Does this sound like endometriosis?

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Here are my symptoms:

-Severe "tearing" pain in lower middle pelvis (uterus area? Pretty low though)

-Pain when peeing in lower pelvis and into vagina, tearing pain when standing up from toilet

-Severe stabbing pains when having a bowel movement, in rectum specifically and generally in my entire lower abdomen

-Back pain (pretty severe if I don't catch it with Motrin before it gets bad)

-Full feeling in abdomen

I am 17 so usually my complaints about period pain are disregarded. I went to the ER once with SEVERE pain, the worst I've ever felt. While I was getting an ultrasound the tech said, "my daughter always takes a hot bath when she has cramps." The doctor told me it may have been an ovarian cyst rupture but they couldn't see one on the ultrasound. I'm not sure if I'm being a dramatic teenager, or if there is really something going on. Are these typical period pains? If not, how do you suggest I get a doctor to take me seriously?

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    It very well could be.  Do you have an OB/GYN or Primary Care physician you can consult with rather than the ER?  Most ERs seem to be very dismissive of Endo symptoms, even when gals have a confirmed diagnosis.

    And, if it's something you're able to pursue, try to find an OB/GYN who actually knows a bit about Endometriosis.  

    And a few tips:  Endometriosis is (most of the time) not visible on ultrasounds, CTs, or MRIs.  The only *true* way to get a diagnosis is to go through a laparoscopic surgery so the surgeon can SEE the lesions and confirm the findings with a biopsy.  And if you DO have a surgery, make sure your surgeon excises (cuts out) the Endometriosis rather than alblates it (burns it off).  

    WIth that being said, your symptoms may NOT be Endometriosis, but something else, too.  It may be that you undergo a barrage of imaging studies, tests, and even see a gastroentrologist before pursuing a diagnostic surgery.

    I'm sorry you're in pain. sad 

    I would suggest documenting your pain, your food, your exercise.  Note where the pain hurts, what makes it worse, what makes it better.  I document mine daily and include a drawing of where my pain is in my body.  Take that journal or whatever you write/type it in to your doctor appointment and discuss.  Keep pushing!

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      Thanks so much for your reply + tips! I'm definitely going to be visiting a gynecologist soon, it'll be my first appointment with one and I've been putting it off. I kind of just wanted to see what other women thought about my pains and if anyone experienced anything similar. Thanks again smile

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    Hi Aklong:

    That's an awful lot of pain you're having, and I wish you didn't have it.

    I hesitate to ask this question because my mom passed when I was barely 17: where is your mom in all this? I ask because you absolutely need an adult ally and champion. That sucks, but it will help you get the medical profession to pay attention.

    What you describe isn't anything normal to period pain. Beyond that I can't say because I'm not a doctor, nor is anyone else here. Still:

    - The scan they did cannot ever rule endo in or out. Only a laparoscopy can do that and it's hard work to get docs to do one on a 17 year old.

    - Start keeping a log of the major symptoms. Just write them down and don't say what you think they are. 2 reasons for that are that it's best not to direct a doctor's attention in a particular direction as that can stop them thinking openly of all possibilities, and because it perturbs them enough when adults do it so quintuple that perturbation to get a glimmer of how they feel when teens do it.

    - Stay away from ALL internet diagnosing. It will not help you and it will increase your stress. Stress aggravates pain and pain causes stress so we need to eliminate any source of stress that we can and this is an easy one. Support groups are okay so long as you understand that just because someone else had the same symptoms, it doesn't mean that the same disease caused the symptoms.

    - You need to see a gynecologist and a urologist. They may want to do tests and may want you to see a gastroenterologist, too. Some of their tests will be unpleasant but must be done in order to make sure exactly what is happening inside of you.

    - If you are in the States, an ED is a tough place to go with any pain other than chest pain but especially tough for any woman's abdominal pain. They will instantly class you as drug-seeking. It goes in your file and the doc sees that every time you go in. What I do is announce at every turn starting with sign-in that I'm NOT looking for pain meds but need to know the cause of the pain. You must train anyone who goes with you that they can't never say, "You've gotta give her something for the pain

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      * could have it. She had very heavy periods though and I don't, so she doesn't think I have it. She also has told me that "some women just have painful periods" and that this pain is just normal for me.

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      Hi, I am sorry you are having so much pain. Whatever the cause, this is not normal and you need to insist that your doctor does tests to find out the cause.

      I agree with other comments that the best way to convince your doctor is to go armed with detailed food/symptom diary over at least a whole month (cycle) to see if there is a pattern either for food intolerances or your monthly menstruation cycle. Just keep going back until you get all the tests you need to get a diagnosis. Good luck!

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      All due respect to your mom and her endo life, not everyone has really heavy periods. Mine weren't nearly so heavy as some women on here, but it's sure had mega endo. I never had problems with my legs, but some women do. Some women are infertile and some are very fertile. It is not a one-symptom disease.

      That is not exactly how to put it to your mom. Frankly, I'm a bit disappointed with your mom right now. But you need her as your ally. Talk to her about ALL the pain & symptoms. Then say, "maybe it's not endo mom, but something is wrong inside me. Will you PLEASE help me find the docs who can figure this out? I need your help."

      If that doesn't work, find an aunt or a sympathetic friend's mom. You desperately need some adult in your corner. It's okay to keep a food journal, but DO NOT mention it to a doctor unless they ask. The otherwise they'll say, "well that's the problem, it's all happening because you drink 40.ozof reverse engineer osmosis water!," and they don't do any tests. Then you have to go back on r find another doctor. Keep their minds open as long as possible.

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