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Hi All,

I'm at my Wits end. I'm 21 years old. For almost two years I've been having these symptoms.

So, I used to smoke marijuana very very rarely. One night I smoked and had a panic attack, something I never had before.

Ever since around that time I've been experiencing this weird brain fog/zoned out 24/7, almost like I'm on auto-pilot, random muscle twitches throughout my body every few minutes or so. My memory is poor, I sometimes slur my speech and gets words mixed up like instead of saying two words I'll combine them into one. I have very little emotion.

I have also had this very tough yellow coating on my tounge with weird spots on the back of my tongue. Originally thought it was thrush and received medication but hadn't resided. No matter how hard I scrub it will come back. I also smoke cigarettes but when I quit for 6 months I still had the coating.

I've been to physiologists, I have had a brain MRI, an EEC(not sure if that's the name but something similiar, a load of sensors on head monitoring activity for half an hour) thyroid levels checked, electrolytes also. My doctor thinks it could be anxiety but I have nothing to be anxious about. (Apart from these symptoms)

I was given anxiety medication that did nothing started at 50MG up to 150 MG ( don't know names but one was Lustral) which strangely gave me a panic attack recently so I decided to come off them.

It's affecting me in college and life, can't hold down friendships or relationships. I have had thoughts of suicide but not because I'm down but because there's no point in living my life like this. I'm not the same person inside that I was 2 years ago.

I'm going back to my doctor tomorrow before going to a psychiatrist to ask if it could be a virus like H-polari. Any advice or ideas about this are much appreciated!

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    My goodness, it sounds like you've had a hard time of things the last few years. I can't personally relate to many of your specific symptoms, but I'm glad you'll be going back to your doctor for further advice. Be persistent in finding answers - once you rule out things (like H-Polari) you can move forward on addressing the root causes, whatever they may be. The mental fog you're in happens to many people and can stem from a lot of things. Please know that no matter what you can and will feel You again. You're still young and it sounds to me like you have a lot of good things in your future, so push forward as best you can. 

    Much love xxx 

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    So, Actually. I also smoked weed. 

    One day, i smoked and i had a panic attack. just out of the blue.

    Went to hospital, EKG, Bloodwork, MRI. Guess what? I was fine.

    So, they gave me some valium and sent me on my way, But thats not the end of the story!

    Every day, Every hour following that. I had panic attacks, Non stop.

    But not like the heart attack feeling. It was almost as if i was watching myself, stuck inside my head. Just barrely caring or noticing my own actions, as if on auto-pilot.

    Someplace very far away from where i really was, deep inside my head. Not eating, not caring about anything in the world, except being worried about being worried about all my symptoms(worry-ception)

    I had no reason for all this starting, i had a pretty stress free life, nothing worrying me.

    So, my General doctor, put me on some Buspar(Nasty stuff that) And it helped, But barrely. The Side effects were aweful for me. So my Psyhologist (Whom i had just started seeing) got together with my doctor and both reccomended i see a specialist for anxiety a psychiatrist. 

    So i traveled 4 hours to see one, And he finally diagnosed me with a Generalized Panic disorder/ Anxiety disorder (GAD).

    I went on many many different medications, just about all the SSRI's. Until we settled on Lexapro. Which finally, finally relieved me of my panic attacks. 

    I was on it for a few years, continued seeing my psychologist and only a year later i started to notice just some general anxiety creeping back, so we tried a few other medications and nothing seemed to make that go away.

    I haven't had any panic attacks since i started the lexapro, but now i'm off it, and have been for quite awhile. The things my psyh taught me, to help me ignore, or ward off a panic attack have been more than helpful in getting me through it, Now i'm on Adderall ( which is supposed to make it worse?) But it doesn't. I've managed to keep my anxiety down just by sheer willpower? I guess. 

    Anyways, I hope the story helps. 

    Go talk to a psych. Psychologist and psychiatrist. Both are excellent tools available to you. And mention  a GAD next time your at the doctor, I'm certianly not a doctor but it does sound quite similar to my situation.

    to this day, they have no idea why the weed caused me to tip over the edge. 

    Perhaps that day and that bowl of weed was just the final staw that broke the camels back, causing my brain chemicals to go bonkers. 


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    Appreciate the feedback and its certainly something i'll look into. When i beat this demon, i promise to share what it was because i see endless posts about similiar feelings but no propoer diagnosis. Just doctors handing out perscription SSRI's like there free

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      Well, SSRI's are generally the best way to go for GAD.

      But yeah, proper diagnosis is always good so you know exactly what you may have smile

      Psychologists are very helpful as well for this!

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