do tonsil stones cause swelling?

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Hiya i have tonsil stones in my right tonsil and is pretty left tonsil is completley normal...thaeres no redness or pain whatsoever.. just womdering if the tonsil stones would cause the swelling and why? Just in the one tonsil aswell is that normal? Thanks

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    Hi Danielle

    I have the same with my tonsils with one bigger than the other. It swells more when the stones are forming until they're formed enough to squeeze themselves out or for me to squeeze them out. 

    As I see it start to enlarge I run my little finger up with gentle massaging pressure to release the matter inside. I actually do this every night before gargling with alcohol free mouthwash (I use California Breath/Therabreath range but can run expensive). I find this helps to stop as many forming or getting too big. 

    I suffer with post nasal drip which I'm sure is the main cause of the matter. I've found that massaging with my little finger from high up on the right side of my palette down towards the crypt (largest hole in that tonsil) will also bring down and out some stones which have been lodging further up than the swollen tonsil. Even if no stones come out it squeezes a lot of clear sticky mucus which I'm sure would otherwise hang about and form into the yellow stones that plague us so much. 

    I try to avoid dairy products and alcohol although I do have a little wine sometimes but always drink plenty of water alongside it (it's boring but it does seem to keep the problem to a minimum). 

    I haven't been able to eliminate this horrible problem completely and I wish we could. 

    I've used the Therabreath probiotics monthly for 3 months now and I think they help but as yet they haven't rid me of this problem entirely and it is expensive too. 

    Best wishes to all us tonsil stone sufferers.

     It's about time some professionals in the UK took up this problem and gave us an affordable solution or to buy or get on prescription from our doctor. 

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      Thankyou for replying. I have managed to get out a couple of stones but all i see now is a hole and what looks like a patch thats slightly discoloured with white one one side of it.. im wondering if theres one just under the skin of the that passible..if so how would i get it out? I am completley new to tonsil stones so dont really have a the swelling likley to go down or just stay swollen.. i may try changing my diet also see if it helps.. i think i may also have post nasal drip..i feel like somethings running down the back of my throat lol... like an idiot ive googled one swollen tonsil and the lovely google has told me have something terrible like lymphoma...wich worried me... so im trying to find out of all my symptoms are due to the stones...thanks so much for replying smile
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      Yes Danielle, it is possible that the whiteness you describes is hidden stones/matter that is underneath the surface. This is one of the signs I watch for and then particularly focus on that are. The hole or crypt you describe may be themain place  where you can squeeze the matter towards; I have this. However it is possible to also have them release through much smaller spaces which you can't see. I use my little finger of my right hand to press to one side of the white area and with a cotton  on bud in my left hand press on the other side. This can sometimes effectively squeeze the stone out. 

      After a session like this rinse your mouth and gargle with mouthwash. Try not to let your throat become too dry during the day by sipping plenty of water ( I put a splash of soda water with my water and it seems to keep throat more moist.)

      At night I breathe through my mouth and that dries the throat so I always take water  to bed and whenever I wake I sip some  water. 

      Try not to make your tonsil too sore by pressing. Don't scratch or poke into crypts and always make sure your hands are clean to avoid infection. 

      I think what you're describing is tonsil stones which are rather like soft bits of cottage cheese, yellow in colour which turn orange/brown once they're out. If you sniff them once out they're smell awful as it's the sulphur forming matter that causes it. 

      Have you googled the Dr Katz site in America. This Dentist has lots of information on this problem as a result of his work on problems with bad breath. I don't have bad breath fortunately but I think it's only because I keep on top of the problem. 

      Good luck Danielle. 

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      Thankyou so much...i will take a look.. since writing my left message ive had another poke around... i pushed the bit that looked like it was underneath and something yellowy shot out to the side of my mouth...ewww..  i think i deffinately have tonsil stones...since i pushed a bit out my tonsil has got slightly smaller...i think theres more left but i darent do it as it nearly mad me sick it was that disgusting lol.. my breath is terrible even though i brush and now i know why....i will start to gargle and try to keep the area as clean as poss. Thanks for the advice smile
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