Does missing a period for nearly a year cause weight gain?

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Due to PCOS i've not had periods for about a year now. I have also noticeably gained weight particularly in my stomach area within this time which i'm struggling to lose (I was quite slim before). I also feel bloated all the time.

Would the fact I am missing periods have contributed to this in any way? I appreciate it is probably down to other factors but the weight gain timing ties in with when my periods stopped? Especially as well that the weight i've put on is most noticeable around my stomach and pelvic area.

I understand this is not a serious matter but just want to know if weight gain and missing periods are linked? Just becoming very frustrated with my weight.

Thank you for any help anyone can give!

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    Hi there,

    I wanted to reply to your question because I have the same issue with weight gain around my middle. I personally think my weight gain has in fact caused the lack of periods. I used to be a lot slimmer with an active life style, would gym and swim,.. (didnt eat too healthy all the time) but everything was better! and then I had a lot happen in life and through comfort eating and change in exercise habits I gained so much weight. Then i went vegan 2 years ago and started eating more healthy but wasnt exercising and the weight is still there. so I believe exercise is so important for pcos? my tummy is my biggest area and people often ask if I'm pregnant (horrible) but when I have stuck to healthy calorie in take and exercises I've felt great with more energy.... and after two weeks got my period and all was normal.

    this is just based on experience but I hope it helps. please feel free to ask more questions. All the best xx

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      sorry forgot to say at the start if my reply.... :p .... my weight gain happened and periods then stopped around the same time, like you mentioned but I had gained some weight slightly before so I think that tends to slow periods in women with pcos xx

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      Thanks so much for your response, that's a big help! Sorry to hear you are going through a similar problem, but I'm glad you got your period again and are starting to feel better and more energised. I'm going to try and do a lot more exercise, and have a healthier diet, hopefully that will help, it's reassuring to hear someone else has come through the other side of this frustrating issue!

      Have you noticed the weight on your stomach going down at all now you've done more exercise? Also what type of exercise have you been doing if you don't mind me asking?

      The weird thing is, is that although I gained a bit of weight before my periods stopped, I feel like my weight is getting progressively worse the longer it goes on without a period even if I try and be a little bit more careful with what i'm eating etc. That's what made me wonder if the lack of periods is causing the weight gain itself rather than the periods stopping because of the weight gain. But I guess with PCOS 'being a little bit careful' doesn't quite cut it lol and i'm going to have to work extra hard to lose this weight! I'm hoping if and when my period comes back i'll start to feel a little better about myself and things will sort themselves out. I guess that's just part of the problem with PCOS it's hard to know what on earth is going on a lot of the time as symptoms come and go!

      Thank you again though, best wishes xx

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      when i stick to it things improved and years back when I was active it was regular...well.... every 5.5 weeks to the day! wierd.

      now though.... I've not found time or motivation to exercise and it's bad again. and I suppose theres a whole load of issues we have so hard to know what comes first or makes the other worse anymore! i read a lot of articles that help...(always being careful not to dig too deep into negatives) but every day theres new studies and advice from so many places. you could also visit your doctor? I was going every year to blood test to check hormones and other things and having an internal scan to see how the ovaries were doing. I think it's good peace of mind to keep an eye on things and can help ease worry.

      theres also pills they suggest. I used a herbal one called agnus cactus which can help regulate hormones . so many ideas out there but thats the only herbal one I tried. it worked once or twice when I actually stuck to it. (probably seeing a pattern now) 🙄 lol

      hope that helps. xx

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      Oh that's true i never thought of herbal medicine, i might look into that! And yes i'm going to keep an eye on things, thanks so much for your help 😃 xx

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    pcos is down to a hormone imbalance due to insulin resistance. carbs are going to play a big part in weight gain. Sugar, dairy and alcohol are your biggest enemy. if you can cut down on those, it will help prevent you putting on more weight and help with acne. Look at low gi diet plans to prevent you putting on more weight and if you need to lose weight, you need to cut your calories and exercise regularly.

    You are more at risk of female cancers if you don't shed your womb lining regularly. You could ask your doctor about metformin which is supposed to regulate your hormones. or ask your doctor for an anti androgen medication. The contraceptive pill is another option to regulate your periods but your risk of serious side effects increases with the fact you have PCOS.

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    Hi there,

    I understand your dilemma as I have been suffering from PCOS since long that has made my periods irregular. If you have been missing periods since a year, you might be suffering from this too! And weight gain may be cause of PCOS. This is because of the hormonal imbalance that increases the anabolic activity which eventually increases the body size.

    Weight gain can also because of junk food consumption. This happens when you have developed hunger hormones (Grhelin) that is produced by the stomach. This increases the junk food cravings and eventually increases the body weight.

    As even I was experiencing weight gain, I simply tried to change my lifestyle and made smart and healthy choices to avoid weight gain. Recently I even started yoga and a few simple exercises like jogging and brisk walking to reduce weight.

    Also, you can try natural treatment to reduce PCOS symptoms like weight gain. I personally use Cycloherb pills to regulate my hormones. There are other medicines too! But this one is completely natural and herbal which suited me a lot.

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