaya seed hulls, Papaya has an enzyme called Papain and this is extremely good at treating these jiggers! Wormwood caps. try all of these at once not one at a time then you can cut them out one at a time to find the ones that suit you. Take them at night just before bed and if you wake in the night take a cap of Bromelain to see you through the rest of the night. All of these herbs are natural but follow indications do not overdose yourself but try to get a full picture of the time they are most effective. Good luck Keep in touch.

    • patti7 patti7 CydneyRN


      I know I have parasites also because I have seen them in the toilet. Have taken 2 tests and turn out negative--no surprise. I just have come home from 6 day stay in hospital. I have periocarditis and had bad A Fib while in the hospital. I have had these high fevers off and on for over 2 years now. I went to ER because I could not take it anymore and fevers and chest pains are more frequent this year. I have done 3 parasite cleanses -one for 17 days, one for 30 days and 3rd one for two weeks. While in my hospital stay they could not find out the source of this heart infection. Anytime I mentioned  parasites, they just dissed me and said ...have you been outside US? This medical profession is clueless to this parasite epidemic. I just hope I get the help I need???(which is???) before something major happens to me. 

      Have you had any luck with the ivermectin? How are you doing? 

    • barbara98940 barbara98940 dave33843

      My symptoms suggest I've got the parasite blastocystis hominis. I've tried the natural parasite detox of clove, wormwood, black walnut hull, however after trying it twice daily for a week, followed by a month of only taking it twice one day a week, then twice daily for two weeks I've now stopped it. I started getting symptoms of tight chest/difficulty breathing when running and high urea in urine (side effects of one of the ingredients). Luckily urea caught early when only just beyond the upper range and second blood test a week later after stopping detox was back in range. So looks like no permanent damage done, thankfully. So did it help? Possibly. My Ferritin levels went down (Ferritin is an indication of tissue inflammation). It's difficult to say whether this improvement was due to the parasite detox, or whether it was the very restrictive diet I was following (no grains or sugar), or both.

  • ali63625 ali63625

    Just wanted to add that whilst I have suspected I have parasites for the last 6 years, judging by the long-term symptoms that I can now see are bery obviously linked to the parasites, I believe they have actually been in my body for well over 40 years. That's what I meant by 'established'. I developed unexplained fatigue (one indication of parasites) at the age of 14. It was some time after a holiday to Spain where the villa had a rather many swimming pool. That may not be the source, but it's a distinct possibility.

    Makes a bit of the mockery of the 'have you been abroad recently?' route to diagnosis....

    • frustrated61 frustrated61 ali63625

      Very, truly interesting, Ali.  Your post does give pause and thought about the material dentists used years ago and that junk is still inside many of our teeth.  I dare ask for them to remove the material for fear it would unleash pandoras box.  I am, however, feeling some of the symptoms you described. 

      And yes, we all have a parasite or ten lol but some are just a pain and they do highjack the immune system which causes so many openings for secondary gum disease to name a few...many more but your post detailed dental work.  Good post! I enjoyed the read.

      Thank you for opening my eyes to yet another possibility.


  • Brat2b4u Brat2b4u

    ELIMINATE especially ANY alcohol and that includes beer or ANYTHING with yeast too!

    Doctors ARE the most vacuous, dense population who are taught to NOT think!

    It takes years and unfortunately for us the UK and Europe are now adopting this INSANE "scientific" way of doing things! If it doesn't show on a test - they don't believe it.

    Of course they used to tell people who had diabetes it was all in their head.

    Neuropathy is one of the most painful conditions known to man!

    You need to see a Neuro-immunologist. Do NOT settle for anything less - and throw out ALL these natural crap suggested too!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get there BEFORE the neurological issues get too bad!!!!!!!!!!! TRUST ME

  • ali63625 ali63625

    Thanks for that. I don't drink. Never really have. Alcohol makes me cough so I tend to avoid it.

    I used to eliminate things with yeast in until I realised they aren't the issue with yeasts in the body. After trying to KILL Candida for over 30 years without success, I managed to get rid of it within 18 months just through diet. The diet included nutritional yeast, mushrooms, vinegar - all things that most Candida 'experts' say to avoid. But then they are the ones who encourage the use of stuff to KILL Candida.....

    Like getting rid of Candida took high nutrition, I believe nutrition is the key to getting rid of parasites too, but how I manage to do that when they are hijacking so much of my nutrition is the main problem. The stronger the health and immune system, the more able the body is to overcome these beggars.

    I have tried the KILLING route - and just like with the Candida have not been successful, so need to try a different tack. I'm wondering whether having undenatured whey protein might help to build my body up without feeding the beasts.

    I have been in touch with a recommended Chinese TCM practitioner today. He is going to send me some herbs to see if he can pinpoint the real issue. Whilst he isn't dismissing the parasites, sometimes there may be an underlying reason why they are there. I suspect getting my amalgams removed may be a good place to start....

    • dave33843 dave33843 ali63625

      Hi Ali63625 like yourself I too am struggling with an unknown parasite, I think that the parasite that I acquired was from the inhalation of a Common Snail or a Garden Slug. However I have fighting it for over a year now and I have stumbled across some important treatments that certainly help but not totally. Here is what I have dedeuced:- Pineapple, Juice si best whether fresh or uht. The  substance that the jiggies hate in the pineapple is called Bromelain also useful is Green Papaya seed caps Wormwood and Black walnut,Black pepper,Green pumpkin seeds caps. Hope this helps it helps me but I think Ivermectin is th answer to the puzzle. Anyone knows where to get it? Good luck! 

  • Brat2b4u Brat2b4u


    While I do appreciate your point.; to me that is a no brainer. Of course, we MUST keep everything in check and it starts with a good base of nutrition. NOTHING is perfect.

    Although I have a great appreciation for some things Chinese since they have been doing this stuff

    (medicine) for centuries before us; I also will ONLY attend one IN China and HAVE but MOST use and

    say things are originals when in fact, as with MOST Chinese herbs, spices and/or medicine found in the UK and US and Canada are NOT even close to being the TRUE ones you need. They reserve those for

    those who LIVE or travel to China. Even then you have to do research for a couple of years to make sure they are who they say they are. Many have had used Chinese remedies have had renal failure and need

    kidney transplants and /or died.

    The rest of the "crap" as per usual, is shipped to the West.

    It would be great if you could travel to China ... They actually LOOK and TASTE things, (INCLUDING urine, as they used to do here).

    If they are truly the ones you need it is the ONLY way.

    But the placebo effect is strong ...

  • ali63625 ali63625

    This Chinese doctor tests everything on himself before giving it to his patients. He has helped a lot of people and has a proper clinic with highly trained staff and colleagues, not just a sleazy back street shop.

    It is quite possible that people on Chinese herbs may have had kidney problems. People wouldn't be going to them in the first place unless they were already sick - and very likely had had no help from the NHS! But the medical profession will always look for any scapegoat other than their own incompetence. If they can blame the herbs - whether or not they were the real cause, they will grab and run with it. Any excuse to trash alternative remedies....

    Of course that artfully skirts the fact that thousands of people die or are maimed by prescription drugs every year.

    Whilst going to China may be the optimum course, I have no doubt even China has its fair share of back street charlatans...

    Optimally I would like to find a vary good EAV practitioner. A good one can not only pinpoint which meridians are affected, but why, and how to treat it effectively. Knowing - and finding someone who is looking for the real problem is half the battle. Dr. Yu in the States can work out people' s health issues accurately without even being told what they are, just from EAV testing. We are electrical beings. Being able to tap into that to work out the cause of disease is so obviously a brilliant but vastly underrated resource.

    Over here, EAV testing is usually used for lightweight 'allergy testing' but this modality is capable of so much more when in the hands of the right operator.

  • Brat2b4u Brat2b4u

    Thank you for the reply.

    Good luck to you in your search. If you have money and are desperate you will try anything.

    Of course, i understand where you are coming from with this.

    As someone whose life as they knew it basically ended on May 24, 2000 suddenly and drastically, I truly wish you well in your search.

    I have done ALL with NO results - with ONE EXCEPT - Neuro-immunology.

    I understand the need but as they say, "A fool and his money are soon parted." TRUST ME I too was that fool.


  • ali63625 ali63625

    I am not one to throw money around. I don't think £40 to this kind doctor - the only one who has given me any hope is excessive. He didn't charge for a consult, that's just for 4 weeks worth of medication. The reason I haven't gone to any private practitioners before, apart from the money, is due to a lack of trust and the all too aware understanding that those who can really help are few and far between.

    But this doctor comes highly recommended by friends I can trust who have had personal dealings with him and view him as a friend. He has been a great help to them. For many years he ran a free clinic. That's unusual in itself.

    You don't explain why your life as it was ended so suddenly. Was that due to parasites?

  • ali63625 ali63625

    I have reversed my neuropathy through diet, and as yet anyway, I have no obvious neurological issues.

    In many ways, apart from the current broken leg and the continuous torture of the parasite issues and lack of sleep, I am relatively healthy.

    I am weak due to the lack of sleep and movement, but not even the diabetes is any great problem. Whilst it isn't brilliant because of the parasites, my digestion works better than it has for quite a while. Again, that would radically improve without the worm burden.

    I do wonder if I manage to eventually rid my body of the parasites whether even the diabetes might resolve over time. The body, when it is not being sabotaged by poor diet choices, chemicals and heavy metal/toxin burdens and/or parasites has been designed with amazing powers of recovery and rejuvenation, as long as it is getting enough of the elements needed to do it with.

  • tracy101739 tracy101739

    Hi my name is Tracy

    I was reading your blog and I just want you to know that you are not alone. I have been dealing with many doctors for 7 years telling me that I was a crazy person and diagnosing me with all kinds of different diseases, I've been in every hospital for Extreme fatigue, weakness, joint aches, headaches, constipation and diarrhea, greasy, bloody yellowish stools like toxins I was so sick for years couldn't even keep my head up past 7pm, my stomach would be so nauseous, I would hemorrhage blood from my rectum and they just looked at me like a crazy person. Had many colonoscopy's. Which they say that I had ibs first then crohn's then not ibs and then not crohn's. Meanwhile I know how my body feels, I know when it changes just like everyone else, we live with our body everyday they don't. The problem is the doctors are so caught up, in just going by the book and not thinking outside the box, and the pharmaceutical world is making way to much money on not curing anyone,That they want you to keep coming back for more medications.$$$$$$$$ even the doctors get a kick back.I had to do my own research, I am not a doctor but, I have learned a lot in the past 7 years and I have been trying some different things and it seems that my stool is not greasy yellowish anymore.I would really like to talk with you more because I have been through the same thing.

    • may70473 may70473 tracy101739

      Hi Tracy,

      Have you found any solutions ?? I have been to every doctor, specialist, naturalist, etc., and I still have 2 pages of symptoms including chronic hives (which the DE helps) and CHRONIC fatigue. I'm a single mama with a demanding (yet I love ) job. My thyroid is low (again) and my vitamin D. Also, I have blood, mucus, worm like objects, and bright yellow chunks in my stool. Colonscopy was fine so getting my 2nd upper scope this week. I get odd scratches again gross cold sores frequently. Thank you for sharing on here... I'm feeling frustrated...

  • ali63625 ali63625

    Hi Tracy. Sorry you've been through the mill. I know what that's like.

    6 years ago I was so sick I ended up n hospital. They could find 'nothing wrong' even though everything I was eating was just going straight through me. I too had the fatty, floaty stools, extreme stomach pain and gas. Left to my own devices, I started researching, found a link to Celiac Disease, dumped gluten, and within hours, the diarrhoea stopped and the stomach pain went away.

    I was still very poorly though. I realised very quickly that my body couldn't cope with carbs in general very well, or dairy, so radically lowered those too. I found the Specific Carb diet and followed that for 2 years, but my progress was very slow. I then found the Healing Naturally by Bee website and followed her free diet for about 3 years. Gradually things improved, but it was still slow compared to others on the diet.

    I kind of abandoned it a year or so ago, although I still follow some aspects of the diet, as although some things had healed or ceased to be a problem, there were others that hadn't really benefitted at all. I did wonder 6 years ago whether I had parasites, as I could weird movements in my back, but that gradually improved so I assumed it was something else, but around 5 months ago, for some unknown reason, they suddenly made themselves manifest - and all over my body.

    The larger ones are in my left side and up to under my armpit, my left shoulder-blade area, in my back, around my back waist, I feel them moving in my upper intestine and gallbladder area. The larva get all around my body from my head to my feet. It's a nightmare, especially at night when they are more active. I get no peace until well into the early hours, 3-4am often.

    I am working with this good Chinese TCM doctor, and am hoping to boost my immune system enough to get these darn things under control. He is working to clean my blood and get it flowing properly. My body is constantly trying to clear the waste products these parasites give out. I'm not surprised if my blood is toxic!

    Have you tried a gluten-free diet? That may well be a good place to start. Whilst I am not so sure that the problem lies with gluten per se, I do believe that gluten proteins can somehow act as a catalyst for weird parasite behaviour. My immediate symptoms of gluten intolerance are raging restless legs and burning feet. Since I have been trying to deal with the parasites they often get a bit narked and that can trigger a bit of restless leg issues even though I never have any gluten, so that suggests to me that it was never actually the gluten that was the real issue, but the parasites.

    I fully understand how frustrating all this can be.

  • ali63625 ali63625

    I have to say, that although progress was slow, I did improve somewhat on Bee's diet, but got frustrated because of the things that weren't healing. Whether I just gave up too soon I don't know.

    I have come to the conclusion that the sooner parasites are detected the easier they are to dispel. But the longer they have been in residence, the harder they are to eradicate. They become adept at adaptation. Each successive generation seems to have new DNA built in that is designed to cope with whatever you've used to try and destroy them! I don't know if the vermifuge drugs would eradicate them, as apart from the one round of Vermox I was given I haven't been able to try anything else.

    There isn't even a helpline anywhere here in the UK that you can go to for help. Everything has to go thru the GP and if that hurdle fails then you are stuffed.

  • christian50187 christian50187

    Sorry frank47, i dont mean to intrude in your post by switching to myself... Im 20 years old, about 2-4 days after eating psychedelic mushrooms Ive seem to have caught some bug (although it may not be from the mushrooms). Or so i believe its some kind of bug and or parasite. I've had mucus like stools mixed with diarrhea that has occurred every morning for the past month, i generally have 1-3 of these stools within an hour of waking up then throughout the day i have what feels like diarrhea, but bubbles and rabbit-size stools are all that come out, ive been rushing to the toilet nearly 10 times a day despite my morning procedure for the bubble/rabbit-like stools.

    Along with these symptoms ive also felt as if im having heartburn in my stomach and intestines, (although its hard to say its heartburn-like feeling because ive never had heartburn), this feeling is almost consistently throughout the day but more-so after 6-8pm. It's similar to an empty stomach feeling (as if you hadnt eaten for 2 days, but include burning-like pain). Sometimes ill have slight chest pains below my left pectoral muscle. I feel much more comfortable in my body moving around and not thinking about it (not thinking about it has become very hard recently). A new symptom im experiencing a tingle starting from my left temple (head) down to my shoulder then to my wrist in my left arm..

    I've also had a great loss of appetite, but im still shoveling food into my body. Ive lost nearly 20 pounds in the last 3 and a half weeks, I was weighing in at 148.??lbs for my first doctors visit, then yesterday I weighed in at 131lbs at a different hospital.. The only thing ive cut out of my diet is meat (despite chicken and fish), milk, and soda. Now ive added fruits such as banana, kiwi, apple, raspberries, blackberries and oranges to my diet, vegetables: are a lot harder for me to eat (unsure why, but i want to eat them but halfway threw chewing im very tempted to spit them out regardless what it is, i used to love most of these veggies also!) such as carrots, broccoli, green/red/any kind of pepper, and sprouts (not much of a variety).

    I've been into two separate hospitals. Both have been ministry associated. I am told to wait to see if my symptoms go away in 2-3 weeks from both hospitals, i asked them what i could change in my diet ... as for my first doctor had said dont change anything if you can keep it down (which i found strange?) and my second doctor had said my food regiment was fairly good for what id been feeling. (eggs, veggies, toast for breakfast - kiwi/banana/apple/raw pepper/crackers&peanut butter for snack (one or two of them). - generally have brown rice with some kind of fruit and or veggie with it along with fish/chicken for protein.

    my second doctor had recommended tums ...ehh, really?.... if my symptoms are still showing in two to three weeks im supposed to come in for a colonoscopy, so that would mean ive waited almost 2 months with my symptoms, without absolutely anything being looked at...REDICULOUS! I didnt want to wait another another 3 weeks with my stomach/intestines/anus burning continuously, along with the new feature of my tingle with my left temple down to my left wrist. I told him i wanted it done as soon as possible, his reply : "well, i would recommend waiting to see if your pain is consistent or increases, it could merely be stomach nerves acting with the mushrooms toxins"..... so 3 and a half weeks of consistent pain isnt long enough, and its been a month since i had taken the mushrooms...

    Both doctors ive seen seem quite unreliable, as both are Internal Medicine doctors. I do not wish to resume seeing my I.M. doctors after my colonoscopy (despite what the result is) . . . .

    I need help finding the correct kind of doctor that isnt related to Ministry and or Aspirus hospitals, as for most doctors I see seem to want to get out of the room as soon as possible, I feel as though doctors dont give two #$^@ whats wrong with people but just for the money they'll be getting...

    Money is not an issue for me, I can go out of country if needed, if deemed necessary

    Recommendations for a type of doctor i should see?.... please and thank you. Sorry if this post is hard to connect...

    • frustrated61 frustrated61 christian50187

      It sounds a lot like gallbladder issues.  When it gets boughed down with sluge, it gives the symptoms you've described.  Trust me, I dealt with the issues for almost 3 years then when I started puking green bile, the doctor said...yep time for it to come, I'm dealing with other issues but the acid like stomach and the other symptoms you described did go away.  I'm still working on ridding myself of some parasites...does anyone feel a parasite that is on the topic (skin) and it feels as though it's spiderlike?  I get this on a continuous basis and don't know how to rid myself of them  they are topic so you'd think a special soap or something but like you have one that hides in your arm pits etc....if anyone is experiencing these symptoms and you found something to help you...please share


  • carly88 carly88

    Hi. I am 26 yrs old and convinced I have parasites although for the past two yrs I have been back and forth to the docs and not taken seriously. I can feel movement in my shoulder blade like crawling and wriggling. Over the past few months I have started to itch all over my body every few weeks and I can't cope with it. For the past yr I have also had worms coming down my nose. I can feel them, especially at night. Constant problems with one eye and swelling/wriggling movements in eyelid. I have headaches very often and general aches/pains. My hair is also falling out and I have developed allergies which came on at the same time this all started. I have been fobbed off with anti depressants and told me it is all in my head. It isn't and I am not imagining it. They don't seem to get the fact that is is this ongoing problem that is depressing me. I have young children and just want to feel normal again, not constantly itching or uncomfortable. Xx

    • frustrated61 frustrated61 carly88

      It's unfortunate that this seems to be a real issue and the doctors just aren't taking any of us serious.  I don't have any mental health issues but they surely wanted to pass it off as being paranoid-schizophrenia...I wanted to smack that doctor right off her seat LOL not really, I'm non violent but man...if you don't know what someone has and you don't want to take time to find out, just say so and move along....I hate this!!! what's with the medical field anymore....aren't they making enough money?  DAH!  give me a break!


    • frustrated61 frustrated61 carly88

      Carly if you find something to relieve the itch...let me know!!  I did get that DE foodgrade bar of soap and it did help some....guess I should get on a regimen and keep it going for a while to see the results....I'll share if I get any relief!


    • joan18709 joan18709 carly88

      Most labs around the world are not really familiar with parasites and their mutations. Your symptoms sound like parasites. My son had them. I knew he had them. 5 labs missed that he had blastocystis hominis so he suffered for years. Dr. Amin at Parasite Testing dot com found them. He has a lab in the States and Europe.

      Parasites can cause all kinds of allegic reactions in the body.

      For the allergies try Quercetin. I was itching on the inside for the longest time. Quercetin is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine. It is plant based. You could also try DAO. DAO is an enzyme in the body that keeps histamines at bay. It is animal based.

      To get rid of parasites on your own try Oil of Organo. Be careful because it is very strong. Make sure you take Probiotics while taking it. You should be on Probiotics anyway.

    • msmel msmel frustrated61

      sounds odd but fly spray and insect repellent.  for face and 'stuck in muscle' feeling buy the little plastic button click repellent where after use you feel they have moved out of painful position.

  • ira 92240 ira 92240


    PLEASE try FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth for the parasite problem.To be consumed in water.Start off with 1/2 to 1 level tsp per day, work up to maybe 2/3 heaped tsp daily, in a month or 2....

    Been taking it for 3 months, results, but slow.Kills parasites and gently scrapes colon.First 1-2 months may feel only small improvements (2 steps ahead,1.5 behind...).Will get intense detox symptoms as the parasites die and release toxins and layers of crud coating colon slowly removed. Back off dosage if cant tolerate.Lots of chopped up crap falls in b.m.BUT,THIS STARTED ONLY AFTER 2 MONTHS ON D.E FOR ME !!

    Drink plenty of water, maybe herbal laxative as d.e has tendency to constipate.

    I'm 45, been on downhill since 20 yrs, lost hair, tiredness, premature aging, bad knee pain.Healthy according to doctors but but could tell wasn't at my best.Tried raw food diet etc etc but didnt help as key (parasites) not dealt with.

    Expect liver related pain (right shoulder,below breastbone), low back pain, neck pain (kidneys) as you detox + cough/cold tiredness fever etc.

    My results so far:lots of energy, some eyesight improvement,positive outlook, knee pain on some days ZERO (on the days am not detoxing, which is rare).Am detoxing continuously (evidence in b.m, various aches/pains) doubt will feel much better before 6 months.With the amount of crap falling out,suspect I am riddled with parasites......

    Funny HOW animals are supposed to be dewormed, but not humans.Saw N.geo programme abt. animals that instinctively carry out anti-parasitical treatments, internal and external; there is nothing in our everyday diets that can stop parasites from taking hold.

    I am not doing any other alternative therapy other than EARTHING with a homemade stainless steel plate that I clamp to sole of foot at night.It helps a lot with the pain and tiredness too, but is a band aid......

    I take no supplements.

    Pl. take 2/3 week miracle claims with pinch of salt (on web).It is a slow, long term process.

    sorry for the long post, wanted to share what I knew.Hope this helps.Lots of info on the net,but you have to be your own expert and go about it very carefully.Taking too much d.e initially at one go is a no no !!!IT MUST MUST MUST BE FOOD GRADE, LOOKS FEELS LIKE OFF WHITE TALCUM POWDER.


  • JMiller JMiller

    Hi I found this site searching lupus/parasites because my husbands autoimmune symptoms seem to be within the range of lupus or lyme disease and I was reading on the Wyze Report website that this is probably from parasites. Ive been doing a lot of research on holistic medicine and for parasites and/or yeast in addition to the food grade DE there are treatments such as colloidal silver, cloves, black walnut, papaya seed, oregano oil, coconut oil, olive leaf, garlic, & grapefruit seed extract. I think it is helpful to use several treatments everyday in addition to removing grains and unnatural sugars from your diet. Many microbes feed on sugar/starch. Hoping everyone feels better soon. smile

  • nori641 nori641

    As you have unknown parasite .it is protozoa .this is the first thing

    second send your stool for a lab. that using PCR method (not micrscopic method)for defining most


  • t88029 t88029

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  • nina06 nina06 frank47

    I used to suffer some of your  symptoms for many years and spend a lot of money in studies and hospitals. It is not an easy answer,  but do a reasearch about celiac  allergies and coconut virgin oil, lauric acid. Organic fruits and salads might help, fresh organic food for a while. Avoid stress and meditate.  All the best and blessings.


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