Does your anxiety stop you from doing certain things? What my anxiety does and my symptoms.

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So, I THOUGHT I was rid of my panic attacks and anxiety for a couple months until a few days ago where I had a panic attack and my anxiety has been playing tricks on my mind again. I have two exams coming up and a new course I will be taking but I am a little nervous about going because I do not want my anxiety getting in the way and causing me to fail. Does anyone else feel their anxiety gets the better of them and stops them from doing certain things?

I also wanted to share my experience with anxiety and the symptoms. 

I have to say, all my symptoms have been different each time I get anxiety/panic attacks. Sometimes it is followed with depression and I get stuck in this sad mood.

Anyway, here are the symptoms I have experienced from anxiety;


Chest pains.



Convinced myself I had heart problems.

Convinced myself I had a brain tumor.

Felt like my vision was blurry.

Felt like I was losing  my hearing or my ears needed to pop or that they were blocked (even though I still could hear).

Felt like my lungs were failing and I was suffocating.

Headaches (almost every time).

Weird swaying sensation or like my body was pulling to one side when It wasn't.

Heart palpitations.



Pains in my stomach.

Felt like I have schizophrenia or that I was going insane.

Felt like I had cancer.

Feel tired after a panic attack or when my anxiety crops up.

My chest would feel tight, as though someone was putting a rubber band around it and squeezing.

I had the same sensation in my head, where I felt a rubber band was squeezing my head.

I am sure there is many more but that's all I can think of currently. I hate anxiety more than anything because it isn't as simple as putting a bandaid on something visible, like a cut. It's mentally draining and takes a huge chunk of my day away, it's not visible for people to see unless I tell people and I don't. So I try to deal with it myself, which is difficult because you're alone in your head, where anxiety is your only friend and yet your worst enemy because it is making you feel like crap. 


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    I had all of those symptoms and more im fighting with aniexity every day and it bothers me in everyday life,like sometimes going to a store feels like going to hell,i know how you are feeling i hope you feel better soon,good luck with fighting with aniexity smile
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    hi dastargley i know its very hard to deal das i have the same symptoms like the floor is moving or swaying these symtoms are only real in your mind not the world around us im coming to terms with my anxiety i have or the symptoms you have listed even convinced myself i coundnt walk the crazyiness hit a new level im getting better my advise is research your enemy dont let this monster stop us remember thoughts anxiety they can exsist without each other you wont get better until you love your self and embrace anxiety we will escape anxiety together all of us one positive thing as anxiety sufferers we have a higher I Q than people with no anxiety
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    Yes it does. I don't go to freeways any more, I don't go to dentist any more, and I don't do many other things that I used to do them before. I mostly hide at home. I just go to work to shop and right back home. And if I have to go to another city I make sure to find back roads to drive in other than that I don't go.

    And yes I do have most of your symptomps that sent many to ER many times. I also have health anxity that maks me call nurses or doctors to find out if I am ok.

    So you are not alone

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    you've been overthinking things medical a bit eh.  Try and avoid looking up symptoms and do alternative activities. anxiety is a pain try and avoid the situation where you are alone and dwelling on your problems. does that make any sense?


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    I totally understand what you are saying. I have had those symptoms and they are terrifying. I know it's all in my head, but boy is it hard to sort out the real from the anxiety caused. I no longer google anything as whatever the info was I thought I had the illness. I was a bit frightened to read things on this site too as I obsess too much about things and start to think oh I have that too. Stay strong and I hope you feel better very soon. I am going to therapy just now and do find it helpful. Never ever be afraid to ask for help, it is the first step. cheesygrin
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