does not feel like anxiety even though i have had it all my life

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Hey ,

I have been suffering GAD for many years which has also started IBS off ect and caused further worries i still have a little bit of a social anxiety but not to the point i did have and it seems to be more focussed now on health .

a couple of months back i had something strange happen which was put down as panic attack and anxiety 2 times at hospital and other doctors said it could be undiagnoised arrythmia and so i had holter monitor still waiting for results and as you know been a natural worrier my head has been all over for 3 months and i have not gone back to normal and feel i cant im googling constantly for answers and i suppose i would be coping better but i started having a daily breathing problem since this happened all a sudden for a split second i cant breathe its not a panic attack it used to be followed by one but now its not and i sit up googling all night and day i have two small children i cant think of anything else but what if they grow up without a mummy what if they see me stop breathing fully ?

ect ect these thoughts are tormenting me and im starting to doubt this is even anxiety i feel theres much more going on but my doctors are trying to get me on tablets before they even look into this breathing problem i cant take the tablets because im too scared does this even sound like anxiety or with these thoughts ect have i acually lost my mind ? i can not foccus on anything else i write down my symtoms all the time incase i die or pass out just so i suppose the doctors ect might have a clue how to save me i tell my partner my symtoms and ask him if its normal i tell my children im too ill ect i have even started telling my friends ect about my health worries and symtoms i have been to doctors and stayed two nights in hospital to be told everything is coming back normal im just really worried something has been missed or they are just passing it on as anxiety it was me who told them i had anxiety too .


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    Hi Steph.

    I am currently experiencing the same problems and have been for nearly two months.

    I too have an arrythmia and I have been googling on and off and seeking re-assurance wherever and from whoever I can.

    I have been having terrible intrusive thoughts that occur day and night that i am going to die.

    Have you been to the GP?

    Stop googling.

    I am here if you want someone to chat to. 

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    thankyou so much ! and a relief that im not alone but then its awful because i understand how bad it is and sorry your going through it too .

    yes i have been to my gp most just look atme like i should be helping them and i each time i go its diffrent doctors so its like the doctors dont even understand accept they look at me and laugh like im mental so that just puts me off trusting them more have you been to your gp ? and thankyou so much for replying 

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    Stephx. Anxiety is a terrible thing to go through. I was diagnosed with an arrythmia, too. I was medicated, but the medicine made it worse (I don't trust medicines, so go figure). Doctors sometimes like to medicate us instead of telling us what's going on in our bodies. If my panic symptoms were explained to me from the beginning, it would have saved me from excessive worrying. One example being my legs feeling very heavy and numb. I thought there was something seriously wrong with me.  If they would have explained to me that it was a result of hyperventilation, I wouldn't have worried excessively about it. Another time was feeling like my throat was closing, which is also a classic anxiety symptom. Anxiety causes all kinds of body and mind symptoms. Please read about chronic hyperventilation syndrome. Learn how to breathe correctly. Somebody told me awhile back to look at the correlation between a hiatal hernia and panic. There's lots of information about it online. Many people have these and can treat them. Not to worry, though, it's not a disease. About the arrhythmia, in many cases a skipped beat is normal. Anxiety always makes it worse. I was monitored for a month. I also had complete heart block noted in my chart, and I believe that's what started a lot of my panic. Mine is no longer treated with medication. I was told they put me on meds so I wouldn't notice the missed beats. In my case the meds made it tougher on me, and educating me would have been a better choice. I am no longer crippled by anxiety. Learning to breathe properly helped me the most. Lie down and place a book on your stomach. Make sure you raise the book as you breathe and not your chest. Breathe with your diaphragm. Practice often so you are not always on hyper alert. Also, have your thyroid checked if you haven't already. Being a busy mom makes you naturally exhausted, so we sometimes don't realize that it could be something physical. Treat yourself to a massage or do something you enjoy. Even supermoms need to replenish themselves in order to be there for their loved ones. Be well.
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      thankyou ,

      i think thats the problem lack of understanding its easy for a doctor to say its anxiety but there is no explanation to how these things are happening and it then becomes our jobs to find out which causing more anxiety as we come across other thing thats how i see it anyways but your post has really helped and it makes alot of sence and i will start looking up chronic hyperventilation syndrome . i have had my thyriod checked while in hospital everytime i go to doctors they check it i seem to have alot of symtoms of it without having it strange but anyways very grateful this breathing problem lasts 1 second will it still help to do the breathing exercis as it lasts a second it wont really work will it ? and i do think i need a break i have not had one for avery long time smile

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      Hi Stephx. The breathing exercises will always help you to relax. Take time for yourself every day to breathe, even when you are not feeling anxious. This will help keep your stress levels low. Lie down with a book on your stomach. Make sure the book raises and lowers with each breath, while your chest does not move. Count backwards from whatever number you choose, like from 100 to 0, concentrating on each number. This will help calm you. I've read that B complex vitamins help with stress. And take that break you deserve. It will not only be good for you, it will be good for your kids. They deserve a happy mom and you deserve to be happy and healthy. Treat yourself to a day with your girlfriends and get a pedicure  smile  Let me know how you are doing. Be well.
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      thankyou i will deffo be trying this out from now on and i have been thinking about taking supplements i used to take vitamins when i was younger i would have panic attacks but only at night i would wake up good again get on with my day and then have them at night i could cope with that panic attack before bed and now i have come to realise even though i dont have panic attacks often that its changed to all day anxiety something i have never really dealt with before so i went into denial that it was anxiety i still dont feel good and still having these breathing problem especially a new one where i feel im just not getting enough air all the time how awful is anxiety but i know i have beaten it before and thats my hope to do everything i can again so i will start with the breathing exercises then wean myself out the door to have a break aswell i stay in the house for months on end i need to start having relaxing days because i realise i am making myself worse awful when you come to realise you are doing it to yourself rather than helping yourself so thankyou very much aand i will get my breathing right AND hopefully i will be me again i also realise having thoughts about dying constantly is not helping but i reconigse when im doing it now so instead i will do the breathing exercises ! :D
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