Does an abdominal ultrasound show stomach?

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I had an abdominal ultrasound done a few weeks ago and everything was fine. At the time I had it I was having constipation, and bloating but mainly on my right side. On the report it said that could not get a good picture of spleen because of gas but everything else fine. Fast forward, now weeks later the symptoms moves to the left side. Im having bloating all over and lots of gas bubbles when I press it I can hear the gas bubbles. It feels like a hump is there but pressing it dissolves it. My stomach is very very nervous and weak. My friend who is a ultrasound tech says that the stomach is never scanned only other organs because too much gas in stomach to scan is why a endo scope is ordered. I noticed that the stomach was not on the findings report like the rest of the organs. Now, im wondering why so much gas around spleen ..could it be a link to what im feeling? The stomach and spleen are on the same side.

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    ultrasound of the abdomen evaluates all of the abdominal organs, liver, gallblader, pancreas, large instestine, appendix, spleen, stomach, small instestine and bladder... it will show everything is in order and nothing abnormal so an endoscopy would then be required to look inside the stomach for gastritis, ulcers etc and then take a biopsy to see if there is a parasite causing the problems for example helicobacter which cannot be seen by ultrasound.

    I'm not a professional but this is my understanding from the procedure's i went through from ultrasound to endoscopy.

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      I had a endoscopy done back in 2017 along with a biopsy and it came back gastritis. I tested negative for pylori. I don't know if I should have another one. She told me she was doing the whole abdominal but report did not show intestines. Though the scan took almost 2 hours for abdominal and pelvic. I am seeing a naturopath and he dagnoise parasites and candida which are contributing to my digestion issues. I also been having green poop for 7 months now. My GI dr thinks it's no concern that it's the food I'm eating but i disagree.

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      Gastritis plays havoc on the digestive system, constipation, bloating, gas, trapped gas, nausea, vomiting, indigestion you name it.

      about the green stool, i have heard of people with candida having green stool but i've heard of the green stools happening when the infection is dying off which usually happens when people try help themselfs by reducing what the infection feeds off which is starches and sugar to kill off the infection so i dont know if you have had a diet change.

      green stool can also be a bile problem, when the stool passes through the digestive tract it gets converted into a brown colour, for example medications can speed up the stool passing through and cause green stool, the bowel works at a set rate.

      stress can also influence the speed of the bowel especially emotional stress.

      when the bowel flora normalize and the speed of the bowel goes back to normal those things tend to go away.

      But if you are still concerned you should suggest to you're dr on having a stool test done.

      I would suggest taking a good digestive enzyme and pro biotic.

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    I was told that an abdominal ultrasound only scans the abdominal organs but not the stomach itself. Some of my organs could not be seen because my bowel was in the way and I had a lot of bowel gas which obscured the image.However, no one actually offered a reason for the amount of bowel gas and only commented that it was present. So my ultrasound was inconclusive and didn't give me answers so my anxiety remained high.

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      Do you know how often should a endo scope be done? The last one I had was in 2017.

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      If you have Barretts oesophagus, an endoscopy is recommended every three to five years. If you test negative for Barretts, then repeat endoscopies are not recommended. I had an endoscopy years ago for my reflux but nothing showed up and it was suggested that I had a weak sphincter. I had a bad experience with the procedure, so if it was ever needed again, I would opt for a throat spray instead of sedation kr would probably avoid it.

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      My last scope showed gastritis , hiatal hernia, and gerd. But it has been under control until recently.

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      GI conditions can come and go in flare ups so simply treat your symptoms in the way you usually do just like any other flare up and do not worry.

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