Does anyone really 100% recover?

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hi guys

i feel like ok so you make progress

up down zig zag

but do you get your stamina back?

will i ever be me again?

im concerned and cry about this journey...

is it really in the cards after an event like this to get back to full health stamina and No relapses and symptom free life?

anything anyone did to get back on track?

thank you

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    Genuinely Starr you do get your stamina back and it was during that second year that I really felt it coming back to me - I remember at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, finding it so hard to see my body resilience being able to cope with a normal day's activity without feeling awful afterwards and/or during it.

    I had the same worries / fears / doubts Starr, it is so hard to deal with I know. But keeping trusting God, I know you have been Starr, He is going to heal Your body completely - I really really do believe that and if you're struggling to see or feel it right now that's okay, remember that I and others believe it for you at this time on your behalf.


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      thank u

      its just im feeling improvements but so slow it makes me feel like how far can my body go can it nip this in the bud or is this it will it continue to fight or will it remember too? i have moments where i feel normal more than ever after the one yr mark then its a back slide

      when will this game end

      does anyone get back to normal or do things linger

      this is so hard not knowing waiting....adjusting

      hope youre well

      thank u for your encouraegment

      my family after one yr have been saying negative awful things to me.

      i wanna heal and prove them wrong

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      Hi Starr,

      Oh I do understand how frustrating it is when progress seems so slow and minimal sometimes - one thing to keep in mind with this virus Starr, something I kind of experience too, was that it can stay at the same level and feel like little or no improvement for such a long time and then all of a sudden a big improvement can happen in a short space of time. Some people even report with this virus that recovery is quick after a long period of struggling / suffering - so hang on to that and remember because progress is slow it doesn't mean that it will always go at that slow rate - at some point there will be a bigger breakthrough, and that second year is often when it happens for folks. Hoping and praying for this for you!

      So sorry to hear that your family have been saying nasty things, that is awful to hear and must be so hard to deal with. You just remember that there are people on here and out there that do understand how intense and awful this virus really can be, and remember that God is on your side - I believe He will help you prove anyone who is not being supportive wrong, but if you can keep your focus on getting better and stronger. Remember the story of Job, even his close friends were not at all good in comforting and supporting him, making wrong judgements about him when he was feeling at his worst. But look how that story ended, God gave Job the victory....I believe your victory is being worked on right now and you will see the full manifestations of it this year - hang in there.

      Thanks for thinking about me too, still concerned about my foot injury been hobbling about a bit and just praying for the Lord to heal and give us all a more period of stable health and protection under His wing where we can grow and rebuild and become strong again. Praise God.

      Thinking of you Starr, hang in there my friend.


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      hi starr. i haven't been on here in a while because I though my son was all better. But...

      whenever you "back slide" or start feeling bad again after feeling good, what are your main symptoms?

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      thank u

      ive been seeing improvements more than ever after 1 yr and close together

      but still banged up

      my back pain finally was better then came back

      achy legs jelly

      ugh head

      but i feel like

      will my body get all the way?

      i see a mix of recovered and linger stories

      who will i be

      sucks not knowing

      this is not cool

      i need my life body back


      13 mos.... ready for 100% life

      thank u for all of your time & encouragement as my family some, say bad things this far down the road

      thinking if you

      hope youre healthy & eating well!

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      Starr I want to answer your question with a clear and straight answer - and it's my honest belief:

      YES your body will get all the way with its recovery. It is SO common to doubt this and worry that it won't and I felt EXACTLY the same, seeing some slight improvements at times but at times it was so miminal and I felt so fragile still that I found it so hard to see my body being strong, well and resilient again. But thanks to God only and with time I was able to get there - I am still convinced that Year 2 is going to be your recovery year Starr, but just take it each day and hold onto faith, I know it's easier said than done sometimes, God is working on things behind the scenes right now with your recovery I get a strong sense of that and when the manifestations are seen your life and health are going to be turned around so dramatically - I have faith in that.

      Thinking about and hoping for a settled weekend for you. I'm going for scan results for my foot on Monday, if you could say a prayer for me it would mean a lot, like you this last few months been turbulent just seems like one thing after another and just hoping and praying for God's healing and mercy for us. God is good we must remember all the things He has done for us - and He is the same God now as He was then and He never changes and His will is ALWAYS to heal us!!


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      thank u

      thank u

      thank u


      ARE u sure!

      this is crazy!!!!

      hows your foot?

      hope youre well

      im ready to jump

      im done feeling crappy

      as ive felt incredible my whole life


      13+ mos

      felt improvements

      then fall back!!????

      fed up

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      Hey Starr,

      I can only go on my own experience and what I feel God is saying to me about your situation and others on here....and going on that EMPHATICALLY the answer is YES I feel sure that with time you will get back to 100%. I wish it was easier to understand the journey Starr, it's so hard to have patience through trials, I am the worst for it. Still having issues with my foot, just hoping and praying God can bless October for us and it can be a month of breakthrough and where barriers are dissolved and real progress is made.

      It can be normal to go forwards and fall back during recovery from this virus Starr, keep remembering it's like that zig zag graph but overall you can see with time the journey is upwards, and that's even when you get some steep zigs down as well, it will come back up again Starr truly I believe that.

      No wonder you are fed up, it is totally understandable. I'm thinking about you still praying for you still and grateful for your kind words and prayers for me too now as have been finding it tough also.

      Grateful for you Starr you are a wonderful blessing to me and this forum, we love you and care about you and want you well!


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      thank u

      i hope u are well

      how r u?

      im sorry if i dont respond to u

      ive been seeing improvements but not ya know or i feel good then bam! set back

      my muscles will they be normal again after this event

      they feel just whacked out!!!?

      im done with this want my life back and to move on from this nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      i am apprecitive to u

      i pray for us all

      take care talk soon

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      Hey Starr,

      It always warms my heart to see a post from you because you always encourage me. I've been struggling with foot pain that's been going on for weeks and weeks and just don't know how to get rid of, have been to set docs and for scan and podiatrist and everything and just feel all out of balance and don't really know what to do, has been getting me down - if you could pray for my foot that would mean a lot to me at this time.

      I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers regularly please be assured. Goodness knows you must be so weary and fed up and ready for that breakthrough and to be well again. I remember a lot of muscle aches and pains during this, often as though I had been doing heavy exercise when I wasn't doing anything like that at all. This symptom DOES go away for sure and your body does get back to feeling resilent again - as I've prob said before I remember feeling so fragile and thinking my body would never be strong or be able to cope with normal levels of activity again, but as quick as this virus comes improvements can come too - and it does get to a stage where the improvement doens't just come and then setbacks happen, it gets to the stage that the improvement far outweighs any setbacks and you really start to move forward.

      Hoping and praying for this for you! I am appreciative to you too and thanks for listening to my troubles and for praying for me too - it means so much. Thinking about you still a lot.


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