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Ok so il start from the beggining!! I got diagnosed with pcos when i was 14 i never had periods from when i was 13 till i was 18. Docters had told me i would never fall pregnant naturally. Then when i was 19 i got very sick and was in hospital for some time, i lost 4 stone in just under 7 weeks, the first time i had sex with my partner after that i fell pregnant which was july 2006, i was totaly over the moon alot went on it my life and i ended up going into labour early at 24+3 weeks and had an amazing baby girl unfortunatly she only lived for an hour before she grew her wings and god called her home. That was december 2006, i have been trying to concieve naturally since then and not once has it happend, over the past 4 months i have been taking ovulation tests and not one has come back positive, so i was getting pretty desperate i spoke to my doc who referd me to a fertility clinic but the waiting list was very long but i was put on it. In the mean time i purchased clomid the fertility drug online and arrived this morning and im sat with it now and i dont know if i should take it or not and my head is so confused its a tiny light at the end of a long tunnel but i really dont know, what do u think???

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    Hi there I have just read your post. I would advise that you take clomid only with a doctor or consultants supervision. The problem with PCOS is that we produce eggs but most of the time they are small and insignificant. You need an egg or a certain size plus your womb lining needs to be thick to receive the fertilised egg. Hence women with PCOS have lengthy cycles with unreliable ovulation. If you introduce clomid then your ovaries will be producing multiple follicles that could potentially ovulate if they are mature enough. You would need scans to monitor this. Clomid in my experience is inaccurate and dangerous. Yolu could potentially have a muliple pregnancy to cope with and potetially lose it. Yolu could also suffer from lifethreatening hyperstimulation syndrone where many follicles are produced and even with an egg collection to release the folicles could end up with fluid in the abdomen nausea distention and possibly organ failure and death. This is not to be taken lightly believe me I have had hyperstimulation from an IUI cycle and was hospitalised on IV fluids. I suggest you go back to your GP and express your concerns about infertility treatment. You might fall pregnant naturally you have before. I would wait until you can get yourself onto a good IVF programme at one of the teaching hospitals. There the manipulation of ovaries, sperm and eggs is more of an exact science. Best wishes Pooh. Ps I did eventually have my son by IVF.
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    thanx for all the advice, i was a stupid stupid lady and took the the clomid tablet and took one the next day aswell and now ive just read your post and regretting it so i guess il stop them right away ad if i feel even a little ill il have to confess to the docter and get checked out. The hope just took over me i guess, the hope that i mght eventually get the child i long for and be able to care love and give it the best life.
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    Clomid did give my gorgeous 9 year old son after a miscarriage and we decided not to try for more. Sad but I am blessed with the one I have and I have put everything into him. I am also blessed with 2 nieces and a nephew from my brother.

    You need to be with doctor for Clomid as you need to be checked etc. The previous post summed it up well. Try and speak to your doc about the tabs. Equally I was advised to look at lifestyle,diet etc. There are some great PCOS books about to help.

    It is awful and a struggle. i am battling weight - still!!! Keep talking to people who understand - it helps.


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    hi there

    my name is lorna, i used clomid and feel preggers with twins in 2003 i lost these babys at 20wks. There is an increased risk of misscarrage with PCOS.

    In 2004 i seen a doctor who put me on metformin, u have to take 1tab a day for 2wks then 2 for 2wks then 3. its a difficult pill to take as it upsets ur tummy bad but if u push through it passes. that was in dec i was preganant in jan.

    i was really taking it to get a regular cycle and didnt think it would work so was not taken the pill along with it.As soon as i found out doctor took me off pills

    Me and my partner were delighted though still are, wasnt an easy pregancy as took preeclampsia and ended up in hospital for over a month had my baby as 34wks this is also an effect of PCOS .

    Now some doc's are sayin stayin on metformin during preganancy can reduce this

    hope this helps

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    I miscarried at 9 weeks but then went 10 days over with my son who was 9lb 9oz - big babies r common in PCOS which I found out after!!! Had a 25 hour labour and pushed for and hour and a half of it then had section but was awake for it.

    Clomid worth taking but under doctor. I feel so lucky to have my son who has turned out to be a dream ( aoart from the 1st 2 years sleep thing!!!!)


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