Does anyone drink alcohol to help with Fibro pain?

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I’m not talking about getting drunk but a couple of shots or beers to ease the pain. I’m just looking for anything to ease the pain where I can visit with family.  Pain is absolutely horrible sometimes in my arms,legs, and back. Having muscle spasms also.

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    Hi, I haven't had a drink for ten years, my advice would be not to it's not going to help very much. I know how tough things can get. Do u take any pain meds?

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    Ok so your not on anything much pain wise, maybe go back and speak with your doctor and explain your not coping very well with the pain.
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    i recently went to an osteapath, after years of going to teh doctor and being told i am fine, she noticed i had whiplash sorted out my neck and then said do you also get cramps and spasms, to which i said yes, and my heart also flutters like mad, pains etc, she said magnesium deficiency, ive been drinking a supplement now for a few weeks and it defo has helped the spasms, i even had a blood test by the doctor but she never gave me teh results and said everything was fine so i really dont know if i do have a magnesium deficiency, btu i do know your muscle sneed magnesium potassium and calcium and that you need calcium and magnesium in a ratio together but we all get calcium from fortified foods yet we dont get magnesium from much, some in meat and eggs,and nuts and seeds but who eats nuts and seeds? ok probably a lot of people, 

    anyway alcohol will help with pain yes of course, it is a depressant,s o it depresses your bodies functions including pain, but also including a whole lot of other things. so overall it would be a bad idea to use alcohol as a pain reliever. 

    hot baths with epsoms salts which have magnesium in them, learning meditation techniques, would be better. you can take osmething fo rthe pain but then what happens is it comes back worse and its a viscious cycle, you do not want to have to deal with that. i mean untimately heroine or morphine would be great for pain but not great in the long run. 

    antiinflmatory foods like i found cabbage juice works in about twenty minutes, its not as nice as beer but asyou say a few shots down the hatch and off ya go. 

    another thing i have been intending to try is cheyenne pepper which is supposed to help you release endorphins and also has an infuence on heart and circulatory system as well. i have no ability to gag down spicy things so im going to get capsules and try them to see if they work. like most things seem to work for a while and then wear off. fever few herb worked for me for a while when pain killers wore off their ability to work. but then it wore off too. i think your body just gets so aclimatized to things. 

    the most useful thing i have found is the hardest to keep up, excersise every day, plenty of fuirts and vegatables, plenty of water, plenty of sleep, and not a whole lot else, as in no coffee no chocolate no sitting around getting cold feet, no sugar, no milk, no nice things and all teh boring things. its so basic and so simple and yet so damn difficult at teh same time. the quick fix of a painkiller and a nice bar of chocolate is just what my brain goes for and then i pay the price. and i know that if i do all the pain managment things i do feel so much better, then i feel so much better that i forget all my good intentions eat a bun have a coffee and i am back at square one for lack of ability to really change my habits for good and for all. 

    id say if you did use alcohol it would be great fo ra while and then you would have one more problem to deal with on top of it all so i dont think its worth it. but the odd drink doesnt give me any flare ups, i think it depends on the person, you might find a few beers helsp you relax and doesnt have any bad effects, and you may be able to use it for a while, btu the tolerance will quickly work up to teh point where a few beers do nothing and you need a few more and a few more and then you are drinking enough to damage yourself in other ways. so if you do try beer, use something else other times keep swapping so you dont build a tolerance up, and in the meantime do the basics. the meat and potatoes of avoiding meat and poatoes and eating nuts and seeds and all sorts of horrid good for you things. 

    sorry im sure some people love their vegan raw diets but i think of them as horrible right now. ims ure when ive adjusted to teh habit they will taste lovely but i find it quite hard to choke down these sensible things at the moment. however much i know its the right thing and that it does work, i still fail almost daily to do all these things together to form a new habit. a flipping beer would be lovely. 

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    Hi Darryl, I have had Fibro for 20+ years. I drink a couple occasionally  to relax . I never crave more. It doesn't make me feel better or worse next day. Unless you are taking medication it may interfere with, I am sure it would be ok occasionally. Relax and enjoy it.


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    It does the opposite effect on me.. I can barely drink these days.. I used to drink occasionally but in time as my fibro "grew" it effects me pretty bad. Like I can't digest it. I feel sick and throwing up, shaky, stressed, painful and can't sleep.. sad and in the next morning and even the next day or two I still feel sick and just very bad.  So I only have a couple of beers once every 2-3 weeks.. that's my limit.

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