Doctors don t seem to care enough anymore

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Does anyone else think doctors don't care about patients as much as they used to. They never seem at all concerned about you. I find my doctors very off hand and distant, as though you're wasting their time, and worrying whether you're going to go over your ten minute slot. This is especially annoying when the waiting room has only two people in it and there are four doctors on the notice board. There answer to everything is to send you for a blood test even when it's perhaps only a few weeks since you had one. They never get in touch with you with any results. If you ring up for results the receptionist will say blood tests were fine no further action required. That is hardly curing your problem is it.Instead of moaning about being over worked and underpaid they should try doing a real hard days work sometimes.

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    Some of my doctors at my walk in clinic were off hand but one of them is excellent and couldn’t do enough for you.  However, I think it is about time that doctors started doing blood tests again and that healthcare assistants should no longer be used. One healthcare assustant didn’t know what she was doing and gave me permanent neuralgia after a blood test.  The stress led to IBS. The Practice Nurse laughed at me when I complained.  At least the doctor who I find very helpful was able to diagnose my IBS when no one else in the Practice could and he listened to my complaint about the nurses who have since been moved on.
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    Maureen - I have had my share of shockers over the years, the worse was a Dr I trusted, I really thought I was getting good treatment, until I saw a specialist, and he in no uncertain terms told me to fire my GP before he kills you.  Woww that was a wakeup call.

    ?I now have a very good Dr, consider myself lucky to have him, young man, originally from England, he does not spare the blood tests, or the x-rays, ultrasounds, he seems to like to get to the bottom of his patients problems, I'm sure other Dr's like him are few and far between, keep looking. 

    Same young Dr has saved my son's life, he kept doing blood tests, sent son to ER three times, with the results of blood tests that were showing he had something nasty going on, sent home twice, sent from GP the last time by ambulance, when he was finally admitted, and put in isolation for his own protection, his white blood cells were in the bottom of the bucket, a common cold could have killed him we were finally told.  DUHHHHH, two trips to hospital where he was treated as if their was nothing wrong with him, I still wonder if the ER staff even looked at the blood tests the local GP had supplied to them.  I can tell you when he finally got to see the specialist, again instigated by our local GP, as an outpatient, she was most unimpressed by the treatment he was given at the local hospital, and especially when it mentioned in sons notes that they had liaised with the big base hospital, and the specialist had no records  of it on her files.

    Formal complaint and I felt was wasting their time. 

    ?You really have to be your advocate, and kick butts if necessary, a legal threat can work wonders in some cases.

    ?Ask for copies of all your tests, x-rays reports, etc, keep them in a old computer case, and educate yourself, ask questions, and DO NOT be fobbed off with its of no interest to you, it has saved son's and husbands life in my case.

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    I have a decent doctor I'm seeing now. She is happy to do urine and blood tests and will refer me for whatever test I need. The issue I have with her is when it comes to my health anxiety. She gets upset with me if I am indecisive or if I ask the same question more than once. She also gets upset if I ask too many questions. I'm just not sure if she personally likes people that much.

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      This is one thing I hate about doctors. Change doctors if you have too.
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    Yes I find this to be true. They seem to want to rush you out their office and get upset when you ask too many questions or ask for explanations/clarifications. Luckily my uncle is a doctor so he gives me special attention but he is not a specialist so I do have to see other doctors at times. Keep searching until you find a good one. 
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      I went to see a doctor last week. I'd never seen her before as you can never choose the one you want to see, not like you used to be able to. Then you have to start from the beginning with them. This alone is so frustrating. If you ask to see a particular doctor it's usually a 3/4 week wait. Proving the point that there are some decent doctors and some not so good the latter being who i normally get lumbered with. I went to see her with what i thought was all the symptoms of hypothyroidism. I googled it and ticked almost every box. Especially the severe fatigue which is my worst symptom. She said i had a blood test taken in october. This was for high blood sugar and cholesterol. She reckons they tested for thyroid issues too. I don't believe her. She asked me if i was depressed. I said yes but that i didn't want any medication for it. I had medication for depression about 10 years ago. The side effects were awful and i didn't dare leave the house on my own. She told me she thought my symptons were a result of being depressed. ( yeah right ) so fatigue feeling cold hair and eyebrows thinning feet and leg cramps muscle pain itchy skin weight gain and a number of other symptons were due to being depressed. She said if i decided i wanted medication for it to come back. No thanks doc. What a star. What a quack. Didn't even get my full 10 minute quota. Mind you she was rushed off her feet. Zero patients in the waiting room upon my exit. Well it was 5pm on a friday afternoon. She obviously had better things to do. Although they're supposed to be open until 6.30.

      Glad I've got this off my chest.....

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      Change your doctor and ask to see an endocrinologist. Often people go to the doctor with depression, back ache, headaches and fatigue and the doctor will only treat the individual symptoms rather than taking them as a whole and so they miss the fact they have an underactive thyroid.   My mum was losing her hair in lumps and two hair and skin specialists laughed at her.  It turned out to be her thyroid in the end because she also had all the symptoms you are having. 
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    Definitely Maureen, I always get the same impression. I also think their knowledge is pretty limited, and they often give the wrong diagnosis. 

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