Does Gastritis Make Me Feel Hungry So I Binge Eat?

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Hello. I have gastritis. I have noticed that there are days when after eating, I keep wanting to eat again and that satiation does not occur immediately. I am unable to focus on my work as my mind is busy of thinking of what to eat. I feel discomfort in stomach and for some reason eating food calms it down but temporarily, until I start wanting to eat again. Sometimes I would binge eat too but later feel lethargic and drowsy. Could it be that I overeat, hence that lethargy and drowsy feeling? I wonder if binge eating is because of maybe caloric deficit due to small, but frequent meals that I have or it's due to gastritis...

I also can't go to sleep normally because I seem to have developed food association with sleep. If I go to sleep without eating, I would wake up hungry in the middle of the night to eat something. I wonder if it's just a habit that I developed or it has to do with gastritis.


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    Same here.  Some days I feel like I can't get enough to eat, getting hunger pains right after eating.  It comes and goes.  Seems to happen with protein meals, so I've started to take digestive enzymes.  We'll see how that goes.  

    I usually keep some crackers next to my bed so if I wake up hungry, I'll grab a few and go back to sleep.  Happened last night, first time in about a week.  

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      Hi Chucky777

      I wonder when we talk about pain, do we refer to same feeling or a different... In my case when I feel the hunger that gastritis causes, I don't exactly have hunger pain that you describe. Rather it's normal hunger with a feeling of discomfort and maybe irritation in stomach. Something like that. I haven't paid attention whether it's caused by protein meal but I know that oatmeal prepared with milk, buckwheat prepared on water and 82% natural butter are among factors that cause it for me. I heard that for someone else it's dairy products, fats, coffee and chocolate. Dairy is 80% of my diet and I drink coffee 2 times per day so these are my weak spots.

      Have you heard that apple cider vinegar cure gastritis? Some people report that. There is a post on this forum from someone who cured their gastritis. It does not have anything to do with apple cider vinegar though...

      I am unable to link but if you search Google for "How I cured my gastritis" you will see it first.

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    STAY AWAY FROM ACV.  Trust me, drinking that will cause some serious burning.  That's only useful for people with gerd.

    If you're looking for supplements to take, then try zinc l-carnosine, DGL and slippery elm.  Good stuff there. 

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      When I was drinking ACV, I didn't drink it the way it is. I took half table spoon of it and diluted with water and drank it after heavy meal. People report that taking it after heavy meal reduces high insulin that spiked (which is what makes us tired and drowsy by the way), helps digestion and detoxifies liver and that beside vitamins it contains.

      I drank it for short time and I don't remember feeling burning sensation back then. So you think it can worsen Gastritis? By the way, how bad is garlic? I usually cut it in small pieces and add to salads.


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      I tried the ACV remedy a couple of months ago and it burned my stomach, so I personally wouldn't do it, but it's up to you.  You're going to learn that in the early stages of having gastritis, it's nothing but trial & error.  You'll find out what agrees with you and what doesn't.  After almost two months, I think I've finally found all my triggers and what's been slowing down my healing process.  Now, I've eliminated all triggers from my diet, taking my PPI and other supplements hoping that this will eventually get me healed. 

      As for garlic, not really sure.  I never really eat it.  So give it right, if it aggravates your gastritis, remove it from your diet indefinitely, if it doesn't, then you can continue to eat in, but just don't go overboard. 

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      How did you find triggers? I find there are so many variables to do that. Did you follow elimination method? Like did you eat one type of food in a short period of time, ruling out other foods from your diet to find the triggering food?

      Did you ever take Omepradex? I started taking it recently once per day. It's a medicine that coats stomach lining to prevent potential inflammation resulting from food or secreted acid in stomach.


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      I eliminated the major triggers that will affect almost anyone at the very beginning.  Foods like fried/greasy/oily foods, chocolate, carbonated drinks, spicy food, tomato-based food, acidic food, coffee & alcohol.  Then I went from there.  I've learned that heavy dairy foods like milkshakes are a no-no for me.  Dairy in general should be avoided since it calls for me acid production, and it appears I'm a little lactose-intolerant.  Then I learned that too much red meat isn't good.  Red meat is hard to digest, but in moderation is fine.  It's best to stick with lean meats, non acidic fruits, and almost all vegetables.  Some processed foods are alright like soup but don't go crazy.  Stay away from box meals and processed baked goods.  

      To give you an idea of what I eat, I only consume meat wraps like fresh deli turkey with organic lettuce on a tortilla wrap with something like unsalted pretzels as a side.  For dinner I might eat a can of chicken & rice soup with crackers.  For snacks I'll eat applesauce without added sugar, bananas, organic almonds, organic dairy free protein milk, granola bar, toast or some cereal (not the sugary kids one).

      That's about it.  I eat frequently, drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep, take my prescribed meds & OTC supplements.  

      I take:

      40mg Protonix 1x day

      10ml Carafate 2x day

      2 Zinc L-Carnosine 2x day

      2 DGL chewables 3x day 

      Digestive enzymes before meals (not snacks)

      Probiotic extra strength

      B12, magnesium, calcium and D3

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      What type of organic dairy-free protein milk do you consume? Am I right that dairy-free milk is a plant-based milk?

      It seems you are restricting yourself in feel-guilty foods. How did that affected your happiness levels? I normally consume chocolate and other sugary foods in moderation and think cutting them out would affect my level of happiness. Sometimes I feel stressed out and find that such foods help me manage it...

      You mentioned that you take magnesium in a form of OTC supplement. I had muscle crams and realized that I lack magnesium. My source of magnesium are steam-dried peanuts. Do you know if whether these affect gastritis?

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    Hi TechnicGeek,

    How are you now? how your treatment ?

    I'm in gastritis since Jan to now (April). Yes, 2 week after diet, I feel hunger alway even after meal but after one morning, everything change I'm back to indisgested, nausea, reflux, I went to doctor and she give me elthon (medicine help improve stomach work). then After 3 day use elthon, I feel hunger again: hunger, weekess and shanky. the same as you

    I think it's because of high acid in our stomach but not sure why it on/off in my stomach so speed. Hope anyone get the answer

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    huhuh same with my gerd... driving me crazy...u just ate something then after an hour you feel hungry again... dunno wat to do

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