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In the 1990's I first began having a parasitic problem of mass proportions, when my immune system took a very hard shot, caused by diabetes.  After the diagnosis, it was only a short time, that I noticed small black specs all over my body.  I had a dog at the time, and figured that is the way whatever these biting "black specs" were, got into the house, then all over my furniture and me.

Later, I begin seeing small white, round creatures all over my house as well, now not knowing how these creatures came into the home.  Well, after a while, it dawned upon me, small things must go through some sort of physical change, from egg to adult.  On the computer, I learned as much as I could about parasites, the changes they go through, and most of all how to eradicate them from the body.

I learned as much as I could about these tiny live animals.  Bad thing, to learn as much as you can, and present vast knowledge to a medical doctor.  Your doctor doesn't desire you to know more about a subject than he does.  Guaranteed, thus will either dismiss you as a flake, or a patient that believes he knows more about a physical problem than he, the doctor.  Doctor's don't desire to treat patience with will, drive and has the knowledge to back up their complaints.  They desire you to be so dumb, it will not take long for them to get you away from them, all the while, taking your hard earned cash, and giving a 0 diagnosis in return.

That's right, you make the appointments, attend the appointment, and get absolutely nothing in return.

So, why keep going to these so called medical idiots so they can just take your money, giving you squat in return.  Seems to me that many of these so called ignorant idiots have long forgot about their Hypocratic Oath they took before becoming medical idiots.

What do you think, as an individual that has been so badly managed by these medical idiots and quacks, when you have not only seen, felt these critters crawling all over your body, and your medical idiot keeps saying, "It's all in your head, baby"?

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    Hey Ray ~  don't take this wrong, I'm confused when you wrote you saw little white creatures all over your house...and the black specks you saw...etc.  We're talking about parasites like inside your cannot see them, only feel them.  Also, the doctors I've seen all but one is just self absorbed...I don't turn to them anymore...I'm taking charge of my own like...DE!! it really works!


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      frustrated, thanks for your response.

      I am not put off by your comments.  Always feel free to express your opinions to me.

      My problem was not of the flea variety as you suggest.  Fleas are usually a dark brown to reddish brown, or all the fleas I have ever seen are.  I am 67 years old, knows what a fle is and looks like.

      However, even fleas from the egg, goes through several stages of development, until they reach adulthood.  Hense my remark that I noticed black things first (adults), then the eggs, which are white.

      My problem originated because of bird mites and harvest mites, also known as red bugs where I developed my initial problem.  Mites also go through several stages of development, or what is called, cycles of life.  At stage two and stage three of a mite life cycle, they are in a white worm like stage, and it is at these stages that they can cause some very serious scaring of the human body, that is permanent.  Tell your knowledge to a so call unsympathetic doctor, and he will place you on some kind of psychotrophic medicine.

      The harvest mite has the ability to liquidfy skin to injest it, which of course this is where the most serious bite-like feeling comes from.  Most mites only live a short duration, like bird mites for only 16 days.  It only takes an egg six days from being hatched to reach maturity to reproduce.  And, once an adult, the female can lay upwards to about 80 eggs in 10 days, before they succumb.  A pair of mites in a newly built nest can have upwards to over 58,000 descendents - hence their ability to keep their species alive.

      And, bird mites are very well known to invade every opening within a body, and I mean every opening, including the nose, mouth, eyes, ears,  private parts and anus.

      Though the adults can be various colors depending upon species, all I have seen are black in the adult stage.  They are white during development, but can even turn black after their first taste of blood.

      I do believe you will agree, whatever seems to be infesting Great Britain and America by the thousands, it is becoming a very serious health problem to probably many, many people now.  While the so called professional doctors keep saying it is mass hysteria, we on this forum (parisitosis) knows it is not imagined, but real as can be seen.

      Scars on bodies that are the same size as the critters should inform the so called professionals that they are so wrong.  But, when was the last time you ever heard a doctor say he is wrong, when he is so blatantly wrong?

      And, if you believe that whatever is crawling upon any body cannot be seen, I would suggest you take a magnifying glass and look at some specimans you may take from your body, your husband, your child, and even especially your pets that come in and out of your home.

      Or, may I also suggest you take a look at where your dog or cat sleeps on your furniture or your bed.  I will say you will be quite surprised at what you see.

      All the best to you, and thanks for responding.


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      That sounds horrible what you are going through.  Do you have CDC there?  I do believe we are talking about two different things.  I apologize if you were offended because it was not my intention.  And yes, I'm pretty sure our dog had and has the same issues but we are all treating it with food grade diatomaceous earth.  It is safe for all, even pets.  It's amazing what this can do for your body.  If you haven't been on DE, may I suggest you check it out?  Anyway, good luck to you.


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    Whoops, I knew I forgot something...those little black biting specks sound like fleas(?) wink
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