Does anyone have this with ocd?

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I have had ocd for most of my life I'm 35 now and have been on sertraline for a good few years however I recently changed to citalopram 3 weeks ago as I felt sertraline had lost its effects, the problem I'm having is remembering stupid things from childhood nothing bad just silly things we would say as children, daft words we make up as such and it seems to be bugging me a lot even though these things are are not worth worrying about I worry anyway, how can I overcome this? It's as though I have a major worry on my mind but it's really silly, I can't spend my whole life explaining everything I ever said as a child to my partner it's driving me insane. Once I get rid of one worry another one surfaces, it's exhausting being like this, I'm awaiting CBT therapy also which is in 2 weeks. It's like I'm worrying over the stupidest thing then it plagues me for days! I feel like I'm telling my life story in full detail! any tips out there plz

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    Hi Donna,

    I'm exactly the same, I feel like I have the world on my shoulders at times. I have attended CBT on and off for the past 10 years and found it very helpful, obviously my OCD is still there but I'm now managing it better. I Would highly recommend CBT!

    The only reason I have had to go back the CBT is if I have any setbacks. My son was diagnosed with a very serious condition and I convinced myself it was because I had stopped all my rituals therefor started it all again to try and protect my son.

    Tracey ☺

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      I uses to be like that and I got over that part of my ocd, now its just remembering stuff that's not even important but ocd makes it seem important doesn't it. I'm going to try and keep a diary and see if that helps,writing it down and then burn it. I think stress and like you say your sons illness brings ocd back on as well. Xxx
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    I also have this hun😩😩😩. You are not alone. I constantly have to ask my sister stuff and check if she remembered to convince myself I didn't make it up.

    Wonder why this started for us? Xxx

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      Hya kimD mine started after having my daughter 16 years ago then went away and then resurfaced again when i had my son who is now 10. I was on sertraline for 7 years which helped but

      After a while felt like it had stopped

      Working, I'm now on citalopram been

      On those for 4 weeks and their doing

      Nothing for my ocd just feel less

      Stressed. Just started cbt also, I feel

      Like I will probably end up back

      On sertraline again!! Iv reading up

      About ocd and its weird how most

      People have all similar thoughts too!

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      I actually question nearly every thought I have at the mo and it's driving me crazy. Like when I have a thought it is always followed by a bad thought. Have you ever experienced this. Eg: i was thinking how cute my daughter was and how perfect her teeth were and a bad automatic thought came in of - I'm gonna punch your teeth. I'm so distressed 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
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      Yeah iv had every thought possible!

      Think of the worst thought and then

      Multiply it by 100 and yr still not there! Next time u have a thought try laughing at it, make humour of it rather than

      Let it distress you, that's what iv been

      Doing, although some still bother me!

      The strange thing is most people

      Without ocd have these thoughts and

      Don't realise it but with ocd its seems

      More prominant in us. I know a lot

      Of the thoughts are still distressing,

      Try saying its not me its my ocd! Repeat over and over everytime u have a

      Thought, it takes a while to get used

      To it but the more we do it the more

      We can show this condition

      Who is boss!!! And I'm determined! X

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      have intrusive thoughts aswel so I can totally get where you are coming from Donna. They are just so bloody awful. Although I will give you hope and say that I was good for 5 years after CBT for them. They sometimes occurred but once you simply only notice them but give them no attention or worry the gradually tire off. You will get there and I too need to get back to CBT. Are you in England. I'm in Scotland and there is a wee wait. Xx
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      Yeah I'm in England Tyne and wear, u can self refer here, can you do that?

      I had my first session today, thing in worried about tho is how personal do

      You need to get with your therapist

      As sometimes you feel these thoughts

      Are so bad if u say them they might

      Cart you off somewhere to a pysch

      Ward! I'm terrified of sharing some thoughts! X

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      Yeah I have self referred and will hopefully get next week . Fab I'll go look on Amazon - thanks Hun.

      Please don't me scared about the thoughts. I was told it actually the content of the thoughts don't matter when I last had CBT but I told mines anyway and there were always the same - violence, sexual abuse ect.... I think it's that common now the docs aren't shocked. As for the Mental Hosp I think you are all good for not going there Hun. It is my worry too xxxxxxx

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      Wow we must all have similar

      Thoughts, reassuring really, they can

      Be very distressing! Iv told my therapist Il write stuff down as well as that might help to explain a bit better. Hard

      Enough telling her let alone

      Writing it down suppose it helps if

      Everything Is out in the open if we

      Want to recover from this bloody

      Awful thing!

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    Hi there everyone. I really feel for you all on here. I don't have Ocd. I have depression, which in its self at times leads me to obsessively think about things I've said and done in the dim and distant past. At times ive had some quite disturbing thoughts that made me feel quite bad about myself .I can't imagine how it feels for it to be there all the time.

    I can't offer any helpful advice as in all honestly when it comes to Ocd I don't experience it myself and it would just be guess work. I just wanted to offer my support.

    What a mystery it is the way our brains work or in my case often feels like it dosnt! ;/ warm wishes to you all. X

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