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Lyme Disease

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  • maria1607 2

    Under our skin

    I recommend that everyone should watch the documentary Under Our Skin. You can google it or you can find it on YT. I have found a lyme literate specialist in Poland but I am waiting to find out if he would take any more patients this year. I do not think there are any lyme literate specialists

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  • Ellie Marshall 1

    What we need to go through just to get treatment

    I was a 42 year old healthy woman with an active full life with a wonderful husband David and two kids, Sarah and Jack until October 2002. I was sitting having dinner, when suddenly I felt a stab/tingling-like jolt in the back of my neck, chest pains, my heart started racing. I physically felt

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  • tay0806 1

    Lyme disease?

    At the beginning of March I went on vacation to the Keys. Camped out in a tent for a week. When I came home my neck began to feel stiff and I was running a low grade fever. Went to PCP. He ignored the stiffness in my neck and was more concerned about my elevated blood pressure due to anxiety. Blood

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  • katie59415 2

    Lymes disease advice on early intervention

    Hello I was just wondering if I could ask you for some advice about Lyme disease. I was bit around 8 weeks ago (when in Italy) and didn't realise it was a tick bite until I got the rash. I went to the doctors and he prescribed me the doxycycline 100mg x2 per day for two weeks. I've had horrendous

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  • l221176 1

    Lyme disease - antibiotics didn't work

    Hi, Im just looking for a little advice or if anyone has a similar experience. Three and a half weeks ago I discovered a tick attached inside my belly button. I had most probably picked it up three days before when I was walking in a forest. Due to where the tick was i was not able to remove it

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  • stacey92580 1
  • pat33141 1
  • kaitlan39307 1
  • zcastle 2

    Seeking Lyme advice

    Hello!  I'm new to this site so forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place. I'm looking for some advice regarding medical issues that I've recently realized may be related to Lyme. I'll try to keep it short, and I'm happy to discuss more at length in private messages or email.  About a year and

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  • hadassa34668 2

    Itching skin and Lyme

    For the last couple of days I have had this awful Itching on my legs. Does anyone else have this. I do get some new effects of the Lyme every so often, so maybe this is one of them. Advice would be appreciated! Thank you!

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  • Beth 1063 2
  • andrew12744 2

    Possible Lyme Disease?

    Good Morning First of all, I find reading your stories on this forum fascenating but sad. Sad at how much chasing you have to do to get someone to believe you or test you and how much your GP's dismiss what you're thinking. In a way, I've also felt this partly over time. I want to tell you what I'

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  • MountainMommy 1
  • adam66790 1

    Is this Lyme disease?? Help greatly appreciated.

    Hi everyone,  My situation is getting pretty desperate so I thought i'd ask the community for some help.  Background: - 25 year old male, until 8 weeks ago was in the prime of my life physically, going to the gym 3-4 times a week. I then had a huge unexplained crash one night after a gym session

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  • vicky89033 3

    ive finaly got diagnosis treatment 12 months after possitive test

    HI, I have had progressive symptoms for 4 years now and was tested for lymes and co infections last jan i had a possitive result for co infection Anaplasma and today 12 mths after that result finaly got the diagnosis and antibiotic treatment. for everyone who has had dismissive doctors who wont

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  • Ali888 2

    Lyme disease test results.

    So my test results for Lyme came back negative and i was told i was fine. Knowing how bad the tests are i called the centre back and asked for antibiotics just incase.  just been given 1x 100mg doxycycline daily for 15days. I was bit around 6weeks ago, only experiencing mild symptoms.  Could one of

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  • thomas2103 2

    Western Blot test

    After 5 weeks of docycyclyne I am feeling extremely bad, extreme tiredness, confusion, muscles and nerves pain. This morning I went to the doctor and we decided to do a western blot test. Can the result be unreliable considering that I have taken antibiotics since 5 weeks? My lyme diagnose was done

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  • Jaybevs22 1

    Lyme Disease

    Can someone with Lyme Disease look completely fine on the outside, but in the inside, their brain is what's being some other may look fine on the outside but the disease is working full force on the inside

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  • JonBNF 2

    I've been sick for 3 months help interpret lab results

    I have had a history of ibs for 12 years but this past 5-6 months my symptoms began to change and for the past 3 months I became sick unable to work lost significant weight first we thought it was celiac then crohns I have some positive labs to suggest that I may have those but scopes and biopsies

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  • Ali888 2

    Lymes disease (help)

    Hey guys Hi, Recently i discovered i have Lyme disease caused by a tick bite while out walking in the woods with my children. I would never have known had i not developed the classic red bulls eye rash on my leg. Im currently waiting for the results of the blood test,after they analyse the blood I'

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  • bob73443 3

    Herx or Doxycycline Reaction?

    My wife has been suffering from chronic lyme and bartonella for a while now, and is has progressively been getting worse. She had been put, once again, on doxycyline -- 100 mg in the AM and another 100 mg in the PM.  After a week of this, she started developing severe leg pains in both legs.  

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  • susan0574 1

    How is lyme transmited other than tick bite?

    My 3 kids and husband has symptoms. We are waiting results for my kids but my husband hasn't been tested yet. I read that lyme can be transmited sexually and on the eomb. Is this true? What are the other ways if contagious? It is possible that all 5 members of the family were bitten? I'm devastated

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  • danny37 3

    information please.

    I am really struggling with my head, thinking, memory and brain fog. Also I struggle with fatigue and I have tinnitus both ears. It all started on February 6th after a stressful time in my life, I've had a bank of bloods done and an MRI both normal I've been escitalopram since May I've had

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  • ally00p8888 2

    Lyme Disease and dealing with SSI

    So for the past two years I've been trying to get on SSI since I'm not able to work and have been struggling to pay for treatment and doctor visits like most of us do. After being denied over and over again I finally got to the point where they send u to be evaluated by one of their doctors. Today

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  • ally00p8888 2

    Wondering if any other person with Lyme has expierenced this

    So a few weeks back I ended up in the ER because I wus expierencing severe lower back pain accompanied by nausea and vomiting that continued to get progressively worse. While I wus in the ER they did a blood test and X-ray of my chest to make sure everything wus ok with my picc line.  When the

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  • shellfender 1

    Help! Does this sounds like lyme disease?

    I've shown symptoms of a flu/cold for 3 mths. Docs are stumped, slapping weak diagnosis' like acid reflux, deviated septum. Been on 3 rounds of antibiotics so it's clearly not bacterial. Initially was a bad flu and I've never fully recovered. Walk in Doc said I tested positive for strep with the in

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  • wes78997 1

    Could it be Lyme?

    Hello, Since the beginning of July, I have had periods of sudden and extreme anxiety, brain fog, inability to concentrate, etc. Prior to this, I have never had anxiety or any of these other issues. These periods come out of no where and I can usually feel them coming on. There are days where I

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  • kali08825 1

    I think I have lyme

    I think I have lyme disease? Over the past few months I've been having all sorts of symptoms my face with randomly go numb as well and other body parts even when the circulation isn't cut off. I get migraines all the time and pressure in my head kinda like a head cold or like a weight in on the top

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  • ashley88703 1

    Help Interpreting Lyme Results

    Not sure how to interpret results and I can't get in to see my doctor for a while. I would appriciate some input. Here are my lab results: B. burgdorferi IFA G/M/A >80 IgM 34+ 41++ IgG 31 (I) 41++ (no indication of what "I" means) %lymphocytes 3.84 (low: <2.26, borderline : 2.26-4.65, normal: > 4.65)...

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  • Pbe 2

    Do I have Lyme disease?

    In october 2014 i suddenly started having really bad lower back pain. My GP said i have UTi and prescribed me some antibiotics. However the pain did not go away and i ended up in a&e a few times in November and was admitted ti hospital in December 2014. They thought it could be my kidneys but CT

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  • larenzo82337 2

    Possible late stage Lyme

    Hello, I'm new at the forum thing so bear with me. Recently I've been dealing with severe knee pain (mostly left knee) with no apparent cause. A few months back the pain was equal in both knees. I have always thought I had Lyme disease, I've experience neurological issues that have come on for no

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  • jimisrv 1

    Could it be Lyme?

    I was bitten by a tick three weeks ago. Two weeks ago I spotted a rash, as you can see in the pictures I will attach. I live in a country that, througout history, it has only one case reported of Lyme. So doctors say is very unlikely. I've had two hemograms, both seem fine. In the last two weeks I'

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  • Walter3112 2

    After effects of Lyme disease

    My Girlfriend had Lyme disease several months ago which was treated by anti biotics but I'm wondering what sort of after effects the disease might have given her? Ever since she has been diagnosed she has had minor problems with thinking of the right word but it's always been minor and never a

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  • vicky89033 3
  • maureen 78951 1

    Any ideas welcomed

    I initially had Lyme a few years back and did the usual course of 200m doxy for 21 day. This past May it came back with a vengeance couldn't walk, so many neurological symptoms that I never dealt with before. One of them that really bothers me is the dizziness, sometimes I feel like I could faint.

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