Doctors think its IBS? I'm not so convinced and seeking Advice

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I am 25 year old male who weighed about 190 lbs 6 weeks ago. Now i am sitting currently at 178. I have lost 7 lbs from keto and another 5 in the recent two weeks from the nausea that is apparently due to ibs.

My story starts about 3 months ago where i had a gnawing burning constant pain in my upper left abdomen. I didn't think much of it as i had acid issues before. The pain actually got better as i ate PPIs(Lansoprozole) but it got triggered again through eating spicy food. My doctors at the time maybe thought it was an ulcer so an endoscopy was scheduled for two weeks ago that came out clean. Eventually that burning gnawing pain subsided. But a week prior to the endoscopy i went on the keto diet for 8 days to lose weight as i thought i was getting fat. I abruptly exited the diet however due to keto rash, and introduced carbs straight away into my system. This is where my ibs symptoms began. The day after i first introduced carbs, i drank a fruit shake with milk in the morning for breakfast and it completely rattled me, giving me nausea and heavy gas. These symptoms eventually worsened and gave me tightness/pressure in my back and abdomen which i am currently suffering from. I suffer from loss of appetite, nausea(worse in the mornings) and the back and abdomen tightness/pressure.

I've been to the ER, all my blood tests and ultrasounds/xrays for the abdomen came clean. They didn't give me a ct scan because i had one 2.5 years ago that also came back clean. I recently had an mri without contrast done at an imaging center, all my abdomen seemed normal according to the report. I recently went to another GI, and am having stool tests done as well some thyroid tests. I also plan to get a SIBO(small intestine bacterial overgrowth) test shortly from another gi specialist, as mine currently did not offer it.

I feel like i have done every test in my power to rule out the bad things, maybe another colonoscopy could help idk. I feel like if my nausea was a problem of anxiety and stress it would have subsided, but it only feels like im getting worse. I feel drained after eating as well, just a feeling of weakness. I have lost drastic amounts of weights over a short time and am starting to doubt the tests i have done.

What should i do? Should i be worried about my weight loss and neverending nausea? Is this tightness in my left back and abdomen normal? I start burping immediately after i eat for a very long time. Starting to become very concerned even though i have convinced myself that i have done everything in my power to make myself feel better.

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    I've been suffering with never ending nausea and dizziness for 7.5 months. I've lost over 35lbs. Initially, I didn't want to go down the dr/tests rabbit hole so I tried so many other things all of which didn't work so I'm now on the dr/test whirlwind. 

    I saw a gi and he ordered a sibo breath test (came back positive) and a gastric emptying test (scheduled for Monday). When I see him again at the end of the month we'll discuss those results but also I'm going to request a HIDA scan of my gall bladder. I think you should too as ultra sounds sometimes Miss the functioning of the gallbladder. And gallbladder probs can occur in the absence of pain (although you do have pain). 

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      Yea i will try and get a sibo test next week hopefully.  Never heard of a gastric emptying test.  I heard that mri without contrast can't really show the pancreas to well so i might schedule another one as well contrast this time.  Mine pain is occassional but the tightness is a constant reminder.

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      I have chest/abdomen tightness too. Moreso when I'm upright. 

      The gastric emptying test determines how long it takes for food to move through your system. It tests for the motility in your gut. 

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    My boyfriend is going through the exact same thing for 7 months now. sad Like someone else mentioned, maybe you should get a gastric emptying test just to see how well your stomach clears. If your stomach empties slower, the food sits in your stomach longer and can cause nausea. It is good you are testing for SIBO and doing a stool sample. Although some people have nausea with IBS, the majority of IBS symptoms include bowel problems. If you don't have a hard time going to the bathroom or sudden urges to, I wouldn't be convinced on IBS either. You could also have gallbladder problems. Biliary dyskinesia is a condition where the gallbladder does not function correctly, causing nausea and pain. You don't need to have stones to have it, and a HIDA scan can be used to determine if you have it. Good luck. 

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      I don't really have a bad urge to go to the bathroom but i did have a period recently where i was having hard stools then out of nowhere the next day it was diarrhea.  I've always had constipation to some extent in the past though.  and your boyfriend has similar symptoms?  Has he had any success relieving it or done tests to rule stuff out?  I think my condition might be sibo due to the fact that my condition happened immediately after a change in diet which probably affected by gut.

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    Believe in your negative test reaults and trust your doctor!  Are you having any change of bowel habit and does the stomach pain move about? These are signs of IBS along with nausea.  Wait to see what your other tests show first.  It can take time to diagnose abdominal problems.  Anxiety can cause weight loss and nausea.
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      Some days i would have diarrhea and other days i would strain to poo.  Lately they are stringy and wet in nature.  The stomach pain doesn't really move, besides from the left middle back and the front left abdomen.  The tightness usually is in one of those places or both.  My concern is that i generally feel very fatigued as of late.  Not sure what more i can do to ease my mind.  I scheduled another colonscopy next month and a MRI just in case.  My breath test for sibo should next week.

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      Try relaxation techniques such as meditation, hobbies and light exercise such as walking or swimming.

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