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So, my dr did a culture and found what was inside of my abcess. The antibiotics they put me on are no longer working, well, I don't think they ever did. And he saw that from the results.

He knows I have HS. He said he doesn't think it's food related at all, nor animal related. He thinks it's because of the sweat glands becoming irritated.

I don't know how to feel about this. It's annoying that I keep getting the same flare ups in my bum.

He says the sweat glands don't know how to react, and the natural bacteria we already have, sort of gets worse to create the abscess and then the cysts happen. He explained it better but I'm just getting off pain meds and don't remember it word for word😂

What do you all think? How would you reccomend I stop getting them in the same places? I'm wondering if putting powder on my bum everyday will work if it's sweat ?

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    So sorry you're going through this. The powder was a no go for me. It actually irritated my already sensitive skin. Please ask your doctor about taking a zinc supplement. It has helped me so much. I take it before bed with a lot of water.

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    Hi Joan,

    Woohh straight away... But of erroneous advice there, they haven't thought it was the sweat glands since literally the 1920's. It's definitely the hair follicles, they know that much, well documented.

    With that advice about sweat glands I would exclude everything else he says including the comment about it not being food (in particular nightshades, closely followed by dairy and nuts) try not having those food types for a few months... Try nightshades, then nuts and then dairy. Take note when you do slip up about 12-24 hours later if there's increased redness. It changed my life at 40 after 20 years dealing with it and the smell and everything that goes with it, multiple surgeries every possible treatment you can imagine. I had even gone almost full vegetarian for 6 months which didn't help because I was still eating potatoes and peppers (nightshades)

    Sweat and rubbing skin can make things worse... I've also seen reports of people exercising and finding that sort of sweating helps smile you could try a bit if gauze to soak up sweat... I also use topical treatments like iodine povidine to control an infection or clorhexidine wash to try and prevent.

    Clothing wise... Avoid underwear which rubs on the areas... I've gone from briefs to boxers to trunks experimenting what works best. Female will have equivalent. I found I should avoid polyester, especially under the armpits.

    If you end up with a big or complicated one in your natal cleft, that can be diagnosed as a pilonidal cyst and surgically removed as they tend not to go away on their own.

    Antibiotics wise... You can't use them all the time, so they're not a solution, but the only one that works for me was clindimycin. They tend to work you up to that with a pile of other options in the meantime.

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      I do believe it is food no matter what he says. Pepper is a huge trigger for me sad as well as potatoes.

      I noticed something weird. My last breakout was in 2012 under my breast. I didn't get another breakout until 2016 in my butt area. And since then, they keep returning.

      In June 2015, I had the gastric surgery. I cut out everything but meat and veggies. A year later, I incorporated everything back in - rice, beans, potatoes, bread ... and like clockwork, every other month, or now in just a one week span... I'm getting these flare ups.

      I'm at my wits end and so so scared. I don't want them to keep returning sad I will continue to not eat anymore nightshades.

      Have you ever thought it could be from sugary Foods as well like candy / soda?

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      Ahh cool phew... This is where it gets a little less clear from me.... Yeah I suspect along with other triggers sugary foods can make it a little worse, but on their own won't trigger it. I have a sweet tooth but fast metabolism... The problem with my sweets and chocolates is all the ingredients you don't recognise... So I try to avoid them because my brain can't handle working out what amongst those ingredients could be trigger smile when I'm bad and eat some... I always make sure to drink lots of water after... Makes me feel a little bit more pure again.

      Took me a while to realise cashews and macadamias were possibly triggering me too... I haven't conclusively proved that. I've only proved nightshades.

      I take probiotics... I'm pretty religious about taking them... Not sure in your case. They seem to be good for some and not others... TMI... But being 'regular' is the goal there... And repairing gut bacteria

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      I've written a longer reply which is being moderated for some unknown reason... But my gut feeling is sweets along won't trigger it, but along with any other trigger they can exacerbate it. Lots of water and probiotics if I'm bad...

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    Hi, we all have different triggers for H.S. for some it is dairy and carbs and cutting back or paleo helps, for others it is hormonal and flares often occur a few days before your period (inc. PCO) and some sort of contraception pill works, for others it is food allegies like the night shades, for others it is vitamin/ mineral deficienceis e.g Vit D3.  Stress and carbs also makes it worse.  For me it was a combination of  several things and by addressing them as a package I have kicked  it into remission. All I can suggest is read widely on the internet and think about when it is better and when it is worse and work on it.

    All the best

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    My instinct is powder would make things worse. I'm fairly newly diagnosed and have been digging around for information and eliminating A LOT from my diet. I take a multiple vitamin, zinc, astragalus, vitamin c. And a probiotics daily. I cut out wheat, dairy, and a lot of sugar as well as soda and artificial sweeteners. I have minimal nightshades as I read so many say they have reactions. I clean my problem area a few times a day with witch hazel soaked cotton balls and soak at least once a day in warm water with Epsom salt. I also started going to yoga now that it's not flared up. My doctor kind of laughed at me when I asked about making diet changes... but I do know that after clearing up and feeling pretty darn good I ate bread and pasta and had deep aching pain and a small outbreak..

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    I would recommend a nightshade elimination diet, it worked for me. Can't guarantee it will work for everyone, but I am in remission. I here a few people have luck with Zinc pills, but I havn't tried that yet. Good luck.

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    Hello I was diagnosed with HS in 11th grade. I am now in my first year of college and I believe I have my HS under control. Like a lot of people I take turmeric capsules everyday to keep inflammation down, eat a vegetarian/vegan diet, and wash the area with antibacterial soap (Dial) and 10% benzoyl peroxide acne wash (PanOxyl). I believe the most beneficial thing (that I haven't seen anyone talk about) I do though is massaging the area with those two products. Seriously, I think that the rubbing and massaging of the skin, boils, scar tissue, etc. helps to keep the HS from flaring up, and if it does flare up, it helps it to heal much quicker than if I did not massage the area. I do this in the shower everyday with each product. I believe rubbing the area with any sort of lubrication you have in the shower helps wonders, from coconut oil to acne wash. I just want to reiterate again that this seriously has helped me so much and I just want everyone to know about it because this disease sucks so much. Massaging the area with a good amount of pressure and some product helps so much!!! Try it!!! Good luck!!!

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