Does any one really care.

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Do not no where to start really,for as long as i can remember i have suffered with constipation,then two years ago i could not pass my stools at all ,despite having medication for it, i now had prolapse Hemorrhoids, operation no one, stapled Hemorrhoidectomy,after the op i caught infections and within two weeks the Hemorroids were back with vengeance, the pain was so bad that i wanted my life to end,unable to go out,i spent hours in the bath crying, i was then rushed in as an emergency case (Op NO two) Open Hemorroidectomy, i woke up in an ears nose and throat ward,due to ward closures, i stayed in overnight,discharged home first thing in morning, i had not even had my first bowel movement,Well the next two weeks i sank to an all time low, i can not describe the pain, i had Morphine but it made me sick.i think the family were a little fed up with hearing about it, the hospital and GP were useless, it is now 9 months on and i am having MOVICOL 3 a day to ensure i can have my bowels open, have had several visits to the Hospital, Still trying all sorts of things to heal a large Fissure,Well that what they are calling it, GTN CREAMS have not touched it,As i am telling you this i am sobbing due to the pain i have experienced this morning, I am back to square one again nearly two years on, My hair is going grey with the pain, NO ONE CARES in the medical profession, i really do think i would be better off out of this world at this moment in time, I Cant keep having time off work as they really do not understand, it just seems that the bowel subject is a joke, I am told that the next step is OP NO THREE, remind me again what year we live in, as it seems that we are behind the times when it comes to healing anal Fissures, i am so sorry if if sounds like i am selfish, but its been a living hell, and i cant cope with it anymore, so for all of you out there who are experiencing Chronic pain due this subject, PLEASE PLEASE Speak up to the medical profession, Why should we have to go int dept by going private, i certainly cant afford it, but i am going to have to, i hear there is a good place in London, but i don't seem to have the fight left in me. Heather xxx

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    Hi, I really feel for you. I've suffered with fissures for years although not to the degree you have with your other problems too. I had a sphyncterotomy 2 weeks ago and have never experienced such terror and fear before the op. Immedediately afterwards the relief from the pain and discomfort was instant (after a few days to heal up). My 1st BM was terrifying but pain free for the first time in years.

    This condition has ruled my life for years and i have, at times, felt that life wasn't worth living. I should have had the guts to do this ages ago but fear stood in my way.

    The way the surgeon explained it is that the fissure causes the sphyncter muscle to spasm, and until the spasm is released (by cutting the muscle) the pain will not go. Each BM is like squeezing a walnut through a hole that can only stretch to the size of a pea, due to the spasming.

    I wonder if this op would help you, it may be worth speaking to your consultant about it.

    I wish you all the best.


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    I concur on the wanting to end it all bit ! A few weeks ago I felt the same! I said to my missus that I could see how weaker willed persons may take their life with the pain ! Im not weak ,and soldiered on with the Anacal and Anoheal daily.I was more or less pain free for the last few days . It was a much needed 'breather' from the pain! I even got to the point where I thought it may be a waste of time having my awaited op,as the pain had gone! Been paying extremely strict attention to diet,and drinking gallons of water,and it payed off ,making the BM soft and easy to exit. BUT this morning I had a relapse for some reason and the pain is slightly back! Cant wait for the op!

    I think the staff at the hospital (A major Essex hospital) where I attended for my consulatation and pre op tests seem caring and compasionate to my probs . They do care !

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    Hi Heather, i agree that no one really cares. I have had my fissure for 5 1/2 months (caused by a minor op to remove some small piles) I have had anoheal, rectogesic and an injection of botox and am currently waiting fro my next injection of botox, but as its nhs it could be weeks away. I wish one of these surgeon/consultants we see could have one of these things and then maybe they would be more understanding and compassionate of the debilitating pain these things cause. My pain usually starts 2 - 2 1/2 hours after a bowel movement and its undescribable, at the moment I am on my knees rocking back and forth as i don't know what else to do with myself, I cant sit down or lay down and i am waiting for the pain killers to kick in. I've forgotten what its like to have a pain free poo and a pain free life. Roll on my next injection of botox and i pray it works.
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    Try coconut oil on your AF. This is no joke, I have suffered terrific pain just like you, been through all the loops and was ready to have the OP but decided to suffer in silence instead because there were more againsts than fors. I did some searching on the net and found an article by a doctor who recomended using coconut oil. Since using it I no longer suffer pain. Coconut oil is a natural moisturiser and I believe that it makes your backside moist and more supple. See my experience on how to use it submitted some weeks ago, you have nothing to loose only your pain.
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    Thanks Pete i will give it a go smile
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    Hi Jane

    I have been where you are, in utter agony and pretty much wanting anything to stop the pain.

    Everyone in the medical profession that I have spoken to has a very good understanding of how bad these things are. I even remember my GP offering to call me an ambulance and admit me to hospital because I was in sheer agony in her consulting room.

    Anyway, I hope you get sorted.

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    I really feel for you. My pain doesn't sound half as bad, but sometimes i just feel unable to carry on with normal, simple tasks.

    It is so embarassing explaining to people why you are in pain and they often joke about it.

    I will try the coconut oil too!

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    I've been suffering from the hell of an anal fissure now for over 12 months, since having my baby boy. I can totally relate to the excruciating pain that u have or are experiencing. I was due to have the op this friday but unfortunately it has been cancelled although I have had a pre-op so I should hear something so enough hopefully. I agree that it totally controls your life! I feel that I have not been able fully enjoy the first year of being a mum due to constantly worry about when I next go to the toilet! I know to some that may sound pathetic! I think I would rather go through the pain childbirth 10 times over than carry on with this pain. Unless you have suffered from this problem know one really understands. My husband has been very supportive even though sometimes I am in the bathroom for nearly an hour just trying to go the loo!!

    I am just praying the op will work for me, but having a fissure has put me off having any more children incase it was to come back!

    If you are suffering, you have my sympathy! xx

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