Doctors in my country can't figure out what's my problem so I have been suffering for 5 months!

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Hi everyone

I (male 22 years old, overweight by 60lb) have been suffering from multiple symptoms for 5 months, there are few hospitals that I can afford to pay them the medical bills, and sadly all of them are not that good, and for some reason my problem is a little difficult to figure out, mainly because they don't have the knowledge and secondly because there are a lot of symptoms, I will list them here so I can get the help from you :

  • I lose my appetite as soon as I start eating even if I was very hungry

  • I get breathless when I lay down, especially when I lay down on my back, and after eating

  • I get tired so fast when I do exercise or when I climb stairs

  • I have visible heart beats or/and fluttering in my chest and abdomen 24/7 nonstop, even though I'm overweighted, my arm and leg shake sometimes, and I feel my beats in the neck sometimes

  • in most of the times I have white mucus in the stool, and my stool have weird shape with different shape and colours in every bowel movement, and my problem started from this when I've seen it 5 months ago, I have also hard stool and itchy anus, I get constipation and sometimes diarrhea

  • I have a lot of gas in my abdomen and cause me pain and I could feel movements in it

  • One of the serious symptoms is that I have a strong heart beat that is very noticeble, this strong beat come once every week roughly, but three days ago this strong and very noticeble heart beat was happening for me multiple times per minute and that kept happening for hours which deprived me from my sleep, I don't know what this heart beat is called, is that how a skipped beat feel like?

  • one of my problems is that when I sit down for a long time and stand up my heart beat rate goes so fast and I get dizzy

  • I also have high and uncontrolled blood pressure which range from 130/60 to 155/90, with headaches in many days

  • I have anxiety ,social phobia, and I'm stressed most of the time

This what I got from my visits to multiple doctors :

  • for heart : they have checked my heart rate multiple times with EKG and they told me there's no problem but a little fast heart rate, checked with Echo Cardiogram (ultrasound) and no problem too, checked my blood for enzymes and few other things and no problem, prescribed me beta blockers and I stopped using them due side effects

  • Stomach : checked with ultrasound and said that it's OK but with a lot of gas and high level of acid, so he prescribed me Lansrapole which was good for some of my symptoms such as breathlessness ,lose of appetite, abdomen pain, digestion problems, and heartburns, but my other problems remained the same, but it was the best medicine I've got in those past 5 months, and some of these symptoms returned when my doctor told me to stop using the medicine but not as severe as they was

  • one of the doctors suggested that my main problem that cause all of these symptoms is a problem in my nervous system, but he's unable to prove it himself, while two doctors think it's because of overproduction of stomach acid, and one doctor think it's irritable bowel syndrome

Additional information about me : I don't eat healthy food, I don't do exercises, and I sit down most of the day and rarely leave my room

So I really don't know what to do, I want to know my problem and what cause all of these symptoms, but no reliable doctor can help me in my budget, so I want to know my problem from experts here and people who have the same symptoms or know what these symptoms mean, many thanks in advance!

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    Do you smoke or drink alcohol?

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      It may be unlikely but because of your breathing problems, high blood pressure and heart palpitations, I was thinking a possible DVT or pulmonary embolism/emboli. There is a d-dimer blood test to see if there is a risk.

      Have you tried any IBS medication?

      For your diet, to avoid acid reflux, they usually recommend no fatty foods or carbonated drinks. If you want to lose weight cut out as much sugar as you can, it makes so much difference. Also, you need to try and get some therapy to help with your social anxiety. If you can't bear to leave your house, there are some therapists online.

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      Thank you very much

      I googled these conditions and their symptoms are not similar to mine

      I'm planning on starting healthy diet this week, and exercising, I'm very motivated this time to not stop halfway

      About my social anxiety, I do go out of house but I struggle in the simplest social interaction, I can't talk with strangers without the conversation ending up being awkward, not to mention I can't talk in front of group of people, I wish there's a medicine that can help with that

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      I don't think there is anything you can take to help with social anxiety This can be symptom of autism. I am autistic and can struggle with certain elements of social interaction. Perhaps ask your doctor about this too.

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    Unfortunately, we are not experts here and cannot diagnose you. Your doctor is the expert who can identify your symptoms. IBS or gastritis are two possible causes. Some of your symptoms relate to both. Try to eat home cooked healthy food , take regular exercise such as walking and lose weight. Exercise and a hobby can help with stress and anxiety. Anxiety can trigger IBS and gastritis. You will need to see a GI doctor to see if your problems are gastric or bowel related. A colonoscopy or endoscopy will help to prove which of these problems you have. You may need to see several doctors once again and I would ask for a different Beta Blocker since the one you took disagreed with you. it is not good to leave high blood pressure uncontrolled.

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      Thank you very much that was very helpful!

      I plan on starting healthy diet beginning from this week to lose weight and get away from junk food, I will start to do exercises too, I heard this alone could lower my blood pressure, plus help the digestion system

      I already bought a blood pressure monitor but I am not satisfied with it's accuracy (brand name is AME), so I'm gonna buy another one

      I'm trying to get health insurance so I can visit better hospitals when needed, I hope I get better with life style changes alone

      Thank you again for your help, I appreciate it!

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    A certified dietition or nutritionist can put you on a diet that can make you feel better. Hope your doctors gave you meds to keep your blood pressure down.

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      Thanks for the advice, I'm trying to find the best diet for me to start this week!

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