Do you think this is ankylosing spondylitis?

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I've been getting more and more problems with my body the last months.

It all started in April when I got diagnosed with a herniated disc in the neck. The herniated disc is probably because a heavy crash with my snowboard some time ago.

After I got that diagnose I have been extremely worried because the doctors didn't now if I would be able the continue with the mountainbike which has been my whole life the last 15 years.

My family keep telling me that all my problems that I will write under here could be because of the extreme stress and because I have stopped to use my body since the herniated disc, and it could be even if I find it highly unlikely.

Anyway, here are all my problems:

Since two months ago: Been having wrist pain since in both wrists. The pain goes on top of the back of my my hand and up on my forearms. Feels like it burns on the inside and gets worse when I write on a keyboard. The fingers cracks a little bit as well, not so you can hear it but I can feel it.

Since 6 weeks ago I have had the same kind of pain in both my foot wrists.

Since 1.5 half week I have been having pain in my lower back when I stand or walk to much. It feels like I am tired in the back at the same time. The hips also been hurting and they are cracking/snapping a little bit when I walk.

When I ride a bike they don't snapp, but I get a little bit pain in my coccyx from the saddle.

Also the shoulders have started cracking a lot and hurting a bit.

Since yesterday the left side of my jaw have been hurting when I chew.

Also the rest of my body have been cracking really much lately.

I had an appointment with the RA-doctor two weeks ago, before the problems with the back started. He took all the test he could take including the one for HLA-B27, and I all results was good and I didn't have the HLA-B27.

What do you guys think? Does this sound like AS?

I will have MRI soon on feet, hands, back and shoulders. I know it can be hard to see bone changes on MRI early in the disease, but shouldnt they be able to see that when my joints are crack so much?

Best regards


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    Now I have been at the rheumy doctor again.

    He did a thorough exam of my body regarding if anything was swollen or stiff, but everything looked good.

    I also got my test results, see below:

    HLA-B27 negative

    B-SR (inflammation level) 2 (<20 is ok)

    P-CRP <5

    ANA negative

    ENA negative

    S-n-dna negative

    S-ext nukl-ag (ENA) negative

    S-rheumatoid factor <25

    S-CCP-ak igg negative

    B-Hb (blood value) 166

    B-leukocyter (white blood cells) 5.2

    B-trombocyter 226

    Vitamin D.119

    Vitamin B12 407

    Vitamin B9.23


    P-Tyroxin 17

    P-tyreotropin 1.1

    P-ferritin 85

    They also took all kinds of test for minerals and salts etc and all showed good results.

    Should I rule out autoimmune disease after this results?

    Best regards


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      Hi Matthias87

      AS does not usually present with high ESR previously explained it is a 'wait and watch' situation as to further developments re AS...this is your only alternative at the moment unless you present with other symptoms as time goes on...then you will have to go back to doc or rheumy.....

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      Hi Matthias87

      All your inflammation tests ANA and CRP are good your testing is showing 'inflammation" instead of you have no wishes...

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      Hi Matthias87

      Well I am not a doctor, but i have a degree forensic biology and have studied some diseases...but from what i have researched yes very low for AS at the moment but things could change over already mentioned 'watch and wait'...but don't stress over it go about your life as normal as you can with the pain you are experiencing.....i am sure your doc has prescribed pain management for you.....don't give up on what you enjoy just limit it a wee bit and don't over do things to cause any stress to your bones wishes...

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      Thanks for all your answers Lilian! smile

      The pain is not the problem, I barely have no pain at all, it's just a little bit painful (maybe sour is a better word) but in many places at the same time, that is what makes me worried.

      But it is maybe a bigger chance that it is the fact that I have gone from a very active life to barely doing anything at all since the herniated disc in the neck, plus the extreme stress and anxiety I have felt, that is causing the pain. Maybe if I just relax and try to use my body more it will go away.

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      Hi Matthias87

      That's it!! Go about your daily life and stop stressing...stress can cause more damage than anything else!!....just relax...try going to a relaxation class such as Ti Chi or Yoga..or go swimming ...go out with friends or on a short holiday make use of the weather while we have it!!..i wish you well Matthias and good health...

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      Me and my wife will go on a three week camping trip to Kyrgyzstan I September, I hope that will help a lot smile

      Once again, thank you so much for the help Lilian and everyone else who answered.

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