Doctor prescribed Remeron For Insomnia ..only been on it for one week...I do not want to take it..

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He also prescribed Ativan temporary, only 14 days..I feel so groggy and out of it the next day, I do not even trust myself to heart was pounding out of my chest because I was not getting any sleep.....I am afraid to take both after reading all the side affects...I still really don't sleep..only 4 hours..I am not depressed about anything..he put me on lexapro first, and my heart was jumping out of my chest , then switched me to Zoloft for one day, it was worse! Did not sleep a wink.

Now he put me on Remeron...I do not like it, my question is , I have only been on it a week, can I just cut the pill in half and stop taking it..I am only prescribed 15 mg...can I just take valerian root to help me sleep...

I have never taken anything more than crestor at all in my life...

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    since you have been on mirt for only a week, you can stop without side affects.  I think a bigger concern is why is your heart beating so fast!  What does your doctor say is the cause?  If it's anxiety, mirt and ativan should be helpful.  I take 45mg mirt and 0.5mg ativan and have for years.  I sleep well.  Please find out what is going on with your heart....nothing is more important than that smile

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      Thank you for your reply tanney,

      I guess I should have mentioned that about a month ago I was having some mild chest pains, went to the docs and they gave me an EKG and everything looked good.

      I had mentioned that I had a saucy food the day before, and I described the pain which was in between my shoulder blades as well, they were pretty confident it was Acid Reflux/indigestion..

      I had another EKG in the emergency room because my heart was beating out of my chest from taking the I guess it was a combination of that and I anxiety because I was scared...

      Just to be on the safe side, I am scheduled to have a nuclear stress test and wear a heart monitor in two weeks..

      So, I am going to be on top of that situation..

      They put me on the Remeron only a week ago Friday, and it seemed to help my pounding chest/anxiety..but I am so afraid I will become addicted to that and the Ativan and I don't want that to happen..

      Last night I cut t he Remeron in half, (only 15 mg.) and I also cut the ativan in quarters and I only slept an hour maybe all night.

      So, I guess I should follow the docs orders and take one of each every nite until he says something different..

      Thanks so much I appreciate your kindness

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      I'm glad to hear that you are pursuing further tests for your heart.  The nuclear stress test is a good diagnostic tool for cardiology and will give your doctor the info needed to make best recommendation. 

      I take 45mg Remeron (mirt.) + Ativan (Meniere's Disease) and a sleeping pill.  I've taken for at least 25 years.  Sleep is good, anxiety is managed and I normally wake up clear headed.  Kathy, you are going to read a lot of negative experiences on this forum about Mirtazapine (Remeron).  I'm sure they are true but there are also many good experiences with the medication that never reach this forum.  It is always best to follow your psychiatrist's recommendation for drugs/dosage.  That's their profession and they see many patients and have the best knowledge about drugs.  If you do not have full confidence in your psychiatrist search for others so you can feel good about their advice.  GOOD LUCK.

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      Thank you so much for your very encouraging words...I so appreciate it..

      Yes, I am glad I am pursuing the tests, it will make feel better and hopefully rest better smile

      Yes, I see a lot of negative things written about Remeron and I think that is what scared are right, there are probably so many good things about it, like your experience too.

      The doctor is actually my family physician so I am guessing he knows what he is doing....

      Thanks again so much.

      Hopefully my next few posts will be about how good I feel and how well I have been sleeping...Thanks a bunch smile

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    So firstly you were on escitalopram, then sertraline, now mirtazapine.

    From what you say insomnia is a major problem. That is why your doctor put you on a low dose of mirtazapine.   That is a very powerful sedative.  I doubt an off-prescription drug will be anything like as effective.

    If you cannot sleep without mirt you may be able to mitigate its effect the next day ("groggy and out of it"wink.  Take the dose very early in the evening and  go to bed early too.  That will give you more time sleeping (hopefully).   That works for me.

    Best wishes.



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      Hi oldboy,

      Thanks so much for your reply..yes, I was on those and now am on the Remeron..only started a week ago Friday...

      Yes, I take them both about 7 pm in the evening....and I must say when I did that I only actually slept for about 4 hours, no more than 5..

      I have to drive in the morning and I just do not like the out of it feeling...I am a very early riser and always have been....I try to stay in bed now until 6 am hoping to fall back asleep as I wake up early..only after about 4 hours maybe 5.

      This morning had to get up at 3 am because I go to a flea market every Sunday and I was in that out of it state, but I must say it does wear off eventually, say noonish...I just don't want to be dependent on them and am afraid to take them, but I know now I must in order to get some rest....

      I have taken some OTC sleeping meds before because I was waking up and not able to go back to sleep...

      Thanks again so much for your reply..I will stick with it for awhile and see what happens...I have always been a go getter, always busy...The past few weeks I could hardly do anything, so maybe Remeron is the med for me since the others were giving me adverse reactions such as the racing heart.....

      Thanks again, and Best Wishes to you too!


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    hI kathy.I've been taking mirt a 15mg for about 7 weeks and at 30 mg for about 2 1/2 weeks (15 in morning 15 at night).You will feel foggy at first but your body should adjust after awhile(say 2 weeks or less).Everyone is different though,so I try it for a couple weeks and if it doesn't work,talk to your doc about it.Good luck and God Bless You,Bob

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      HI Bob,

      Thanks so much for your information...

      Actually today I did not feel too groggy, so maybe it is getting better already..

      Thanks So much for your encouraging words..I really appreciate it.

      Best Wishes,


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    I was just prescribed remeron I think it's 15mg once a day. Supposedly for insomnia but also heard it's for depression. Anyone know about this?I also don't know if a regular doctor can prescribe this? Thanks, Darrell Badgett

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