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Callmemustang Callmemustang

Does eczema cause raised welts when severe enough?

A little back story. I had eczema as a kid. I also have it still when in contact with certain chemicals, with extreme heat and with bug bites. My eczema symptoms are red, inflamed, very itchy, splotchy and hot to the touch, which explains sort of what im going through now but i cant tell if its hives or eczema.

Sunday night i started getting rash and small red bumps on ankles. Now its Thursday night and im still experiencing this only its worse. I keep getting rashes on my ankles/feet, calves, back of arms and elbows and my knees. (I got them once on my face) these are all places i typically get my eczema but the severity is so much worse.

In the morning they will generally fade then come evening they come back. Ill get 1-4 at a time they last anywhere from 2-6 hours each then theyll fade just to.reappear or appear somewhere else (like hives) some of them show up as just flat rashes. Some, the worse ones, welt up. They are white/yellowish welts with red outline, and the welts will go away with cold wrap and/or calamine. But the red outline will continue to.spread. they are extremely itchy.

I have circulation problems anyway so i cant stay on my feet long because they will break out on my feet. My entire foot becomes inflamed itchy and hot (which i do with my eczema that i know)

I never had eczema with raised welts, is that common?

I also have no idea whats causing this. I made no diet changes. I havent changed soaps, detergents, etc. I did get a new blanket that i slept with before washing so i washed it and all my other blankets and sheets. Still no help.

I just started a a beauty supply store. My dad seems to think that had something to do with it. The store is full of chemicals which you can smell just walking in the store. I touch the bottles but ive never directly touched the actual chemicals. Can i have a reaction just from the fumes or touching bottles? I even went to the docs. At the time, it wae morning and all the rashes were temporarily gone so she didnt seem to think there was an issue. She told me just to go home and take benedryl. Its been almost 5 days! Im miserable!

(I havent worked every day but it started on Sunday night when i worked, it slowly seemed to be getting better then i went back last night and it got worse again on my feet)

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  • rocky31676 rocky31676 Callmemustang

    Yeah ,, they can be the chemicals that can result in rashes and other dermatitis like conditions. 

    Beneadryl should work or try betamethasone cream.

  • danR danR Callmemustang

    You could take a photo of the rash/hives to show to your dermatologist. Keeping a chart might help you find out when the rash is most likely to occur.

    You mentioned that you did not change detergents, etc but the ingredients of detergents and cosmetic products do change at times. I found this out after having an allergic reaction to a 'known' product. When you check the list of ingredients or hazard sheet it often has a valid until date.   

  • diane 88422 diane 88422 Callmemustang

    Hi. It could be chemicals. A woman i work with uses a body spray from a well known store. Although our office is large and spacious one whiff of the spray makes me feel poisoned and quite ill and i have to go out until it wears off. Also when i walk up the detergent isle in any supermarket, after just a few seconds i feel as though i have been punched in the chest and feel faint. Maybe your skin is reacting to chemicals just as my chest and stomach react to similar irritants.

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