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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

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  • rmw10000 2

    After some help?

    Hello, so i got diagnosed with PCOS after been trying to concieve for 18months and periods just stopped so now i am under NHS fertility and waiting to get a HCG done (waiting for next period) as results for an infection showed positive (which i have never had) in the meantime Iv been dieting really

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  • teya 1

    PCOS and right sided pain during period

    I have PCOS. My doctor said its only affecting my right ovary. i went on the contraceptive pill qlaira last year to help with right sided pelvic pain i was experiencing regularly and for my terrible pms. it has worked wonders for my pms and has helped with the pelvic pain. I havent really had side

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  • jaadelouise1 2

    polycystic ovaries - diagnosed yesterday

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a bit of advice. So July last year I started getting lower abdominal pain, went to the doctors and he said I had a water infection gave me tablets to get rid of it but nothing happened. I left it for a few months until I started getting extremely bloated and

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  • eman72 1

    Newbie to here..

    Good morning Ladies, I'm a brit living in Kuwait and I was diagnosed with pcos back in 2001.  Apart from missing periods back then i havnt really had too many problems with it in these Untill recently. Last week i was in A&E twice with suspected appendicitis, to find out i have 2 cysts on

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  • rachel1996 1

    anyone else in pain with pcos?

    It sounds strange but recently it has felt like my ovaries have been hurting, my stomach can be quite tender to touch where they are located and it feels like they are generally aching. I was just wondering if it was normal and if anyone else has experienced pain with pcos.

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  • kirsty4696 2

    Anyone able to help ? Getting myself really down now :(

    Hi guys, I was doagnosed with pcos in january and am currently waiting for a scan. Since january i seem to catch most bugs thats going around and i also seem to struggle alot with going to the toilet then some days im fine ... Its getting to the point now where every morning i suffer from

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  • ajnc 2

    Bouts of Depression during ovulation and before my period

    I have pcos and I am starting to wonder if the condition exacerbates a problem that I have: A couple of times a month I experience small bouts of depression and anxiety, which I have worked out is related to when I'm ovulating and just before my period starts. I don't think that it's 'normal' PMT.

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  • Gemma2 1

    PCOS and 5 weeks pregnant

    I recently did 5 pregnancy tests and they were all positive- this is my first ever pregnancy as I thought that I would need fertility treatment to get pregnant. I am now worried about miscarriage as I have heard it is higher than normal in women with PCOS - I have lost 6st 4lbs in weight which I

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  • pixiedust1989 2

    pregnancy and pcos

    Hi I am waiting for results to find out if I am pregnant for the first time since finding out I have pcos but one thing ia confusing me and always has done, pcos causes your hormonal levels to become imbalanced and making the male hormones become too high so would this not mask the actual levels in

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  • CharLouise 1

    Please can someone help me.

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me, I'm new to all this but it's worth a try. I'm 25 years old and I was diagnosed with pcos in 2013 by ultrasound as I was having problems with my periods. I was bleeding most of the time. They put me on different pills that never seemed to work so I stop taking

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  • 1976anna 1

    PCOS and Mini pill.

    I have had PCOS for over 20 years and over the years my symptoms have gotten progressively worse (weight gain, severe hair loss, chronic fatigue, dizziness, heart palpitations, cramps etc).  I am 40 years old and was on the pill for a  number of years, however my took me off the pill about 6 months 

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  • Livelife 3

    Possible PCOS I need advice :(

    Okay so I got my periods when I was 14 always been fine and regular from what I remember then when I was about 16 I went on the mini pill which stopped my periods I came off it in November time I think and got my period in december  (not long after) and it came on like the 21st  it lasted 4 days maybe ...

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  • gemma0302 2

    Trying for my second baby and feeling really low

    I am 33 and was diagnosed with PCOS 13 years ago. I feel pregnant with my daughter in November 2011 - I was in a new relationship and was on the pill however started taking a herbal medication which stopped the pill from working which is how my daughter was conceived. I have always referred to her

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  • staceybayliss85 2

    High liver count with pcos??

    Hi all I just wanted to know if anyone else has had there liver tested (through a blood test) and had their results come back high? I recently went to the doctors as I suspect I have pcos, I present all the symptoms but my doctor went through the process of eliminating other possible causes of

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  • Suzi1234 1

    PCOS, pain and discharge?

    Hi, new to this forum. I'm 24 and got diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome about 2.5 years ago (problems started before this). I started my periods when I was 10 years old and have always been VERY heavy and very painful, they make me very weak and quite poorly. For the past 3 years I have

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  • kat86904 1

    Newly Diagnosed Looking For Advice

    Hi, I'm 27 and I've just been diagnosed with PCOS. I came off the pill a year ago and my husband and I had been trying for a baby with no luck. I have been having irregular periods, some very very heavy bleeding and then some "normal" periods, weight hasn't really been an issue, always a steady

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  • kat1989 1

    Polycystic ovaries confusion

    Ok so ive not long ago had a baby she turnes 15month tomorrow. Yesterday my doctor told me i have polycystic ovaries which showed up on a recent scan i had due to serious pariod pains. So i get my period without fail every 31 days however me period is getting lighter and shorter each time. I dont

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  • Mrsgilby569 2


    Hello, Can anyone tell me if I had PCO (mild) would make my ca-125 slightly higher?. It was 41 in November 2016 and 43 recently? I am going for another scan but what worries me is my periods have gone a bit light (always been heavy they have gone a little bit back to normal). I have upper,lower

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  • clare70514 2

    PCOS and panic attacks

    I'm interested in finding out if there is a link between PCOS and panic attacks. I know that the hormones are linked and the doctors don't believe me but if I can find others who also suffer with both it might give me some clout with the medical professions.

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  • Coco0001 2

    Menstruation Problems

    Last Friday I was supposed to be due a period, and it did start for about an hour but it stopped, it didn't start again until Sunday night. PCOS has made my periods unpredictable but this didn't feel right with me, I had been suffering the cramps for weeks before so I knew I was due a period. Has

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  • ilse13776 1


    Hi. I had my period again after like 4/5 months and 2 days after i finished i had unprotected sex. Can i get pregnat, because i have PCOS

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  • lisa99975 3

    Does this sound like PCOS?

    Hi - I have a lengthy story of being "ill" since Jan 1.  It started as a possible pneumonia which is what they treated me for but I never got better with abx or steriods.  I then had a UTI with a different abx.  I had scans and xrays and the only thing that showed was inflammation.  I then

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  • emily131199 2

    Some pcos related questions

    Hi, I've not long been diagnosed with PCOS (December 2016), and upon diagnosis it was also discovered that I had a ruptured cyst - it had bled into or onto my ovary apparently. I had experienced an excruciating pain a few days prior and I experienced that pain again three days ago. Went to the

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  • asmith13431 1

    I now know how to reverse pcos, for me

    Hi, I have been suffering with this for more than 20+ years. I hate the disease and all the symptoms that come with it. I have tried every treatment and diet (vegan 2 yr, low carb 2 yr, gluten free 4 yr, zone, paleo, med, etc..), and exercise program known to women. I have tried all herbs, drugs,

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  • emma54327 2

    Libido at Zero, Feel really bad for my SO

    Hi Ladies, Does anyone struggle with lack of Libido ? either due to an illness or otherwise ? I am currently trying to change my life, i have PCOS, i am trying to lose weight under the NHS weight whole world feels like its upside down at the moment and the person that suffers most is my

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  • rebecca34807 2

    Weight Loss and PCOS

    Hi all, I was diagnosed with PCOS about a year ago and I am finding it very difficult to lose weight. Does anyone have any tips? I am on Metformin and have tried numerous diet plans but nothing seems to work!   

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  • kelster8907 1

    PCOS Confusion/Frustration

    Hello!  I was first diagnosed with PCOS when I was in my early teens (I'm now 27).  My periods have been all over the place for the last 10 or so years, some lasting for 3-4 weeks and others not coming for months on end. I started taking birth control at a very young to help regulate my cycles.  

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  • ashlee10224 2

    PCOS - Change in discharge, cramping. Should I be concerned??

    Hi, I'm 18 and I was diagnosed with PCOS about 2 months ago and for the past month and a half I have been on Levlen (contraception pill) to help with the hormonal imbalance. Around 10 days ago I noticed a light brown discharge only visible on toilet paper, but since then I have had to wear liners

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  • Guest M


    Well, I too have just been diagnosed with this. I'm a slim 27 year old but have suffered from sevear acne for about a decade. I have been taking dianett and isotretinoin (Roactutane) on and off for years now to deal with my acne. The co-cyprindiol is not enough to keep my acne at bay so I have

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  • NellyBelly57 1

    NCAH or PCOS?

    I recently went to an endocrinologist who was horrific. I was referred to him by my gynecologist who diagnosed me with PCOS and told me I was developing Hashimotos thyroiditis, due to the blood test results. At the initial appointment with the gyno, PCOS seemed pretty obvious because of my

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  • cathy37952 1

    pcos mood swings and dpression

    I am 38 years old and was diagonised with pcos in 2003.  I have the usual symptoms of loss of period and hair growth and weight gain.  I did struggle to conceive but with metformin and cylogist I conceived my first wee boy in 2004 and have had five more children some on clomid and some with loosing

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  • ashvi 1

    PSOS, anexity and low sex drive

    I am 23 years old and have been diagnosed with PCOS since 2014. Firstly, i opted for allopathy treatment. But there was no improvement in my condition. So ,recently i have switched to homeopathy treatment, as many people told me that homeopathy can cure PCOS. So, is there anyone who is also taking

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  • faith71768 1

    How do you treat acne whilst trying to get pregnant with PCOS.

    Since being diagnosed with PCOS I have been taking co-ciprodynol (diannet) which has massively improved my acne. However, I have now stopped taking it and am trying for a baby. I have noticed my acne slowly creeping back and wondered if anyone else had the same problem & what you were perscribed to

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  • ZoeyRudy 2

    Tumor on Pituitary and PCOS

    So, i got the mother of all bombs dropped on me at my last visit. Apparently I have high prolactin levels which lead the dr to believe I have a tumor (she is quite convinced) Is this a strong possibility or over diagnosed? (She wants me to have mri. She thinks it is what triggered my pcos) Has

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  • emma54327 2

    PCOS support after Diagnosis ?? please help

    Hello All sorry I have never been on a forum before, don't really know how it works. I was diagnosed with pcos about 12 months ago however it has come to light just recently that i may not have received the correct support to deal with think I was just diagnosed and was told to watch my weight,...

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