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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

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  • Emzleeds 2

    Pcos a gynaecology issue??

    Hi there, since 2006 i was diagnosed with PCOS and prone to having large cysts appear aswell as continious small ones in the pockets. I have been in agony, seen umpteen consultants who have had no idea what theyre talking about and only ever seen my own consultant once in 13years! So after taking medication...

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  • kat86904 2

    Pre Period Problems!

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice.... the week before my period is due I have the worst PMS. I get extreme fatigue, extreme hunger, extreme sweatiness (and sometimes BO) and extreme hormonal mood swings! Does anybody else get any of these PMS symptoms and if so, any advice on...

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  • Gemz20200 2

    PCOS and no help...really?!

    Hi, After irregular periods and bleeding between periods 2 years ago I was sent for an ultrasound and they found a 10cm Dermoid cyst and a polyp, I was also told I had polycystic ovaries, I was asked if I had any excess hair which I said yes to.  Dermoid and polyps were removed and nothing more mentioned...

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  • Natty86 2

    PCOS, no period, overweight and on Metformin

    Hello everyone I was informed I have PCOS last year and it is only now I am doing something about it. Hubby and I are now trying for a baby. When I say trying, we have not used protection for a couple of years and I never gotten pregnant but now we are doing what we can. Anyway, I have always had irregular...

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  • TOBO 2

    PCOS patient

    I am really scared for myself. I will be 25 by July, and I got to know I am a PCOS patient last year after trying many things for irregular cycle. My cycle comes naturally 3/4 times a year and I do not even know if I ovulate or not. What are the signs of ovulation for a PCOS patient please. Plus,...

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  • vivian69800 1

    TTC pcos

    I have pcos and taking metformin 1000mg for 3 months now. I had 2 cycles fairly regular on met but this month i am 3 days overdue. I took a HPT and it came back negative. Any suggestions? Also has anyone tried clomid to get pregnant? If yes, please hare your success stories. Cheers. Stay blessed....

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  • rachel1996 1

    anyone else in pain with pcos?

    It sounds strange but recently it has felt like my ovaries have been hurting, my stomach can be quite tender to touch where they are located and it feels like they are generally aching. I was just wondering if it was normal and if anyone else has experienced pain with pcos.

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  • yaritza55298 1

    pcos and pregnacy problem

    i have pcos have a miss period feeling nauseous eveytime i eat headaches and dizziness took a home pregncy test came out fated positive then 2 days later took another one came out negative does this means im pregnat or not..can somebody help me please

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  • langa93533 2


    Hi there I've had the same problem. I used to be on the pill but came off the pill about a year ago because my boyfriend and I decided to start trying for a baby. We decided to give ourselves a year of just trying without any treatment ( hoping for the best) because of the irregular periods I have missed...

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  • mikayla56682 1

    Possibly PCOS?

    So I have been experiencing bleeding since last October, however I could tell it wasn't like a regular period. I figured my problem may just resolve itself or may not be that serious since I've never had a "normal" menstral cycle but, it hasn't. I literally would go almost a year without having an actual...

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  • georgia121094 1

    PCOS no symptoms, no family history, post-pill

    Hi everyone, I have not had a period for 10 months, since coming off the combined contraceptive pill in October 2016. I was on the pill for 3 years. My doctor conducted blood tests on me and they all came back normal – no hormone problems or thyroid issues. I had an ultrasound and they detected polycystic...

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  • jennet_s 1

    Heavy Discharge, Sore Breasts, Negative test

    I am 34 years old and have PCOS and have had Amenorrhoea for last couple of years. i have intermittent sex with my partner, but don't use any contraceptive. I have been taking Fluoxetine antidepressant long term. For the last month or so,  i have had a very heavy vaginal discharge. It has the normal...

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  • Hayhue 5

    Birth control & bleeding - does it help? Should I be concerned?

    I was diagnosed with PCOS 13 years ago. Since then, I have only had irregular periods: going months without bleeding. However, 2-3 months ago, I started bleeding and have yet to stop. My OBGYN gave me birth control to start and I've been on it for 2 days now; but I noticed it's causing cramping. TMI...

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  • chelsea44321 1

    PCOS first period in 2 years

    Hi all I was diagnosed with PCOS around 5 years ago. I suffer daily with a number of the symptoms however I've always had problems with my periods as a result. My dr has put me on almost every contraceptive pill they can offer to try and control my extremely painful and heavy periods however 2 years...

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  • rhianna42723 1

    Changes in symptoms

    Hi guys. I've been suffering with the symptoms of polycystic ovaries for two years (but diagnosed about 7 months ago). My symptoms used to present as me only getting my period 2-3 times a year, but about four months ago I started bleeding very lightly. I thought this was normal for pcos at first, but...

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  • j28085 2

    Not sure what's up

    To briefly summarise, I'm in the midst of being diagnosed with PCOS. But I'm not sure what's even going on to be honest! In more depth - I'm 19 and I've probably been menstruating for five or six years now? Since getting my period I've never been regular, save for maybe two or three 3-month blocks where...

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  • ahlam16606 1

    Acne issue

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this group and I have all the symptoms of PCOS. Including a lot of acne on my face that is really bothering me. Im 32 yrs old now and ive been facing this issue since I was a teenager. And I went through so many courses of roacutaine which used to help me out of clearing...

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  • ashlee10224 2

    PCOS - Change in discharge, cramping. Should I be concerned??

    Hi, I'm 18 and I was diagnosed with PCOS about 2 months ago and for the past month and a half I have been on Levlen (contraception pill) to help with the hormonal imbalance. Around 10 days ago I noticed a light brown discharge only visible on toilet paper, but since then I have had to wear liners and...

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  • arleenakaye34 1

    Facial Hair Please Help Me!

    I have pcos and have a ton of facial hair. I shave 2-3 times a day I pluck I tried electrolysis it did nothing but drain my bank acct. I don't have money right now for laser treatment. I am so depressed. I took my 8 year old daughter to a festival yesterday and shaved right before I left and applied...

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  • Ihalfbreed 1


    Hi everyone, I have just been diagnosed with PCOS today and I have been scoring the internet for information and came across this forum. I am very scared about this diagnosis and also very sad as I was told that it would be unlikely that I will have another child without the assistance of fertility...

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  • Fioiom 2

    Self help?

    Hi all,  I never had any regular periods, but wasn´t too conerned, because I did a lot of competition sports when I was young and my doctor just put it down to stress/exhaustion. I was ok with having periods only once or twice a year, it meant my performance didn´t fluctuate as much as with other girls...

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  • hermione12934 1

    Brown discharge

    I had my last period on 13th April. On 24, my boyfriend and I got together. We didnt have sex. I gave him an oral and he came inside my mouth. Whatever little of his cum was left was wiped off with a tissue. After about 5 mins of that, during which he touched my clothes and the surface of a water bottle,...

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  • badger7 2

    I am at wits end with GF PCOS strange behaviour!

    Hi Everybody, I am literally lost right now. My darling long distance fiancee and I have been incredibly happy together for some time now. until Wednesday last week. I must mention she has PCOS, Hashimoto's, and ADHD. i was out of contact for two days due to the fact that I had to attend a family members...

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  • vicki2986 1
  • tawneemaree1108 2


    Hello, I am 29 and my husband and I have been TTC for 5years. I've recently been diagnosed with Metformin 1500 mg per day. If anyone on here has been diagnosed and will be prescibed Metformin be prepared for side effects. They last a few weeks. Nausea, Diarrhea, Extra Tired... These started instantly....

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  • livwhitwoo 1

    Hormone Hassle

    Okay, so i've reached a dead end regarding my PCOS and menstrual periods. I feel completely out of whack and I feel like i've run out of options... I'll give you a quick run down - i've come to a forum as i've seen my GP so many times and gyno and they don't seem to be much help.  I was put on the contraceptive...

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  • aimee158 2
  •  georgia 99684 2

    Poly cystic ovaries .... constant waves of cramps

    so I've recently been diagnosed with  poly cystic ovaries ,  i've been given the pill to give me a chemical period once a month.  I am nearly at the end of the packet (  still got less than a week to go  ) but I keep getting funny waves of feeling sick and stomach cramps. Is this part of me not having...

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  • anon91448 1

    Feeling frustrated with pcos and ttc

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this but looking for someone in/been in a similar position as myself, I've been ttc for a few years now but my doctor has yet to have a positive on ovulation (awaiting results yet again) and my period has only started again in the last 6 months and is usually about a 7 week cycle,...

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  • grecia08723 2
  • NellyBelly57 1

    NCAH or PCOS?

    I recently went to an endocrinologist who was horrific. I was referred to him by my gynecologist who diagnosed me with PCOS and told me I was developing Hashimotos thyroiditis, due to the blood test results. At the initial appointment with the gyno, PCOS seemed pretty obvious because of my irregular...

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  • maeve84132 1

    Painful cramps but no period

    Hi guys I was diagnosed with pcos ten years ago (im 24 now) and ive never had cramps like this before. I haven't had a period in around 6 months at least. The cramps started about 2 weeks ago but still no period. Its pretty painful just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience or knows...

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  • sue59404 1

    Mum of a teen who has all the symptoms of PCOS support needed

    My 16 year old daughter - started with irregular period weight gain and then said Had extra hair. 2 scans show no cysts. Hospital endocrine dept suggest weight loss vaniqa cream and dianette pill. I have spoken to a beautician about hair removal and she suggest full removal otherwise Destined to life...

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  • Caterina2626 2

    Hormones not working to stop this bleeding!!

    Please can someone help me! I want the bleeding to go away. I have PCOS and was diagnosed 5 or 6 years ago. The past year or so I have had a lot more problems linked with it.  I was diagnosed as Insulin resistant and have been given Metformin to help treat that. I was also having problems with bleeding...

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  • eman72 1

    Newbie to here..

    Good morning Ladies, I'm a brit living in Kuwait and I was diagnosed with pcos back in 2001.  Apart from missing periods back then i havnt really had too many problems with it in these years... Untill recently. Last week i was in A&E twice with suspected appendicitis, to find out i have 2 cysts on my...

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