Suspected Chronic Lyme & Morgellons

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Hi! I had bad bites 9 years ago in May 2010. They came up a week after returning from holiday in Thailand, but I'm also very outdoorsy so could have been from home in UK. They went bad and after a week of oral antibiotics from GP (who said they were boils!), they got a lot worse and I got even more poorly, raging fever, throwing up. I went to hospital and they said I had developed sepsis. I had a week of IV antibiotics in hospital followed by another 2 weeks oral antibiotics at home. So in total 4 weeks of antibiotics. There were 5 bites in total, all on one leg, the biggest one that took over the whole side of my thigh looks like it could of had the bullseye rash, hard to tell as I was very tanned. Hospital doctor could not diagnose but said likely they were some sort of tick bites as they had a black dot in the middle. A few months after treatment, the bites had all healed but the infection came back in my leg again with fever etc and I had another course of antibiotics. My health hasn't been right since. A few years ago i requested a test for Lyme but was refused, GP said if i had contracted Lyme, the month of antibiotics would have killed it. He also said the Lyme test wasn't accurate so there wasn't much point.

Symptoms since bites:

Spells of nausea, not being able to eat, no appetite, diarrea, IBS, along with weight loss

Spells of chronic fatigue (sometime debilitating)

Low blood pressure episodes

Low blood sugar issues

Temperature regulation issues (sometimes go hyperthermic, sometimes mild fever)

Awful hormonal issues, severe PMT, bleeding 20 days a month

Frequent injuries, sprains etc

Very frequent infections. Colds & sick bugs every few months and also had Pneumonia and been hospitalized for a Quinzy needing IV antibiotics

Developed skeeter syndrome (mosquito bite allergy) where whenever I get a bite my whole limb swells up and often needs antibiotics

Heart palpitations & confirmed arythmia (of unknown cause)

Post nasal drip / GERD / sticky thick lump in throat



Mild swelling of airways no known cause

Recurrent fungal infections


Ringing ears

Various tests over the years have shown I'm in perfect health, except for one showing calcium deficiency which was resolved with treatment, and another showing high liver enzymes, which there was no cause for, but resolved itself.

Basically I'm just told I'm fit, well and healthy and I must just be under too much stress.

Anyhow, playing with my sons new TV microscope today that he got for Xmas, and I've accidently found that I am covered in what looks like Morgellons? All over my body but mostly face, neck, chest, back, upper arms, feet & hands. They cant be seen at all with the naked eye, these pics are at something like x200 magnification I think. Some are very close to the surface and some further under. And looking into this, Morgellons is apparently closely linked to chronic Lyme. Apparently the CDC said 60% of people with Morgellons tested positive for tick-bourne illness.

Worryingly, my 7 year old son is also covered in these Morgellons things. He gets sick a lot and random fevers and always complaining of sore legs, or sore tummy, or headache. But I always assumed it was just nursery or school germs going about. Now I'm concerned if I did contract Lyme and it wasn't treated properly, I may have passed it to him during pregnancy. He was conceived less than a year after I was hospitalized for the bites.

I'd really like to know if I have Lyme or not and therefore if my son may have, I guess I'm just looking for some input really, what to do. My GP has finally agreed over the phone to test us both for Lyme, so that's good, but my understanding is it might show as negative even if we have it? I will try to get a GP appointment for the suspected Morgellons next week.

I have attached photos of the bites from 9 years ago and a few pics of the Morgellons in our skin.

Thank you in advance

The bites 9 years ago:






A few examples of what looks like Morgellons in my skin:






A few examples of what looks like Morgellons in my Sons skin:






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    hi..I have Lyme but with it come other things..make sure nothing is burrowing..I have strongyloides skin markings are a mixture of hives and bites. The markings are straight rather than serpentine but I have had a hell of a lot of hole like bites. I have no answers for you, but I feel for you. It appears tick related infections open the door to other infection or that is what I have discovered so far. good luck x

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    Your photos and symptoms support Lyme/Morgellons. You need to contact a Lyme Literate MD - If they have expertise in Morgellons caused by Lyme, even better. Look nationally through Lyme associations for those MDs with this expertise. There are treatment cures, and it won't go away on its own without that treatment. Most take months of treatment - worth it!

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