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Lyme Disease

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  • grant67603 2

    Lymes disease a second time but much worse

    So about 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with lymes disease again, and this time it is far worse than last. The doctor said he has only seen it this bad in a handful of people. Anyways I thought I was having liver dysfunction or something of the sorts, so I had an ultrasound done and they said all of my...

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  • Healthy skeptic 1

    15 year old seizures and Lyme.

    Where do I start? I'm Angry. I'm so upset with these so called functional doctors. I'm full of disappointment. And I just want my son healed. I'm told it can't be healed but symptoms can be controlled. I don't accept that. It's like it's just no big deal that he is...

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  • briannedav39 1

    What is this??

    Thank you for taking the time to read this in advance. I had been hoarse for 3 months and it started to worry me, no pain, but just raspy. I went to an ENT and he diagnosed me with GERD. (i don't have chest pain or heart burn) i started taking omeprazole and went on a non acid diet. 7 days later...

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  • Jw715 1
  • Teddybear154 2

    Bulls eye Bruise on leg could it be Lyme disease?

    I do bruise easily and wake up most mornings covered in bruises. I have had tests in the past but doctors have never found out why I bruise alot and so easily.So when I get Bruises I dont take that much notice as its so normal for me. But a few days ago this really strange bruise appeared on my leg...

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  • c60211 2

    AONM/Armin Labs Warning

    Hello I've just registered specifically to do this review on AONM who organise private lyme testing in the UK. They are partnered with Armin Labs in Germany and from what I can tell are very popular with patients in the UK wanting to get a private test done. I unfortunately have had a horrible experience...

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  • vivian1019 2

    Does it sound like lyme disease to you? please help!

    On june 7, and June 19 me and my friends went to a park for summer barbeque. I believe i spray some kind of mosquito repellent on both days, however I am not quite sure if those are tick repellent.  On June 7 while sitting outside with my friends, my whole body (started on my arms first) and then...

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  • G1975 2
  • richard11472 3

    Face, arm, leg and foot numbness

    I have had these on and off for years, usually just at a nuisance level. Lately it has been getting worse, almost continous and more severe. I was negative on all lyme testing but a LLMD diagnosed me with lyme back in December. Are these common symptoms of most lyme victims. This along with day to day...

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  • hadassa34668 2

    Itching skin and Lyme

    For the last couple of days I have had this awful Itching on my legs. Does anyone else have this. I do get some new effects of the Lyme every so often, so maybe this is one of them. Advice would be appreciated! Thank you!

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  • tasha 98841 2

    Could it be Lyme Disease?

    July 7th 2014. Woke up fine went to work. A few hours later began feeling dizzy and totally out of sorts. Tried driving to get lunch thinking maybe too hot and hadn't eaten breakfast. It was 11 am. Didn't make it not one mile before numbness set in on lips feet and hands. Looked at my own hands...

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  • laura19851 2

    Lyme disease suspected - rash, antibiotics query

    So, I have a rash that is very much like lyme and have been frequenting areas with known tick populations. I've had the rash for almost two weeks and it has been spreading and fading. I went to the doctor yesterday and she said that it was "too big" for a lyme lesion but all that I've...

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  • linda64164 2

    Tests and more tests but just get worse.

    i was diagnosed with Lyme disease and also Sarcoidosis. But just keep getting tests for other things. The latest was inner ear. No report on that yet. Then I had a heart arrhythmia. So I am wearing a monitor. No meds for any of this. Ready to give up.

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  • leslie47646 1

    Lyme Disease Treatment

    Look for a book by Richard I. Horowitz "Why can't I get Better." His protocol for Lyme involves 2 antibiotic given together - Doxycycline and Zithromax - for 3 months. Worth checking out

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  • steven84778 1

    Possible Lyme without rash?

    Hello, I've been desperately trying to find out what could be going on with my body for around a year now. I've read a lot of people talk about having non stop muscle twitches all over their body when infected with Lyme or after being treated. I'm wondering if anyone has had muscle twitching...

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  • bob73443 3

    Herx or Doxycycline Reaction?

    My wife has been suffering from chronic lyme and bartonella for a while now, and is has progressively been getting worse. She had been put, once again, on doxycyline -- 100 mg in the AM and another 100 mg in the PM.  After a week of this, she started developing severe leg pains in both legs.  Muscle...

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  • 2006Rachel 3

    Lyme disease for nearly a month

    I've Lyme and just wanted to hear if anyone else has the same symptoms, I bitten at the just over 3 weeks ago.  The worse thing I get extreme fatigue to the point where I feel I can't move for hours on end, and often feel like I am going in and out of consciousness, neck pain but only on...

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  • gregory12176 1

    Found out why I'm sick

    So the last 3 years been sick no one believed me! Finally took my self to doc and low and behold I have freaking LIMES disease. Plus son Bar virus. NFL now on all this antibiotic that I have to take through a pick line..... So so frustrated plus physically I'll. Is all this worth it. Anyone with...

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  • 140Allston 2

    Too much medication

    I hope someone can help me as I ma confused after leaving a meeting with MD who is listed as 'lime literate' (his parentheses) I was bitten by a tick (on the back of my neck) on 4/13 but did not realize it and remove it until 4/20. I began having symptoms after a week or so- sleep disturbance,...

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  • danielle19733 2

    Had bloodwork done. Told I may have Lyme disease.

    I've been experiencing some symptoms for the last few weeks. Severe head pressure all over, neck pain, nerve pain, some joint pain. Nausea and fatigue on and off. I'm currently on doxycycline. I am seeing an infectious diseases doctor tomorrow. I had blood work done and everything came back normal...

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  • sarah26571 2

    Confused....what now

    Could someone please shed some light on this please. I went to the doctors on Tuesday with a bullseye mark on my leg which was causing horrendous pain. He diagnosed me with Lyme disease. He has put me on amoxil for 3 week's. I have felt really ill for the last 2 days. Hard to no if the symptoms...

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  • maria 75722 2

    Diagnosed with lymes disease

    Hi All, just looking for feedback from people that have been diagnosed in Ireland . Q1,what treatment were you given &for how long Q2 How long did you have lymes for undiagnosed Q3 Did you get better after treatment or will it always be there ? I have read a lot of stories on the net etc I have...

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  • l221176 1

    Lyme disease - antibiotics didn't work

    Hi, Im just looking for a little advice or if anyone has a similar experience. Three and a half weeks ago I discovered a tick attached inside my belly button. I had most probably picked it up three days before when I was walking in a forest. Due to where the tick was i was not able to remove it myself...

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  • mark46347 1

    Is this Lyme disease?

    Is this red mark on my arm Lyme disease? I've had it for a while and have experienced headaches, extreme fatigue, dizzyness, vertigo etc this could be completely unrealated however though I would check thank you

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  • Mrdude1234 2

    Doc Said I have Lyme Disease... Now What?

    Hi all,  About 2 years ago, I had a bunch of sudden onset symptoms ranging from physical to neurological. Happened out of nowhere and most of the bad symptoms lasted about 1.5 months. After this time, most of the symptoms subsided but there were some lingering things like mild-dizziness and my...

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  • kurt19299 3

    Lyme symptoms

    Hey all new to the group was just wondering what symptoms you have had? Has anyone experienced shortness or breathe or difficulty breathing? Struggling to get a deep breathe or any other respiratory symptoms.

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  • lisa99975 3

    Need help for daughter

    Hi. My daughter is 12. 2 summers ago she had one day felt tired sore throats loagy. Then she was fine within that week I noticed under her arm a bulls eye rash. I immediately got her to the dr. They treated her for Lyme. Lab tests were positive. During her antibiotics course she got a mild form of Bell's...

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  • Tickfighter 2

    Need Some Inspiration

    In January '17 I was diagnosed with Lyme. Positive for antibodies and positive Western Blot. I was having crazy symptoms by the time I was diagnosed so I am sure I had it for a while. Waking up with heart palpitations, hearing sensitivty, wonky vision. And was feeling sick every day. Not much...

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  • martino21620 1
  • steve196609 2

    Lymes or brucellosis?

    Hi everyone. I am an hgv driver. Thirteen years ago i started collecting raw milk from farms for a very well known Danish food and dairy company. I imagine most of you have some items in your fridge from this company. At one of the farms the farmer gave me a drink of tea every day, obviously with unpasteurized...

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  • zaaaaa 1

    Hey does this look like the notorious Bulls Eye

    HI! I was bit monday night maybe tuesday night. It is now thursday night, and I have this here bite mark. I'm going to the doctors tomorrow, do I have a good chance of fighting since I have caught it soon?  Thanks for any advice, slightly panicking. I live on long island, quite the infested...

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  • Ellie Marshall 1

    What we need to go through just to get treatment

    I was a 42 year old healthy woman with an active full life with a wonderful husband David and two kids, Sarah and Jack until October 2002. I was sitting having dinner, when suddenly I felt a stab/tingling-like jolt in the back of my neck, chest pains, my heart started racing. I physically felt very...

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  • maria1607 2

    Under our skin

    I recommend that everyone should watch the documentary Under Our Skin. You can google it or you can find it on YT. I have found a lyme literate specialist in Poland but I am waiting to find out if he would take any more patients this year. I do not think there are any lyme literate specialists in...

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  • tay0806 1

    Lyme disease?

    At the beginning of March I went on vacation to the Keys. Camped out in a tent for a week. When I came home my neck began to feel stiff and I was running a low grade fever. Went to PCP. He ignored the stiffness in my neck and was more concerned about my elevated blood pressure due to anxiety. Blood work...

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  • katie59415 2

    Lymes disease advice on early intervention

    Hello I was just wondering if I could ask you for some advice about Lyme disease. I was bit around 8 weeks ago (when in Italy) and didn't realise it was a tick bite until I got the rash. I went to the doctors and he prescribed me the doxycycline 100mg x2 per day for two weeks. I've had horrendous...

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