Do we need to see a doctor every time we suspect something gets into our eyes?

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If the amount of the chemicals aren't significant while at the same time you don't feel immediate pain or symptoms, do

you need to seek medical advice immediately?

A few days ago I suspected some liquid chemicals ran into my eyes but the amount was very insignificant, I was

even not quite sure if something really got into my eyes, probably overreacting. An hour or two later I let distilled

water run through my eye for a few minutes, I didn't feel any pain or irritation. Was that OK?

From time to time, not always, in home or public area unknown liquid or contaminated water in small amount could

get into our eyes, do we always need to seek medical help immediately if we think the amount is small and we don't feel

any symptoms?

Could our eye or its tissue gets hurt or damaged without feeling any symptoms beforehand?

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    Listen man ALWAYS protect your eyes from everything, especially chemicals. if you dint have safety glasses ill send you some but always wear glasses

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      Im sorry but that makes no sense, you dont get chemicals in your eyes from walking around a shopping mall.

      whatever is going on with you dont put chemicals or anything else in your eyes.

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      I'm sorry too but I mean when I am living in a crowded city where all kinds of people are around,

      and all kind of things are happening around. I know that I could be overreacting sometimes, but

      sometimes I could feel slight trace of water (probably dirty) or liquid that could fly through / into my eye, could it be dangerous and cause permanent damage to eye tissue?

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      n example is that I was once waiting for the green light to cross the road and a high speed tourist van passing across me spilt quite some significant amount of liquid (probably water) from its side and got into my eye, I immediately went to get a bottle of distilled water and let them flow through my eyes, but I didn't see a doctor. No symptoms I could feel later. Was I a bit unwise? I always have serious worries about my eye health since I had eye floaters a few years ago.

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    TW, I think you must have high anxiety levels. Possibly due to Covid or have you always been like that?. If anything goes into your eyes, they will immediately react by producing lots of tears. That is their natural safety mechanism. Your eyelids are also programmed to shut immediately if the eyes see a problem approaching

    Just walking around you are unlikely to get anything terrible in your eyes and if you are thinking of gas or chemicals then the likelihood is that others will be affected too and you would be given emergency aid.

    The most likely thing you will get in your eyes is dust or pollen and the tears will wash it out. If you are in great pain after something gets in your eye and it doesnt come out that is the time to seek help.

    Obviously if you know you are going to be in a highly chemical or gas charged atmosphere, then either try to avoid it or make sure you have safety gear which should be supplied to you by your employer if you are working in it.

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      Hello Marina_Dee,

      thanks for your answer.

      Am I correct to say that ---- The bottom line is - If you don't really find any pain or problem then chances

      are there are no problems. You are right, sometimes I have anxiety about the surrounding.

      In the air, especially if we are in crowded area where a lot of people are working or doing different things.

      Unknown particles of any kind or size could be in the air. Could our eye be able to handle them well? Could

      they fly or bounce into our eye and cause problem / damage but we don't feel the problem immediately? Or is it still my anxiety?

      Someone who stood near me swirl her keychain and I saw that there was some rust on her key, I stood away quickly but could the swirling motion cause the rust or metal pieces get into my eye? Is our eye good enough

      to handle this?

      Thanks again

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