High bilirubin levels, everytime I eat I feel sick and be sick. All other blood results normal.

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Hello I'm 28 years old 6ft 4 and weigh 76Kg (Slim Build). For the last 2 months I have struggled with eating, everytime I eat regardless what it is I'm eating I get that sick feeling (feeling when you eat to fast). It has progressively got worse and now have episodes of being sick, I have tried slowing my eating habit etc... but no change.

I have recently seen my doctor and I have had a full blood tests done all was fine apart from my bilirubin levels were very high, I had a retake of bloods and this showed high bilirubin levels still. I have been referred for a stomach scan and endoscopy but due to Covid-19 could be waiting a while.

Has any experienced anything similar, it's really difficult to just enjoy eating food almost feels like theres a block and in order to eliviate the sickness sometimes I have to be sick to feel better. I have had occasional chest pain which has woken me up in the night but this isnt often.

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    Hi there,

    I was diagnosed with Gilberts a few years ago now.

    I too for quite a while would get episodes of feeling sick after eating, the only way I can explain it was that I felt as if I had bit of a lump in my throat?? At Christmas time I also was experiencing bad heartburn (think most people do at Christmas hahaha) so I cut out tea and coffee and since then I have not been having any sickness feeling !

    I can quite honestly say I don't miss tea or coffee, I now drink fruit / herbal / green tea etc.

    I hope you overcome this soon .

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      Definitely, I have had to also eliminate caffeine and chocolate! It helped me immensely as well!

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    First, have you had your gall bladder removed? if not, did they check for gall stones? Second, have they checked for Appendicitis? If you have been checked for both of these and everything is ok, then I would ask to be checked for MALS. Do you have any pain after eating with the nausea? Usually MALS patients have pain with the nausea.

    Try eating diet low in sugar, and eliminate white flour and dairy completely. This may help your symptoms until you can be tested. Good luck!

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    I was diagnosed with gilberts syndrome a few months ago, i orginally went to the doctor because i would frequently get sick as well. Thats when they run blood tests and found it. I had a CT scan and found some small stones but nothing serious in my gallbladder. Then they did a colonoscopy and endocoscpy and didnt have cileac disease. After that they did breath tests and finally figured out i am fructose and sucrose intollerant. Hard to switch your diet as many things contain fructose but once i did i havent felt better!! Make sure to request breath tests if they don't do them, as that is why i couldn't pin down what was making me sick!

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    man i have the same symptoms, i dont even have to eat alot for this feeling. I am an avid golfer and i have noticed that if i get to hot i get the same felling as almost like my abdomen is to tight.

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      How are your symptoms now have you had any medical advice regarding this?

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    I have been diagnosed with Gilberts for a few years but have never really looked into the symptoms, as when the GP told me he basically said it as a fly away statement and just told me it was the reason i got really ill if i drink alcohol. The last few months I have been having pain under my ribs, stomach tenderness, fatigue, constant nausea and increasing sickness in addition i also have a wide spread rash that I am currently waiting to see a dermatologist about(never had skin issues before). I have had an ultra sound scan to rule out gallstones and they also checked my liver, pancreas and kidneys and all were fine, had blood tests to rule out a whole host of things including celiac disease and ovarian cancer. I spoke to my GP last night and she said the last test she can do is to check my urine for kidney issues, but she thinks all my symptoms are down to me Gilberts. I also have IBS but these pains are nothing like my IBS pains which is why i got checked. I find that my symptoms are made worse if i don't have my meals at set times. If my kidney function comes back ok i am going to look at trying probiotics to see if that helps my stomach issues

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    If you wake up from sleep because your chest hurts its an emergency situation. If you feel sick after food it means body dont need this food. It needs vitamins and metals that you are lacking. To boost digestion take copper and zinc. Chest pain caused by B vitamins deficiency. Dont forget about magnesium too

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