Does this sound like hypothyroidism? (labs included)

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I am 25 years old (male) and I have slowly developed tendinitis and sore, tight muscles all over my body over the last 3 years.  It started with my shoulder and wrist in the gym, but once i got elbow tendinitis, i stopped going.  Slowly I developed all the symptoms on both sides.  

Now like 2 years later, I now have lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel, swelling behind elbows, insanely bad hip pain, sciatica, sore ankles and achilles, sore and unstable knees, and more.  Pretty much everything hurts but the areas i use the most ache more (hands, arm, shoulders, hips, etc).  I have tender spots all over.

It's easy for me to injure myself, as I've pulled my groin like 3 times in the last year, and my hamstring once, doing nothing intense. 

Some other symptoms:

Easily fatigued and exhausted feeling all day, even with good sleep

feeling run down

no sex drive

irritability, anxious, depression on and off (from having all this)

brain fog, not as quick witted anymore

poor concentration

mouth gets SUPER dry after sleeping

always have to clear my throat

eyes seem more sensitive to light 

hands and feet feel swollen at times, but dont visually look swollen

late afternoon adrenals were pretty high

and probably more

my thyroid lab tests:

Thyroxine (T4) Free, Direct, S

Test Name        Result Ref Range Units 

T4,Free(Direct) 1.55 0.82-1.77 ng/dL


Test Name Flag Result Ref Range Units 

TSH           HIGH 7.040 0.450-4.500 uIU/mL

Antithyroglobulin Ab

Test Name                    Result Ref Range Units 

Thyroglobulin, Antibody <1.0 0.0-0.9 IU/mL

Reverse T3

Test Name  Result Ref Range Units 

Reverse T3 15.9 9.2-24.1 ng/dL

Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab

Test Name                           Result Ref Range Units 

Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab 10 0-34 IU/mL


Test Name               Result Ref Range Units 

Triiodothyronine,Free 4.1 2.0-4.4 pg/mL

So my TSH is high but my free T3 and free T4 seem to be within range (I realize you can still have issues within 'normal' ranges).  Does this seem more like I have subclinical hypothyroidism, if I do infact have it?


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    Some extra information:

    I'm 6 ft tall, like 129.  I've always been really thin.  I was up to 150 when i was in the gym, but lost a lot of muscle since.

    Been eating really clean with no alcohol or caffeine for 6 months.

    Blood pressure was high last year but looks really good now.

    Liver health looks really good.

    Low cholesterol.

    A big detail I left out in the first post:  my grandfather and greatgrandmother both have hypothyroidism.

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    Hi timothee

    Your results seem to fit sub clinical hypothyroidism. This is where your TSH is high but your free T3 and free T4 results are in range. From what I've read it is likely you will go on to develop full hypothyroidism in the future.

    Doctors in UK will treat subclinical hypothyroidism if the patient is getting hypothyroidism symptoms. Others will be able to advise the situation in US or elsewhere if you say which country you are in. By the way, I couldn't see the result for TPO, just the range. Gentle exercise will help in the meantime. Could you go swimming? Or walking? Or both? Also worth looking into supplements to support your thyroid and a good multivitamin - one that includes selenium. Have you had your iron and ferritin levels checked? Ferritin needs to be > 90 to absorb thyroxine (T4) properly. Also get vitamin B12 and vitamin D checked. Foods that impede thyroid function are soya, wheat and milk, so eat these in moderation. Some people with hypothyroidism become allergic to these. All the best.

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      I live in the US. I saw a general practioner who recently prescribed me synthroid (levothyroxine .025MG) to see how i react over like a month or two. Been talking it for like 2 weeks. He doesnt seem to know too much though about thyroid problems.  I'm waiting to meet with an endocrinologist, the approval has been taking forever for whatever reason.

      I try to keep up decent exercise.  I have light forearm/arm, back, and chest workout i do 2/3 times a week, and a light leg, ab, and neck workout i also do 2/3 times a week.  I don't do too much walking right now because my groin strain has beenaggravated the last few weeks, but I try to use my balance board a couple times a day (it's an expert board).  Swimming aggravates my wrists and arms so I dont do too much of that.

      I normally take supplements (multi, omega 3s, magnesium, antiinfmallatory herbs) but im stopping them for a month or two to make sure nothing is making all these problems worse.

      Some other tests:


      Test name  Result Ref Range Units

      Iron                 80  40-155 ug/dL

      Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy

      Test Name                 Result Ref Range Units

      Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy 35.2 30.0-100.0 ng/mL

      Calcium, Ionized

      Test Name Flag Result Ref Range Units Graph Info

      Calcium, Ionized 5.1 4.5-5.6 mg/dL

      PTH, Intact

      Test Name Flag Result Ref Range Units Graph Info

      PTH, Intact 23 15-65 pg/mL

      Ill ask about b12 and feratin.

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      I don't know enough to comment about your results except to say: although in range, your vitamin D is towards the bottom of it's range. So might be worth trying to get some sun (without burning). Or checking how much vitamin D your multi vitamin has in it.

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