Doctor says I have fatty liver

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Hi my name is Dean, I had a blood test back in January this year which showed my Alt levels had risen to around 60 and have felt bad for the last year now. When I went in January 2016 I was told I slightly damaged my liver from drinking alcohol excessively. But was told for being so young there's no concern from them it's serious. I limited my alcohol intake but my diet wasn't great from eating processed food whilst being at Uni. I was told the liver will heal and to just lower the alcohol consumption and it's likely I have anxiety.

January 2017 I have another blood test and was told the ALT levels have gone up slightly but so did my weight at 13 stone 8 for 5ft 6 height. I have a lot of fat around my stomach still as which I have lost a stone to get to 12 stone 10 at present. I also get joint pain in ankles after exercise, the neck and back and I'm just worried it's

More serious than what the doctors tell me .

Can anyone please let me know if they have anything similar and whether or not it sounds serious?

Thank you

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    How old are you and how much were you drinking?

    If your concerned about liver damage get a ultrasound. You could also be feeling bad cause your body is growing through withdrawals. Aslong as you lower you alcohol intake or completely stop then your liver can begin the long road to recovery.

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      24, and been drinking since 18 but that was just weekends until uni but that was a lot in one night or two nights sometimes.

      At uni I drank a lot of spirits just because I felt lonely being as I've never had a girlfriend so I turned to the bottle which was a stupid idea I know.

      I have seriously lowered it close to t total but yes you may be right.

      I was an idiot, it's ruined part of my uni life, but I'm doing good on grades somehow.

      Thanks for the positivity.

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    I was just diagnosed with Fatty Liver this morning.

    Hi Guys,

    For the past year i have been getting this slight pain in my upper right quadrant that would come and go from time to time. But in the last 4 months it has been constant. I had an ultrasound done 2 days ago and my results came back as fatty liver. Im 38 years old and been a drinker since i was 18 or so. I stopped drink about 6 months ago just out of fear for my health and now this comes up. 

    My doctors said my liver blood work came back normal anlone with kidneys, pancreas, and gullbladder. He did say i just need to lose some weight and ill be fine, but i weight 135lbs and im 5'7" so i dont think im over weight by any means. I know i need to change my diet as ive been enjoing many sugary and fatty foods recently. 

    Im really scared about my condition and i dont know how i should start my recovery. I understand that i shouldnt ask for medical advise here but i would like to heard stories of other peoples recovery and what messures were taken to live a healthier lifestyle. I would also like to know what foods to start eating and ways to remove the fat around my liver.

    Thanks Guys!!

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      Welcome for stopping the alcohol. I posted earlier about good results back from bloods then continued to drink now have full blown cirrohsis. I would like to say it's been years but it's only been months since I was told. But I have religiously done what I was told since and that is no alcohol avoid salty foods no proccessed food. Regular blood test to check for changes and avoid infection as your liver can't cope with this. My main bit of advice I got from one Dr that was READ UP AND EAT UP. and that's true as I lost so much weight at first cause a symptom of cirrhosis (no appetite) i was trying to gain some back I ate plenty of cakes and sweets for extra calories now I've read sugar is like the worst thing I can be having its as bad as having fresh fruit and veg and another little tip I got was to rinse fruit and veg first because of chemicals as the liver struggles to get rid of toxins when it's poorly. I'm waiting to hear back from my gastro Dr what supplements I can be taking. Anything to buck me up as I'm so lethargic all the time. So look after your liver I have learned since my diagnosis are body is one massive work shop and with out are well oiled liver it will shut up shop ..

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      Hi Jimmy I too have been told I have fatty liver.

      From what you say your weight seems fine. Do you exercise much? Physical inactivity with alcohol abuse, and bad diet can all be a culprit for what you're experiencing.

      I suggest to keep exercise up, reduce alcohol consumption to virtually nothing.

      I suggest to focus on fruit and veg, lower portion sizes and to keep away from carbs as much as possible. I am taking milk thistle tablets ATM aswell to aid repair, maybe try them aswell?

      Cut out sugary foods,high fat saturated foods, exercise and drink plenty of water.

      Your fatty liver may heal a lot quicker as you're not overweight Like myself. I was 13 stone 8 in January but at present 12 stone 7. Another stone and I just hope I'm back to normal.

      Can you tell me all your symptoms that you have?

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      hey Dean,

      thanks for your reply. i just started exercising 1 month ago and i go 3 days a weeks (run, and weights). i will be doing a bit more now that i have been diagnosed. my symptoms are yellow stools for the past few months, on and off. slight upper right pain behind my rib cage, the pain in about a 3 (1-10 scale), i do have a healthy appatie and eat about 3-4 times a day. i have pleanty of energy and can go about my day with no problem. i dont however get a little cloudyness at times, and sometimes get a little confused as to what im doing (daily routine). but other than these symptoms i feel great.

      even though ive been working out i have not been able to lose any weight, not even a pound. im wondering if this is something related to my FL.

      okay thats all for now, time to blend a tall glass of green vegetables!!


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      Yeah keep to the exercise regime. I feel a lot better after the exercise. But I don't know how long it takes in terms of recovery.

      I had this January last year and still have it now a year and half later. But I was told it was anxiety and just thought I needed to relax more but this January this year I have been told that it's likely to be just fat in my liver and could be easily repaired losing weight. I do have anxiety I believe with it which includes neck and back pain and like you say cloudiness in the head. But I'd say from a guess and hope that it takes a year of abstinence from alcohol, fatty foods and to lose the weight.

      Yes fatty liver is hard to lose the weight, it can be twice as hard so you have to put in double the effort!!! Don't give up I say, have to be strong to beat it.

      Good luck to us both on the recovery, kind regards.

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      Hey Dean,

      Did you mean youve had fatty liver since january 2016? I also have been having lower back pain, which makes me think i have some other condition like IBS or even worse. I also have slight pain through my large intestants, i think. I cant really tell but the loscations of where the pain is, travels through my my lower right side to my upper right side and all arcoss the top of my abdomon. Then down the left side until i have a stool movement. This happens daily. Any thoughts?

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      Hi Jimmy sorry for the late reply. Yes im afraid so, when i first had it the doctor said i slightly damaged it and was no cause for concern and thought it was more to do with anxiety why i was feeling so bad. So at that point i sat back and thought i needed to rest more. I didnt alter my diet or exercise but did severly drop alcohol.

      Therefore was a bit of a wasted

      year as i was told the following january in 2017 its likely to be fatty liver and to lose weight, better diet and keep away from alcohol.

      Hey yes it may be that, but the liver can cause pain in the upper right abdomen. I had severe acid reflux when first had it but i do get joint pain, back and neck pain and then a little in my ankles after exercise. I dont know if its due to the excess weight.

      In regards to the stool movement id reccommend drinking lots of water as your body becomes more dehydrated making you perhaps a bit constipated. I find drinking the water helps filter the waste products quicker. Hope this helps

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