Does this sound like Addison's disease?

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Hey, so for the past 3 days I've had extreme fatigue. It started 3 days ago when I was coming back from uni and I suddenly felt my legs really heavy and I felt overwhelmed with fatigue. I was eating pretty much fine, I ate fine that day too. (quite a lot). 2 days ago, I went out for a walk where I felt my legs heavy again and I was feeling light headed or like I'm walking on the clouds. Then, yesterday I woke up really tired again, I was really anxious over it all day, I went out just to go to the super market and I felt like I was gonna pass out the whole time there,really weak. I couldn't seem to wake up easily a week ago before that thing started but I wasn't feeling that weak then, I could do everyday chores.

Yesterday I woke up nauseous and I was nauseous all day, and today it's the same. Yesterday I was feeling really sick, I couldn't even get out of bed without feeling light headed. Today, I think I'm gonna throw up, I really don't know what to think. Does that seem like Addison's disease?

If so, how long can it be managed with rest without leading to a crisis? 

Note: 1) I do suffer with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and severe health anxiety.

2) I started going to the gym 3 weeks ago, it was fine, i felt stronger, no symptoms while I was there, and then 3 days ago this happens. Could it be that? I don't think so.

Please anyone give me some insight? How did you know it was Addison's? Do I have to wait longer?

Thanks for reading and any replies.

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    Hi it doesn't sound like Addisons to me ..However it's always best to explain your symptoms to a doctor to be on the safe side...Addisons crisis would be extremely weight loss over time...brown patches on skin sickness back pain Etc. At this point it could be nothing speak to your doctor first.

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      Hello, I emailed an endocrinologist and made an appointment with him for tomorrow.

      I just hate feeling so sick and weak out of nowhere..I'm even scared to go out in case i collapse or something, i really need some answers.

      Do you have Addison's?

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      Yes I have Primary Addisons and things happen gradually over a period of time,  well for me it did anyway and others I have spoken to thats how it started for them also. So once blood tests are done it could be something else like a thyroid problem as that casues all kinds of problems like Fatigue and leg pains, but not sure about the sickness, your not pregnant by any chance ??
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      If there is no way you could be pregnant try not to worry and just let the doctors do tests, hopefully all will be revealed and it could be something like low blood pressure and fatigue.Hopefully all will be revealed soon let us know how you get on x
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      Well that started suddenly for me actually. Do you have dark patches too? I hear it's one of the most prominent symptoms.

      I have had a blood test about my thyroid. They tested my TSH levels and they were fine. Maybe it needed further testing?

      The sickness came up the next day cause I felt really anxious about it, and nausea is the first thing that comes up with my anxiety. Now that I think of it it's back again. It was there before but it went away and it comes back when I think about me having Addison's. No, not pregnant!

      I will let you know of course!

      May I ask how old are you and when were you diagnosed? Sorry if I'm too indiscreet

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      I am 47 and was diagnosed 8  years ago. Yes dark patches all over face and body and my gums I had. Sounds like your working yourself up, and like you said you suffer sickness with your anxiety, its no good me saying try not to worry,  but it may be nothing serious if your stressing about it this could be making you feel even worse. Hopefully you will have some answers soon. 
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      I don't have those and I constantly check myself.

      Health anxiety is really bad for me indeed..

      I will have answers soon hopefully, I will comment on here tomorrow for updates.

      How is everything going for you? 

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      Yes everything is good for me thanks just take my medication daily and all well so far.Well good luck for tomorrow and hopefully everything will be sorted soon.
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    Of course it is best to see a doctor who can do tests.  

    This extreme tiredness and your leg issue could be a thyroid problem.  A simple bloodtest could give the answer.  ​I have both thyroid and adrenal gland issues.  Thyroid and adrenals have to be in balance with each other.   

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      I have had a blood test about my thyroid a month ago or so. My TSH levels were fine. Do I need further testing for my thyroid?

      I have an appointment with the endocrinologist tomorrow who will refer me for further testing I guess.

      Also, can you tell me what triggered you to realize that you have thyroid /adrenal gland issues?

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      I didn't function at all anymore.  Couldn't be in a car on a bumpy road, couldn't go out sailing on 'bumpy waves'.  Extreme ringing in my ears.  No energy after a night sleep.  Couldn't handle any form of stress.  The list was long.  Diffculties remembering anything.  Problems with my eyes, while there was nothing wrong with the eyes.  Couldn't hear well either and then became sound sensitive.  Loud noise made me dizzy.  Had problems driving the car from A to B.  So I tried to find solutions by taking 'easy routes'. 

      ?The body is a complicated thing.

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      Also how old are you and when were you diagnosed?
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      Eye problems - I couldn't focus anymore.  Only to the middle range, not far away and not close by.  Couldn't focus on reading a book either, but that had to do with remembering.  I could see the words but started to have difficulties connecting them as sentences.  The same in conversation - somehow I couldn't follow what was being said.

      ?I'm doing fine now. 

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      I'm 66 now and was only diagnosed some five years ago, but struggled way longer.  It took a long time before it was finally found out what the problem was.

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      I see, I can get blurry vision if i let it sometimes.

      I'm glad everything's okay now! 

      I'm 19 btw. 

      Going to the endocrinologist tomorrow and see what happens, do you think it would be caught at the 1st stage?

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      I hope for you that the endo will figure out what is going on soon.  The human body is a very complicated thing.  At this point it is even hard to say what the problem could be.  And of course I'm not a doctor.

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