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i was invited to an assessment due to relocation  ,even the assessor was shocked to my appointment  and. wondered why i was here. my other  claim was till 2017 as well but i went with my carer in tow . the usual questions where asked even though we posted our form for carers allowance and why i needed a carer ,so i gave him the information that he required all my evidence of up todate medication all hospital reports as well .took about half an hour  . here comes the punchline i received the results in early january with a big fat 0 points shocked to my horror.,now bear in mind, i myself, my carer and the so called assessor was in this room all by ourselves .so according to this letter i had received i was perfoming arm exercises apparently to show how strong my arms where ,i was doing this will kill you ,i was doing squats yes squats apparently in the room to show how much strength i had in my legs.and another exercise which i performed apparently. now according to this letter i did all these exercises yes all of them,. and guess what i didnt even get off the chair in that 30 min assessment so thats why i got a big fat 0 so how can this be ,what the hell is going on here . so we had to send back our letter to give us reasons and reconsider   why this was and we are supposedly waiting to here in the next 2 weeks cant wait for the reply. my carer even wrote a letter explaining this as well so why have they told a bunch of lies at this assessment doing these so called exercises when i did not . any comments much appreciated    .   

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    Hi Naomi,

    You want the truth? Here goes, firstly was the Health Assessor for real?

    I know it is a stupid question but it is a known fact that the DWP are running on low staff, including ATOS, Capita and Maximus.

    Now, what the DWP have done is this, any staff member of DWP that was a telephonist about a month ago have been promoted to Health Accessors!! No, qualifications required....

    The DWP is a right shambles, and it is well known, the things staff have been informed to do, by the higher ups, is unreal.

    Everything that you stated, is just about right, and on an appeal or a MR you will find that the '0' will magically turned to many points!! It has been going on for months, to try and lower the backlog, but instead when a person appeals it costs the DWP much more. Their current statistics for the past year was bad, they actually made a good loss of over £4 million, due to their incompetent staff and useless computer systems.

    My advice would appeal, you have good grounds for an appeal, and that will get laughed out of a Tribunal.

    They really do try it on... it never pays - they just lose more!

    Best of luck, but you will get it backdated as well,




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      Naomi, you're more than welcome...

      It is sickening to see many people getting treated this way, but the DWP and the stories I see, from so many people is really bad. People wait for that brown envelope and see the '0' points, and it's down to either the so-called Assessor or the DWP (who have the last say on all claims!).

      There is so much negative feedback on the DWP, and it's always cases like yourself, that end up feeling depressed after opening the brown envelope and seeing the report is totally the opposite of what you mentioned... Some people are even recording the entire Assessment Assessor and everything they say, and not informing them. Because then you have the whole assessment on record, and you could get someone to put that in to a transcript, and then send that to them.

      One word of advice, anything you send to the DWP, make sure you photocopy. Because they have tried losing peoples reports, medical records, etc.

      Anyway, good luck Naomi..



      P.S - I have seen many PIP claims go from '0' points to Enhanced Rates on Care and Mobility for a 10 year period. Now, that is a big difference from a big fat zero points!


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    Hi naomi99693. Your not on ur own sweet. I took my babysitter( carer) and we could not believe the lies in the report. From the moment we left the waiting room till we walked back to waiting room lie after lie. My assessment was over 2 hours due to getting stressed and more stressed which the nurse said nothing except lies. If and when you get ur MR back and ur not happy please appeal. That what I am doing. I sent the courts loads more paperwork and I also asked how and why is these people allowed to carry on with their jobs due to all the untruths.

    Good luck sweet. P.s. if you appeal get anyone who looks after you and helps to write a letter xx

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    What happened to you sounds familiar at my first assessment, assessor said I had no problem doing squats.  They must have great imagination. Didn't recommend my to reapply for at least 4 Years.  I was so upset I wasn't going to try again,  but I did and the next assessor was really nice. Unfortunately I lost out because I didn't ask for a mr. I made a new claim a few months later 
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      Hi Elizabeth,

      If I seen you had posted that problem on your first assessment, I would have said ask for a MR. Obviously, I must of overlooked you in the forums, which is sad to say. I have helped many people with PIP claims, more so on filling them in, because people do not see the way the DWP Application forms ask questions, some can be confusing.

      So, many claimants come on these forums after their initial assessment, the best time is as soon as you receive the ESA or PIP Application Form. Hence, someone or quite a few people would have stated never just give up, even if an an Health Assessor states different, it is not in their job description to even tell you when or if you can claim again, that decision comes from the DWP, not any of the incompetent companies they hire, whom are totally useless in every way.

      The DWP states they only use Doctors and Nurses, that is a lie straight away. I phoned the DWP up last year, but because of the questions I was firing at them, they transfered me to some guy higher up. He started to talk, but I instantly interrupted him and asked him for his name (The DWP staff can withold their surnames but not their forename), so he gave me that, then I asked which Team number are you? This is where he became 'flummoxed' with me, he knew I was not just anyone, I knew more about the DWP than your average person, so he said that he worked in 'Recoveries' which would have been correct, regarding where I was going with the conversation - and lastly, I asked for his departments' full address.

      After I got all that information, it would be easy for me to trace him, if I needed to speak to him again. I also noted down the date and time of my call and duration.

      Anyway, this is how bad the DWP can be towards any claimant and they are paid bonuses to do it, which makes it worse. I informed this guy that I had just received a letter regarding a Social Loan, stating it was time to start making payments. I said you are telling me that you want me to start making payments for a Social Loan which I had 10 years ago - he said 'Yes', I then asked him surely I paid that loan off when it was first issued, not 10 years later! His exact words was, they had only just found it on their systems, and he also said some people have had letters for loans taken out 20 years ago!

      So, I asked this guy if he could put an hold on the repayments so I could find the paperwork regarding this loan, and if I had actually paid it off, he said he could hold it for 14 days pending queries from the claimant.

      At the bottom of all DWP letters was the same wording on all correspondence from them, words that state something along the lines of 'Please keep this letter for future reference' - Anyway, we managed to find 5 letters regarding the loan in 2005, all on their headed paper.

      So, I phoned this guy back up, and made sure I got the same guy, then I said well I have letters dating back to 2005 and regarding the loan of about £800, and one letter clearly states that I had been making several repayments on that loan, so I can send you this as proof that I do not owe you £800, but I cannot tell how many were made. This is when he said "The DWP does NOT accept letters on their own headed paper as evidence" - I said, if that is the case, why does every letter from the DWP state keep for future reference when you do not even accept them as evidence? His abrupt answer was, "They can be sent out as a computer error!" - I had actually 5 letters with different dates on them from the DWP, and he said we cannot accept them.

      However, if you can show us the reduced payments on a bank statement then we can re-look at the loan.

      Anyway, I got nowhere with the DWP Recoveries, waste of time - and a preposterous guy.

      Then, I had another idea - but this was 'clutching-at-straws' - try and find the bank statements from 2005, we did not find any, so must of shredded them. I thought, a good idea I will login to online banking and find the repayments, but there's a problem - straight away, you can only print out the last 7 years of bank statements.

      Last result, phone my bank manager and ask is there anyway of printing out bank statements from 10 years ago, he said if he could he would, but there is a clause in the Data Protection Act that does not allow a bank customer to print out any statements over 7 years. But, you can visit a bank and transactions from when you first opened the account. All you can do is write down notes, well it clearly showed payments for 10 weeks, then stopped - which I don't know why.

      Anyway, phoned the DWP up and they said only repayments on Bank Headed paper is acceptable.

      This was totally stupid, I got nowhere - on each path I tried, I hit a brick wall.

      Then I had a thought, there is an Act called Statute Barred - which all credit companies must abide by, and they cannot claim money from you after 6 years, I thought 'Yes' my way out!!

      But, would you believe it, the Government set it up with one exception the DWP is EXEMPT from this Act!! So, after all that there was no way of not repaying the loan, which they were taking the full amount, because I had no proof on paper, that payments were made initially.

      I did find one way which the DWP cannot override at all and that is taking out a DRO (Debt Relief Order) - but, it would have cost me £90 and my wife another £90, just to take it out. Basically, it is for people on low incomes with low debts, which can be written off, but you cannot have any other debts while this is enforce. So, we would have to pay £180 just to clear any debt - we decided against it, and ended up paying the DWP nearly £18 a week for a 10 year old loan!

      I could go, there is many stories that go far beyond phantasmagoric!



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    you can ask for a mandatory recon naomi if that fails go on to appeal this
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