Does Gilbert's syndrome cause anxiety.

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I have been diognosed with GS. The Doctor told me the high amounts of bilirubin in my blood is the cause of my yellow skin around my eyes especially when I drink alcohol or take any medication. I have been suffering with anxiety and find it very hard to socialize with new people, I also find it hard to hold a conversation as my brain always feels foggy. I'm not sure if GS is the cause of the anxiety as I'm finding it very hard to get any facts about this condition. Two doctors i spoke to had totally different opinions on GS. All's I was basically told is there is nothing you can do about and that's it, nobody I've spoke to seems to know much about it. I'm glad I found this forum and hope to get a better insight into all of this.

Thanks for reading.


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    His David,

    I suffer from anxiety and brain fog really badly also, I'very been taking medication for the anxiety and will be going on stress management courses in a couple of weeks. There's a Facebook page called 'life with Gilbert's syndrome' I recommend (if your on facebook) joining the page as there are a lot of people that can help with good adice. If found that Dr's don't know alot about it really, my medication doesn't do much to help really so I've stopped it. The brain fog I'm still desperate to find something to help but lots of water and no sugar or wheat seems to help a bit but I still carry a pen and pad to write everything down lol.

    Good luck David.

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      I have also tried medication for anxiety and same as you it doesn't work. My eyes go yellow from taking any toxins into my body, so I stay clear from any medication. I've tried milk thistle and other remedies that's supposed to be good for your liver but they have the same results. What helps me is when I'm feeling fit and healthy the anxiety goes away for a time but when I ware myself down by overdoing it takes over again. I suppose it's just finding that balance. As for the brain fog I forget everything just like you. I'm just glad I'm not alone. I will try different meal plans to see what really works. Thank you for your reply and I hope you overcome your anxiety.

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    Hi David

    Sorry to hear you have GS. 

    I've had it for many years. It seems to affect people differently; but a lot of people with GS seem to suffer anxiety.  Brain fog is common with it as our body unfortunately isn't working to its fullest. Then anxiety seems to set in as we're trying harder to keep with it.  You're not alone. 

    GS is to do with an excess of billirubin which GS sufferers have an excess of. 

    It affects our liver, hence the yellowing of eyes.  This occurs when your billirubin levels are high - due to virus, being run down or after an operation/procedure. 

    Most GP's do not understand GS & will tell you it has no affect on ones body - they are wrong.  Even specialists will tell you the same; they too are wrong. 

    Try and limit alcohol intake as this affects the liver more.  Keep to a well balanced diet and try and not get run down - which is hard; there is no medication for GS.

    This site is good for information & so too is the facebook page for GS. 

    Good luck. Cheers


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      Hi andree

      I have quickly recognized that the doctors I've spoke to didn't no much about GS. I thought to myself yesterday why not find out from people who live with this condition and get some facts. I have learned more about this condition in the last 24 hours by joining this forum than I've learned in the last 13 years from when I started getting these symptoms as I never knew I had Gilbert's till only 5 days ago. I've been told in the past that my liver might be scarred which is the cause of the jaundice but I never drank that much anyway so I was confused but I accepted it for 13 years and no matter how long I stopped drinking alcohol for the same thing happened again. I am actually releived that I know now after all this time so I can find a way to deal with it. I really appreciate your reply and have learned alot from it.

      Thank you.

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      Hi David, 

      Yes it's better obtaining advice from GS sufferers. 

      Your liver wouldn't be scarred if you don't consume much alcohol. 

      Liver scarring would normally occur from something like having hepatitis A, which I had from an overseas journey - staying at a 5* hotel & eating at the hotel. The cause of your jaundice is from having an elevated billirubin level - which are the toxins filtering from your liver through your gallbladder.  GS sufferers bodies are unable to get rid of the billirubin efficiently as those without GS.  So when your billirubin level is high - usually after an operation/procedure or virus or just being run down, this is when the jaundice appears as the excess of billirubin is affecting your liver.  If you need to have a procedure/operation, its best to let the surgeon and aenethestist (sorry prob spelt incorrectly) know. 

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    Hi David,

    I get the same response from doctors. They all tell me there are no symptoms yet then they hand me a leaflet with a list of the symptoms in! I recently had a doctors check up and she was the first doctor i have had in 6 years who has actually been semi helpful as her brother suffers from GS. 

    The only advice she gave me, was to not have 3 set meals a day. But to eat little and often throughout the day. I read online that high fibre foods are good for your liver also. So i tend to have fruit or high fibre fruit bars as snacks every few hours. 

    In regards to the alcohol, i tend just not to drink it! I do get called boring for it. But at the end of the day, it makes me feel rubbish! So why should i bring that on myself for someone elses amusement. 

    Hope this helps! 

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    Hi David , I have a similar situation diagnosed GS 11 years ago and I had mental fog a couple of years ,anxiety most of the time , I improved my situation in several ways , I reduced all stimulants to the very minimum ,coffee , tea , chocolat and sugar . I reduced my toxin load with activated charcoal 1 pill 1 hour before lunch and 1 hour after lunch (don't take meds and supplements 2 hours near charcoal ) no more toothpaste and mouthwash ,water and salt is better. Use only all natural creams and chapstick without chemicals

    . And of course a healthy diet lots of veggies fish and fruit ,

    I still like to drink 1or 2 glasses of wine a night , I wish I could stop but it's the only sin

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