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Gilberts Syndrome

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  • jesset1977 2

    18 year old son has yellow eyes....

    They have progressively been getting worse over the past 4 months. I should have gotten him to a doctor the second he came home and said his friends were telling him his eyes were yellow. I thought just a bunch of kids being paranoid. Long story shortened...i saw last week his eyes were yellowing. His...

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  • Tamworth Mike 2

    Older man new to group

    Hello everyone!  Great to find at least one group that is composed of actual Gilbert's patients.  I just thought I'd post a short note with my symptoms and story. I'm 63 and retired.  I am a few pounds overweight (according to my BMI),.  I eat very correctly and exercise daily. All in all I am considered...

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  • sheila4300 2

    Hypochlorhydria, possible cause of GS.

    I had CFS, and Gilbert's for over 10 years. Just discovered that I have low stomach acid and cannot digest protein. This condition is called  "hypochlorhydria" and has all kinds of negative side effects, including putting a lot of stress on the liver. This condition gets worse as one ages. Started taking...

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  • Caketin96 1

    Gilberts Syndrome No Symptoms, you having a laugh?

    Hiya Guys, I was diagnosed with Gilberts Syndrome a while back and told I would have no issues with it, wrong! I always feel sick, tired, can't concentrate very well (which doesn't help in school), I get brain fog very easily. All this affects my daily life, especially in school! Doctors just dont seem...

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  • a02062 1

    Gilberts Syndrome as an Athlete

    My Struggle with Gilbert's Syndrome In 2016 every one of my fingernails turned a deep shade of purple. Being a generally healthy person, I was naturally concerned. So I visited my doctor and she instructed me to wait it out. A few weeks later my nails were a funny shade of yellow. My doctor ordered...

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  • daiselise 1

    Gilberts and Exhaustion

    So I was diagnosed with Gilberts a few months back, even though I've known I have it for many years (my mum has it too, and its hereditary, so it only made sense). My biggest problem at the moment has been a constant crushing exhaustion, and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this? All the...

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  • christina33903 1

    Doctors need to do more research on Gilberts syndrome

    My 10 year old son has been diagnosed twice this year with GS. Both Paediatrician's have said it's psychological and he needs to see a dietician. Never mind that my son can hardly walk, is fatigued, suffers severe stomach pain 24/7, nausea, muscle pain, breathing difficulty and forgetfulness. He has...

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  • magpie101 1

    How were you diagnosed with GS?

    Hi all, I recently had a blood test done to check liver and kidney function and general bloods. My bilirubin levels were 43 umol with the normal levels being < 20 umol. My GP has said this is probably Gilbert's Syndrome but hasn't offered to do any further testing/monitoring to rule out any other conditions....

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  • clement18269 1


    I was diagnosed with Gilberts 53 years ago I was 17 at the time. I was told then that there was nothing that I could do about it .My levels are in the mid 70s . I have found that stress , hard physical work , sickness , can bring it on . I was told that I would die with it and not from it .It has been...

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  • david34d 2

    Does Gilbert's syndrome cause anxiety.

    I have been diognosed with GS. The Doctor told me the high amounts of bilirubin in my blood is the cause of my yellow skin around my eyes especially when I drink alcohol or take any medication. I have been suffering with anxiety and find it very hard to socialize with new people, I also find it hard...

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  • hubert04787 1

    GIlbert's Syndrome and the Nervous System

    Hello! I am a 22-year old male and I was diagnosed with Gilbert's Syndrome last June. I started feeling chronically fatigued a couple of months after moving to London, UK to study from my native Poland (3 and a half years ago). Initially, I associated all the negative symptoms with living in a huge...

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  • sophie3194 2

    Always tired!

    I originally went to the doctors with crippling stomach pain. After what has now been 50+ Blood tests multiple ultra sounds the doctors have done nothing. Each time I have a blood test they refer me and prod and poke me to tell me nothing. I have given up since they're not going to help me in any way....

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  • francesca34150 1

    Bilirubin and skin colour

    My 6 year old has suspected gilberts. Her bilirubin has been high for a while now. It is normally around 70ish but getting higher each time they test. Last week it was 155. She has blood checked regular as she has other medical problems such as diamond blackfan anemia meaning she needs blood transfusions...

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  • slavic67862 1

    Liver pain

    I'm a 29 year old male who has been having right dull abdominal pain that comes and goes for about 6 months now.. I'm worried I have fatty liver because I have been eating a lot of junk food for along time now. Im 135 lbs but have been slim all my life. i have not seen a doctor because I don't have health...

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  • cookicrumbles 1

    gilberts syndrome and pain

    hi, I am 43 yrs old and just been diagnosed with GS.I have had terrible pain in the rt rib area for ages,has anyone else any experience of this? The pain comes and goes and alters in severity.My other main symptoms seem to be nausea,dizziness and anxiety.The medical books say i should be symptom free...

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  • cadewall01 2

    New to gilbert syndrome

    Hello I am 24 male just been diagnosed with Gilbert syndrome, just wondering I am always depressed and struggle with anxiety I have just started taking anti depressants - sertaline, would these interfere with my GS ? I am always feeling sick and stomach pains how can I deal with this ? Is it stress?...

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  • vincent81 1

    Brain fog issues

    I'm 35 I was diagnosed with Gilberts syndrome about 3 or 4 years ago, I get the usual symptoms stress, tiredness and brain fog but my brain fog is more like 'in one ear out the other'. My memory sometimes is that bad that once I finish a sentence I forget what we were talking about and when you tell...

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  • lyndsey07128 1

    yellow eyes

    Is there anything to help produce the enzymes we need to break down bilirubin? I was diagnosed at 21 and I am a mild case accoring to my doctor, however my eyes are often jaundice and have never been white in color a day since. It gives me a complex when speaking to people I hate to look them in the...

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  • deni1 3


    Hi all, Is a bilirubin result of 73 high and if so how high, a little, moderate or high Also an alt of 56+ Thanks

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  • daniel14 2

    Bilirubin levels

    Hi all. I've been reading posts about Gilbert's Syndrome with interest. A few months ago my GP said I may have GS after a blood test revealed my bilirubin level was 48, more than twice the level considered abnormal of 21. The reason I had the blood test was because I'd been feeling very tired despite...

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  • EmilyandBilly 2

    New to Gilbert's and this site

    Hello there group, I am very excited to find you all! For amore than 4 years now I have been working with many different doctors and specialists to try to find the root of my many symptoms, and I have recently received some lab work that suggests that I have Gilbert's Syndrome. And it seems that all...

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  • janene 14106 1

    Gilbert's Syndrome and Migraines is there a link?

    Hi I have suffered from excessive fatigue, daliy headaches/ migraines, brain fog, memory and cognitive difficuties on/off for all my adult life, I am now 33. I was diagnosied with gilberts a few years ago, but never thought anything of it because at the time the doctor said it was insignificant incidental...

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  • avinash30082 2

    Gilbert syndrome and Sex life

    I was diagnosed by GB syndrom since when i was 12 and now i am 28. I feel so tired/fatigue and really like i don't have energy in my body. I am young but i was hangout with my girlfriend last week and she wanted sex with me, she is ready but i felt energy less So i couldn't able to do sex with my GF....

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  • gary68104 2


    Hi ; I've had gilberts syndrome since I was 20 and I'm 61 now , my son has it as well . We are both very active runners , my son just did the last 2 Boston marathones which he ran under 3 hours.he's also a fire fighter. I get good rest and exercise I eat mostly healty, but I also cheat ,love chocolate...

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  • HIXXY 2

    Gilbert's advice

    I am a 42 yr old personal trainer, recently diagnosed with gilbert's syndrome. Since I can remember I have always suffered badly after a major cold, flu, food poisoning, these illnesses come and go and often I am left feeling very spacey, so in a way I'm glad I finally know what is going on. This last...

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  • birddream 1

    Hot Head, Itching, Diarrhea and Fatigue

    I'm 37 y.o. I was diagnosed with Gilbert's this Fall after having high total bilirubin (1.9) while everything else was normal. Everyone tells me 1.9 is not high enough such that you would appear jaundiced, but I swear when I look in the mirror I have a yellow tinge, and the skin on my face itches a...

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  • samantha65766 2

    Gilbert syndrome

    Hi i went to doctors for blood test last week went back today to get results and dr tells me i have gilbert syndrome Someone help me understand this please Thank you in advance

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  • leslie40564 1

    Yellow Perspiration

    Has anyone else experienced yellow perspiration that stains bed linens at night?  No detergent, bleach and the hottest water has been able to penetrate those stains.  Maybe this is because bilirubin is not water-soluable.  I am looking for a solution to keep our sheets clean and bright.  I hate the idea...

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  • avinash30082 2

    How to get rid of yellow color of eyes?

    I was diagnosed with Gilbert syndrome since 5 yrs. I feel sometimes embarrassing to do eye contact with someone who has white color. Everybody ask me what happened to your eyes? Why its yellow blah...blah ...blah... so please anyone has any idea to remove the eyes yellow color? Really need good tips...

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  • LouLou15 1

    Gilbert's syndrome?

    Hello  everyone,  Im new to all this so i am not sure if I'm in the right place but anyway here goes... So I have been ill for about a year now, going back and forth to the hospital/ doctors trying to see what problem i have. I have been suffering from jaundice, severe fatigue, nausea, dizziness, brain/memory...

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  • elizabeth 03284 3

    Gilberts Syndrome yearly physical??

    I get a yearly physical obviously, every year and just this year noticed my bilirubin levels were elevated Total 2.1 indirect 1.7 direct .08 I was sent to a gastroenterologist and I am scheduled for a colonoscopy and and endoscopy . My question is this, if it is Gilberts syndrome, would it just show...

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  • DaceyCase 1

    Gilbert's Syndrome and cholesterol level

    I read a study recently that said people with Gilbert's Syndrome have lower cholesterol than those without.  I myself have Gilbert's and my cholesterol is extremely low and has been for as long as I can remember.  Does anyone else have low cholesterol?  I wonder if low cholesterol is related to some...

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  • Guest M

    Milk thistle and Gilberts Syndrome

    Just be diagnosed with Gilberts Syndrome (at 31) - glad to finally have a reason for fatigue and a possible link with other random symptoms (Was amazed to find the list of symptoms that have been associated with this condition that I experience frequently). Have started to take Milk Thistle - have to...

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  • Mansson 2

    Conjugated bilirubin in GS

    My bilirubin has been up for six months and the doctor claims I have GS. The unconjugated bilirubin has been around 40-50umol/l ja conjugated 12-17umol/l. The amount of conjugated has been constantly 20-23% out of total bilirubin. I've spent hours and hours trying find GS cases with a ratio >20% but...

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  • Guest M

    Bilirubin not the problem for symptomatic GS sufferers

    Hi all- I'm new to this forum. I have had health issues since I was 21 (13 years now). (I have been diagnosed many times with \&quot;chronic fatigue syndrome\&quot All my liver function test have shown elevated bilirubin and it has been confirmed I have Gilbert's. My main symptoms (amongst a whole...

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