does this sound like it could be lyme?

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I'm looking for some advice about my current health situation and would be very grateful for any opinions. Approximately two months ago I began to get a warm sensation in my left foot, it would last around 5 seconds and happen a couple of times a minute, this lasted 3 weeks. Immediately following this I began getting almost cramp like feelings in my hands, predominately on the left hand, almost felt like someone pinching the area between my wrist and little finger. A few days after this started I had a feeling of numbness in hands and feet, almost like they fell asleep. This lasted a few days. The next thing was a deep pain in both my legs, although again the left is worst. When walking it feels like tightness all the way from one leg across my groin and down the other leg. This is coupled with on/off heat sensations and pains in my wrists. It’s been 2 months since the initial foot symptom and as it stands I’m beginning to become very worried. I have also noticed tht my body temp in the morning is quite low 35.5ish. I am also becoming more and more tired and have gone from being able to run 10miles to stuggling to walk to work which is only about two miles. I was in the philipines over xmas and am wondering if this sounds like something similar to lyme or is lyme? I have seen a neurologist and they did some basic reflex test and said all was okay and have reffered to to infectious diseases.

I would be really grateful if any one has had similar experiences and can let me know what it could be. Its been over three months now and is destroying my social life and physcial fitness quickly!



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    Hello Jez,


     Sorry i am not a doctor but I been diagnosed with lyme, I been in treatments for years and some things got better and others still driving me crazy,

     Now the reason I reply is that I was married to a filipina and we have a son who is 21 years old, now; we did travel to a few places including a couple times to the Philippines and we still dont know where we got infected with lyme, but I do remember headaches started a few months after our first trip there. My son was diagnosed with lyme and also my ex-wife.

      Symtoms as you already know I am sure can be different from one person to another, in our situation we all had different symtoms when we started to feel that

    something was wrong, and we also responded different to treatments.

      If you want to ask anything about what we had experienced and I still do, let me know, and please keep yourself positive that you will know exactly what it is and do not stress yourself worrying about it.

     I wish the best for you and the rest of the people suffering with this disease.

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      Hi Victor

      Thanks for your reply, its interesting that you all got lyme in the philipines, until I returned I wasnt awareof this. Do you recall being bite or having the classic rash, as I do not. I have now been to see a neurologist and been reffered on to an infectious disease specialist so am hopingthat they find something and can start some treatment. I am trying to stay positive but its very hard when I still am not sure what is happening to me. 

      Thanks again, 


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    Hi Jez,

     We did not have the 3 signs of being infected with lyme, did not see any tick, did not see any rash and according to dr. at that time we lived in a place where we couldnt get infected.

      One positive thing is that you are moving ahead very quickly, you are already seing a specialist for infectious diseases and a neurologist so hopefully if it is lyme you can start treatment quickly.

     I do understand how you feel, we went in circles for many years with our family dr. and still going, the treatments and help we got was from private doctors but by then ours was chronic lyme disease already.

     Jez, where in Philipiness did you stay?  we were in Laguna and went for a day of fun to a top of a mountain, and also went to Batangas and got a boat ride to a small white sand island, my son went to play in the ocean and he complained about little insects bites, I went in and withing couple minutes i felt the pinch i did not payed attention but my son said they were very little things. My ex-wife also got bitten so we got out of the water and enjoyed the view and the beautiful place.

     That is only thing that we know, according to many doctors you can only get lyme from a tick bite.

     Jez, try to do things that get your mind busy, read information about lyme, keep in touch with people and bubble baths also help a lot.

      It is very hard to be positive you said and you are right, be strong, most filipinos are, my ex-wife suffered so much, 4 surgeries unneeded, and I am so happy to tell you a couple months ago she said I AM  LYME DISEASE FREE !.


     Take care Jez and keep in touch.



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      Hi Margaret,

       First treatment was 6 months of antibiotics, doxycycline, nitazoxanide, IV once a week alternating vitamin c, peroxide; boluoke that suposed to help with biofilm if i remember right, and also a lot of supplements to help inmune system and liver.

      After that she was feeling better but not a hundred percent, so she continued with other that is less harmful to digestive system and liver, months of samento and banderol, cumanda, mora, houttuynia,enula, and also many supplements, dont forget that she did follow the strict diet to the book, no sugars, no glutten and no everything but vegetables, some fruits and kept active as well even thou it is very hard.

       Is so much information,  but for a choice of a tratment that may help check nutramedix, and their website gives you a lot of information...

       Hope these helps.

       Take care.



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      Thanks for all that info Victor, good to hear of success stories.

      I've been looking at serrapeptase and nattokinase so the boluoke is another one to look at for biofilm. I doubt I can tolerate oral antibiotics but will start with those and then go on to one of the herbal protocols if not.

      thanks once again for replying.

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