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So i've posted this before but I am experiencing electrical shocks though my body it's as if my nerves are misfiring nd it seems to be coming from my neck like thats the starting point. Last night I felt my throat tighten up as I was ready to fall asleep and the same electrical shocks. Its strong sometimes and and then it's not as strong other times, but I'm basically experiencing them all day. Its been going on for a week and I've been ignoring them. Now I'm starting to worry because yesterday I felt it strong behind my left eye and my left eye is hurting now. Its not me hyperventilating,

I'm so f****** tired of my parents and sister not believing its something. And the doctors just saying it's anxiety. I know how my anxiety feels like and I don't think it's this. I'm so f****** fed up with everything I want answers

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    I hear you with the frustration, Shar.

    I had the EXACT same thing happen. Multiple nights, BOTH eyes hurting (like behind the eye). It's terrifying.

    I went and saw a cardiologist. They did tests and all and assured me I was okay. It wasn't enough to make me stop worrying, but it helped.

    Some advice the doctor gave me that anything the feels like a "shock" or is generally quick and over with - isn't anything to worry about. I'm no doctor of course, but ever since he told me that it has went away.

    Not sure if that helps but just know you're not alone with this one smile. I've had that happen before and it is scary. 

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      It's scary because it's like my nerves are misfiring all day and anything,I do does not stop them, even when I'm enjoying the day they come out of nowhere. And recently I've been feeling them on top of my head and I'm afraid of a seizure or something. I saw different primary care doctors and all they want to do is prescribe me pills and send me away. Like right now I'm feeling it in my throat and neck and it's feel as if I'm gonna choke.

      I'm afraid the shocks are actually causing nerve damage, or it might be MS or some type if nervous system disease.

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    Hi Shar, I'm sorry you are experiencing this symptom. But I promise you it is just anxiety, your mind is catastrophising over the shocks..

    Its basically adrenaline pumping through your body causing this.

    With anxiety, the fight and flight mode is activated and this sends all these chemicals and electrical signals ect to your muscles to prepare you to either fight off an attack, or run away.... this was very useful in early humans, because they actually needed to be prepared to fight or run to avoid danger. However, today this is not as nessesary but all the same adrenaline and elctrical signals are sent to your muscles and nerves, but you are not running or fighting and burning them off so your muscles and body just twich away. The best thing you can do to reduce this is to exercise a lot!! Use up the excess adrenaline thats being pumped into your body and the twitching will stop.

    But trust me, it is just anxiety. I know its hard to believe if you worry about your health, but just keep reminding yourself, that it is nothing serious and that you are in fact safe.


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      It scares me because I couldn't sleep last night and yesterday was when I felt it the strongest,. Its like if my head is turned or if my neck is in a wrong position, I feel it more. I'm trying to calm myself down but I am still feeling these sensations.
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      The more you worry about it the more you will feal it. Its natural for the mind to search for danger..... your mind has equated these sensations as dangerous, so your body has now become hypervigalent, and you will be noticing them even more.....

      Trust me, this will all pass. You are safe.

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    You must and need to drink more water. Stop caffiene for a while.  Lower or stop all junk food and fried up greasy foods. They have no place in the human body anyway. Anxiety can be so rough in the body. I have doing everything to learn to relax and help myself to get a grasp on how to retrain myself not to be filled with fears and illness. It takes a lot of work and a huge commitment. You are self talking so much negative into your body that of course it will respond.imagine how fantastic the world would be if you refersed the way you talk to yourself.  So start off by telling yourself you deserve to be healthy and you deserve to be calm. Say it a hundred times a day because you are negative talking to yourself probably a ton more. There are many many books on self healing and cbt and retraining the brain that can guide you. Learn mediatation, sounds silly and useless but it is fantastic. You can browse the interent for one you like and attracts you. “You create everything about how the world looks and feels. An examole from a book i have read on suoer brain and retraining it as follows..

    Perception isn’t passive. You are not simply receiving a fixed, given reality. You are shaping it.

    Self-awareness changes perception.”


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